International history

Professor Julia Gray
Assoc. Prof. of Int. Rel., London: London School of Economics, Department of International Relations
Research interests: International economic relations and economic organisations in emerging markets.
Dr. Or Rosenboim
Res. Fellow, Cambridge, Queen's College
Research interests: 20th c. international thought.
Professor David R. Priestland
Prof. of Mod. History, Oxford, St. Edmund Hall
Research interests: History of the Soviet Union; history of communism.
Dr. David Parrott
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, New College
Research interests: Political, miltary and cultural history.
Dr. Edward Keene
Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: Late medieval and early modern international relations.
Dr. Patricia M. Clavin
Prof. of Int. History, Oxford, Jesus College
Research interests: Great Depression 1929-39; international economic diplomacy; the League of Nations.
Mr. Timothy J. Garton Ash
Oxford, St. Antony's College
Professor Robert P. Tombs
Prof. of French History, Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: Modern France; history of Franco-British relations.
Dr. Andrew C. Thompson
Cambridge, Queens' College
Research interests: Hanoverian monarchy; international Protestantism; international relations.
Dr. Michael J. Sewell
University Lecturer, Inst. of Cont. Educ., Cambridge, Selwyn College
Research interests: History of U.S. foreign relations and the international history of the Cold War.
Professor David J. Reynolds
Prof. of Int. History, Fac. Chairman, Cambridge, Christ's College
Research interests: World War II; Cold War.
Dr. William O'Reilly
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: Early modern Habsburg Europe; Spanish-Austrian relations; history of migration, colonialism and imperialism; Atlantic history.
Dr. Shruti Kapila
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Political thought and intellectual history; world history.
Dr. Charles A. Jones
Cambridge, Wolfson College
Research interests: Civil-military relations.
Dr. Tim Harper
Reader in S.E. Asian and Int. History, Cambridge, Magdalene College
Research interests: World history; modern Southeast Asian history.
Professor Derek E.D. Beales
Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Research interests: Joseph II; Enlightened absolutism; secularisation and monasteries 18th-19th c.; music in society.
Dr. Gerard McCann
Lecturer in Mod. History, York, Department of History
Research interests: 20th c. African and South Asian history, esp. India-Africa relations; transnational history; diaspora; history of Third World/global south.
Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Prof. of History of Medicine, York, Department of History
Research interests: 19th and 20th c. South Asia; international and global health.
Professor Joyce F. Goodman
Dean and Prof. of History of Educ., Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: Women's history; gender, colonialism and education; women's international organisations; comparative and transnational histories of education.
Dr. Frances M.B. Lynch
Reader in History, Westminster, Department of Social and Historical Studies
Research interests: Franco-British economic co-operation.
Mr. Anthony Gorst
Princ. Lecturer, Westminster, Department of Social and Historical Studies
Research interests: British foreign and defence policy in 20th c..
Professor Glyn A. Stone
Emeritus Prof., West of England, Bristol, School of History
Research interests: British arms sales diplomacy, 1934-40; Britain and Portuguese Africa 1961-75; Iberian foreign relations 1931-41; Anglo-French relations 1930s.
Dr. Owain Wright
Lecturer, Ulster, School of English and History (Coleraine)
Research interests: Modern European, incl. British, history.
Dr. Bettina E. Schmidt
Sen. Lecturer, Trinity St. David, School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies
Research interests: Afro-America, including trans-Atlantic slave trade; Latin America and Caribbean history, culture and religions.
Professor Keith G. Robbins
Hon. Prof. of History and Theol., Trinity St. David, University Administration
Research interests: British relations with 'Europe' since 1789; world history since 1945; 20th c. British Christianity.
Professor Colin C. Eldridge
Emeritus Prof. of History, Trinity St. David, Department of History
Research interests: British empire and Commonwealth history; literature of imperialism.
Dr. Manuela Williams
Lecturer in History, Strathclyde, School of Humanities: History
Research interests: 20th c. international history; the Middle East.
Dr. Patricia S. Barton
Lecturer in History, Strathclyde, School of Humanities: History
Dr. Fiona Robertson-Snape
Sen. Lecturer in Int. Rel., Staffordshire, Department of History and Politics
Research interests: Diplomacy; security.
Dr. Pauline Elkes
Sen. Lecturer, Staffordshire, Department of History and Politics
Research interests: British Intelligence; propaganda; the Third Reich.