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Theses in progress
Dr. Christopher Price
York St. John, School of Arts
Research interests: Military, political and economic history in the 20th c., esp. UK and US.
Professor David Anderson
Prof. of African History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: African history and politics, political violence, civil conflict, security and war, esp. Eastern Africa and the Horn.
Dr. Gary Rivett
Lecturer, York St. John, School of Arts
Research interests: English Civil Wars; modern historiography; history of political engagement.
Dr. Patrick Doyle
Lecturer in U.S. History, London: Royal Holloway University of London, Department of History
Research interests: Civil War-era America.
Dr. Tomas Irish
Lecturer in Mod. History, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Transnational history; cultural history; war and society in the 20th c..
Professor Janina Dill
Assoc. Prof. of Int. Rel., London: London School of Economics, Department of International Relations
Research interests: Armed conflict; international relations theory, esp. constructivism; international law.
Dr. Hannah Smith
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, St. Hilda's College
Research interests: Monarchy; army; pro-woman writers.
Professor Nicholas Rodger
Oxford, All Souls College
Research interests: British and world naval history, 600-2000.
Dr. David Parrott
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, New College
Research interests: Political, miltary and cultural history.
Dr. David Hopkin
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Hertford College
Research interests: Rural and coastal societies; oral and visual culture; folklore; military and maritime history.
Professor Mark Harrison
Prof. of the History of Medicine, Oxford, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Research interests: History of disease and medicine, especially in relation to the history of war and imperialism 17th-20th c.; history of medicine and British imperial expansion, $c$.1700-1850.
Dr. Adrian M. Gregory
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Pembroke College
Research interests: Social and cultural history of early 20th c. Britain; World Wars I and II.
Professor Steven J. Gunn
Prof of Eaely Mod. History, Oxford, Merton College
Research interests: The councillors and courtiers of Henry VII; everyday life and accidental death in 16th c. England.
Dr. Daniel Gerrard
Oxford, St Peter's College
Research interests: Ecclesiastical and military history; British history 1000-1400; European history 900-1200.
Professor Robert N. Gildea
Prof. of Mod. French History, Oxford, Worcester College
Research interests: France 1799-1914; World War II; 1968 and society.
Dr. Erica Charters
University Lecturer, Oxford, Wolfson College
Research interests: Disease, state power, warfare and how these intersect in the 18th c., esp. in colonial contexts.
Professor Robert P. Tombs
Prof. of French History, Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: Modern France; history of Franco-British relations.