Legal history

Professor Rosamond D. McKitterick
Prof. of Med. History, Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Research interests: Transmission of ideas in early middle ages.
Dr. Brendan Smith
Reader in History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: English colony in medieval Ireland.
Dr. Martin Brett
Cambridge, Robinson College
Research interests: Canon law in Britain and Europe; diplomatic.
Dr. Simon D. Keynes
Cambridge, Trinity College
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon history.
Professor Huw Pryce
Prof. of Welsh History, Bangor, School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology
Research interests: Medieval Wales; Welsh historiography.
Dr. Nicholas Karn
Lecturer in Med. History, Southampton, Department of History
Research interests: Law and cultures of law in England, 900-1250; bishops and their acta 1100-1300.
Dr. Tom Lambert
Oxford, Exeter College
Research interests: Law, society and culture in early medieval England.
Dr. Michael H. Gelting
Chair in Scandinavian Stud., Aberdeen, Department of History
Research interests: Medieval law in Denmark and the Nordic countries; Danish medieval society in a comparative perspective, 12th-14th c.; history of the Danish church, 10th-13th c.; Black Death.
Dr. Brian Griffin
Lecturer, Bath Spa, School of Historical and Cultural Studies
Research interests: Fenianism; Irish sports history; police and crime in Ireland, 19th-20th c.; 19th c. cycling; $Punch$ and Ireland.
Dr. Nicola Phillips
Lecturer in History, Kingston, School of Social Sciences
Research interests: British and American women's history; 18th c. social and legal history; public history.
Ms. Charlotte Harrison
Lecturer in Records and Archive Management, Liverpool, School of History
Research interests: Historical development of record-keeping; legal/social contexts; land tenure; conveyancing and litigation.
Dr. John L. Watts
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Later medieval England and Europe; the growth of government and the transition from 'medieval' to 'early modern' political forms.
Dr. Magnus Ryan
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Peterhouse
Research interests: History of medieval political ideas; legal history; medieval politics.
Domestic Subjects
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Thurgood Marshall
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Thurgood Marshall
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Professor Michael A. Hicks
Prof., Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: Richard III; political culture; bastard feudalism; inquisitions post mortem; overland trade.
Dr. Michael Woodiwiss
Lecturer, West of England, Bristol, School of History
Research interests: Organised and corporate crime in the U.S.; transnational organised crime.
Dr. Jonathan Dunnage
Lecturer, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Modern Italian history; policing.
Dr. Gwenda Morgan
Reader in History, Sunderland, School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture
Research interests: Law and society in 18th c..
Dr. Julie Gammon
Lecturer in History, Southampton, Department of History
Research interests: Sexual violence in 18th c. England; crime and punishment; gender and childhood.
Professor Neil Gregor
Prof. of Mod. Eur. History, Southampton, Department of History
Research interests: Social and cultural history of Germany 1920s-60s; the legacy of the Third Reich.
Dr. James Shaw
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: Early modern Italy; markets; law; ethics.
Professor John G.H. Hudson
Prof. in Med. History, Saint Andrews, School of History
Research interests: Legal history 12th c. England.
Professor Robert J. Bartlett
Prof. of Med. History, Saint Andrews, School of History
Research interests: Frontiers and colonisation; cults of saints 12th c. England.
Professor Trevor Dean
Prof., Roehampton, History Programme
Research interests: Renaissance Italy: crime; violence; weather.
Professor Jane F. Gardner
Emeritus Prof. of Anc. History, Reading, Department of Classics
Research interests: Roman family law.
Dr. Mark Philpott
Oxford, Keble College
Professor Ruth Harris
Prof. of Mod. History, Oxford, New College
Research interests: Dreyfus Affair; French history; history of medicine; cultural history; women's history.