International history

Brigadistas: The History and Memory of Irish Anti-Fascists in the Spanish Civil War
Convery, David, Ph.D. (2012), University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (Ó Drisceoil, Donal)Republic of Ireland record
Dr. David Nicolle
Visiting Fellow in Med. Stud., Nottingham, School of History
Research interests: Medieval Muslim-Christian political and cultural relations.
Dr. Youssef M. Choueiri
Reader in Islamic Stud., Manchester, Department of History
Research interests: The formative period of Islam; modern Islam; Arab historiography; the Arab world and the West; Arab nationalism.
Dr. Frances M.B. Lynch
Reader in French Stud., Westminster, department of Social and Historical Studies
Research interests: Franco-British economic co-operation.
Mr. Anthony Gorst
Princ. Lecturer, Westminster, department of Social and Historical Studies
Research interests: British foreign and defence policy in 20th c..
Professor G.H. Bennett
Assoc. Prof., Plymouth, School of Humanities
Research interests: 20th c. American history; military history.
Professor Stephen R. Conway
Prof. of History, London: university College, Department of History
Research interests: British political and constitutional history from 1688; theories of peace and war; American War of Independence; Britain and continental Europe in 18th c..
Professor Michael Cox
Prof. of Int. Rel., London: London School of Economics, Department of International Relations
Research interests: Cold War history; international history of the 20th c.; American foreign policy.
Professor Sir Lawrence D. Freedman
Prof. of War Stud., London: King's College, Department of War Studies
Research interests: American decisions on military intervention 1945-95.
Professor Norman J. Housley
Prof. of History, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: The Crusades.
Dr. Fiona M. Venn
Sen. Lecturer in History, Essex, Department of History
Research interests: Oil diplomacy; Anglo-American relations.
Professor Brian R. Hamnett
Res. Prof. of History, Essex, Department of History
Research interests: Iberian and Ibero-American history; comparative empires and post-imperial crises; cultural history; literary representations of history.
Dr. Jacqueline Fear-Segal
Reader in American History, East Anglia, School of American Studies
Research interests: Native Americans; immigration; Americanisation; race; education; visual and spatial history.
Professor Kevern J. Verney
Prof. of American History, Edge Hill, Department of History
Research interests: Booker T. Washington; the N.A.A.C.P.; African-American history and U.S. popular culture.
Professor Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
Prof. of American History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: U.S. foreign policy and intelligence 1898-2001; F.B.I.; women, African Americans, labour, students and the Vietnam War.
Professor Richard D.G. Crockatt
Emeritus Prof. of American History, East Anglia, School of American Studies
Research interests: Cold War; contemporary U.S. foreign policy.
Professor Kevin J. Ruane
Prof., Canterbury Christ Church, Department of History
Research interests: Anglo-American relations and the Cold War in S.E. Asia 1945-60.
Dr. Iftikhar H. Malik
Lecturer, Bath Spa, School of Historical and Cultural Studies
Research interests: Kashmir dispute and Indo-Pakistan relations; British Indian Punjab; Muslim history; U.S. history.
Dr. James Vaughan
Lecturer, Aberystwyth, Department of International Politics
Research interests: Anglo-American relations; propaganda and the Cold War; history of the Middle East 1940s-50s.
Dr. Joe Street
Sen. Lecturer in American History, Northumbria, School of Arts and Social Sciences
Research interests: Post-1945 African American politics and popular culture; post-1945 San Francisco Bay Area.
Dr. JoAnne Marie Mancini
Lecturer in History, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of History
Research interests: History of the U.S.; history of culture & cultural institutions; intersections between American & world history; migration & citizenship in comparative perspective.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. David A. Parrott
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, New College
Research interests: French political and military history; Thirty Years' War; 17th c. Italy; aspects of political history, esp. relations between rulers, nobles, central and provincial power; early modern court studies and courtly culture.
Dr. David R. Priestland
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, St. Edmund Hall
Research interests: History of the Soviet Union; history of communism.
Dr. William O'Reilly
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: Early modern Habsburg Europe; Spanish-Austrian relations; history of migration, colonialism and imperialism; Atlantic history.
Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1929
Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International
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Restless Valley
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The Forgotten Palestinians
Pappe, Ilan (2013) Yale University Press, 9780300184327 Paperback £8.99
A Global History of Anti-Slavery Politics in the Nineteenth Century
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The Cuban Missile Crisis
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