Dr. James H. Pardoe
Sen. Lecturer, Chester, Department of History and Archaeology
Research interests: Architecture; heritage studies; museology.
Dr. Kevin Passmore
Reader in Mod. History, Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: The Right and extreme Right in France since 1870.
Professor Bruce A. Haddock
Prof. in Mod. Eur. Soc. and Pol. Thought, Sch. of Eur. Stud., Cardiff, School of European Studies
Research interests: Modern European federal theory; politics and culture in Italy and Romania.
Professor John S. Morrill
Prof. of Brit. and Irish History, Cambridge, Selwyn College
Research interests: Patterns of Reformation in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales 1500-1700.
Dr. Melissa T. Calaresu
Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College
Research interests: Italy, esp. Naples; Enlightenment; Grand Tour.
Professor John C. Clarke
Prof. of History, Buckingham, Department of History
Research interests: S. Northants. in 19th c.; causation in history.
Dr. Margaret A. Small
Lecturer in Early Mod. History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: European exploration and expansion; history of the classical tradition; history of geography.
Professor Maureen P. Perrie
Prof. of Russian History, Centre for Russian and E. Eur. Stud., Birmingham, School of Modern Languages, Cultures, Music and Art History
Research interests: Soviet cultural policy in 1930s-40s, esp. in relation to Russian history.
Dr. M. Anthony Leahy
Sen. Lecturer in Egyptology, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Egyptology: language, history, religion and archaeology; Egypt in 1st millennium B.C..
Professor Mary O'Dowd
Prof. of Gender History, Belfast, School of History and Anthropology
Research interests: Gender and women's history; family history; early modern Ireland; historiography.
Miss Clarissa Campbell Orr
Sen. Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin, department of History
Research interests: 19th c. women historians and biographers; queenship in Britain and Europe; 18th c. cultural history in France and England.
Dr. Patrick Finney
Sen. Lecturer in Int. History, Aberystwyth, Department of International Politics
Research interests: Origins of World War II; collective memory; Greece and Balkans; Holocaust; theory.
Dr. Alix Green
Lecturer in History and Policy, Hertfordshire, Department of Humanities
Research interests: Public history; history and public policy; historiography and theory; higher education; historical skills and practices.
Professor Andrew Thompson
Prof. of Mod. History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Relations between British and imperial history in the 19th and 20th c.; 'imperial' migration before and after 1945.
Dr. Stephan Petzold
Lecturer in Mod. Eur. History, Leeds, School of History
Research interests: 20th c. European history, esp. German history; historiography.
Dr. George Southcombe
Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: The uses of history in the late 17th c.; 17th c. religion and literature.
Dr. Joanna Huntington
Lecturer in History, Lincoln, Department of Humanities
Research interests: Anglo-Norman England; Normandy; medieval masculinities; sanctity; queenship; kingship; uses of history in the early/high middle ages.
Dr. Xun Zhou
Lecturer in History, Essex, Department of History
Research interests: Cultural nationalism in 20th c. China; Chinese historiography and history of sinology; health in Mao's China; opium and empire, 16th-20th c.; race and ethnicity in China since 17th c..
Dr. Damien Kempf
Lecturer in Med. History, Liverpool, School of History
Research interests: Cultural and intellectual history; medieval historiography; history of books.
Dr. Alexandrina Buchanan
Lecturer in Archive Stud., Liverpool, School of History
Research interests: Archival theory and methodology; history of record-keeping and historiography.
Professor Ciaran F. Brady
Assoc. Prof. of Mod. History, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin), Department of History
Research interests: 16th-17th c. Irish political & intellectual history; Irish historiography.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Kimberly LoPrete
Lecturer in History, National University of Ireland, Galway, Department of History
Research interests: Social, political & cultural history of medieval Europe, in particular 11th-12th c. & France; women in medieval society, notably aristocratic women; gender & lordship; the first crusade & the history of crusading; Europeans' encounters with non-Europeans & travels in Asia; medieval historical writing & uses of the past in the middle ages; manuscript studies, including palaeography, codicology & the transmission of texts.Republic of Ireland record
Professor Steven Ellis
Prof. of History, National University of Ireland, Galway, Department of History
Research interests: British & Irish history, 15th-17th c.; historiography; early modern Europe.Republic of Ireland record
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