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Dr. Andy Bielenberg
Statutory Lecturer in History, University College Cork (National University of Ireland), Department of History
Research interests: War and revolution in Cork 1914-23; Irish economic and social history since 1800.Republic of Ireland record
Professor David P.B. Fitzpatrick
Prof. of Mod. History, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin), Department of History
Research interests: Irish nationalism, republicanism, loyalism, demography and emigration since 1795.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Jennifer Redmond
Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of History
Research interests: 20th c. Irish female emigration to England; gender and sexual politics; women and education; Irish women in the labour force; digital humanities; 20th c. Irish history.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Marian Lyons
Prof of History, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of History
Research interests: Early modern migration to Europe; witchcraft in early modern Europe; history through film.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Liam Chambers
Sen. Lecturer in History, Mary Immaculate, Department of History
Research interests: Irish migration to continental Europe, esp. France, in the 17th and 18th c.; the history of the Irish Colleges in Paris, 1578-2000; 18th c. Ireland; history of ideas in the 17th and 18th c..Republic of Ireland record
Professor Bryan Ward-Perkins
Prof. of Late Antique History, Oxford, Trinity College
Research interests: Mediterranean region in late antiquity; urban and economic history; late Roman statue habit; cult of saints.
Professor Simon R.S. Szreter
Prof. of History and Public Policy, Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: History of demographic, social and economic change in Britain since *c*.1750; history of international thought in the empirical social sciences and demography.
Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor
University Lecturer, Cambridge
Research interests: Social and economic developments in England between the mid 16th and late 19th c., esp. the development of agrarian capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.
Professor Richard M. Smith
Prof. of History Geog. and Demography, Cambridge, Downing College, Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Soc. Structure
Research interests: Determinants of longevity and the demographic correlates of welfare systems.
Dr. William O'Reilly
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: Early modern Habsburg Europe; Spanish-Austrian relations; history of migration, colonialism and imperialism; Atlantic history.
Dr. Leslie James
Temp. Lecturer In World History, Cambridge, Centre of Afric. Stud.
Research interests: Political and intellectual history of Africa and the African diaspora.
Dr. Marguerite W. Duprée
Cambridge, Wolfson College
Research interests: Medical profession; Scottish hydros; urban social welfare; family; cotton industry.
Professor Guy R.W. Halsall
Prof. of Med. History, York, Department of History
Research interests: Barbarian migrations; Merovingian Gaul; history and archaeology of 6th and 7th c. Europe.
Professor Sue Bowden
Prof. of Mod. and Econ. History, Director of Centre for History Econ. and Related Stud., York, Department of Economics and Related Studies
Research interests: Historical roots of poverty esp. disease; historical demography; business history.
Dr. Simon Constantine
Sen. Lecturer, Wolverhampton, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications
Research interests: 19th and 20th c. German history.
Professor Tom Beaumont James
Prof. Emeritus, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: English urban history; elite architecture; archaeology and landscape; demography and death.
Dr. Elizabeth White
Lecturer in Russian History, West of England, Bristol, School of History
Research interests: Russian emigration; refugees and international organisations; history of childhoold.
Dr. Eric Schneider
Lecturer in Econ. History, Sussex, School of History
Research interests: Health; family size; wages.
Dr. Richard Follett
Prof. of American History, Sussex, School of History
Research interests: Slavery and emancipation; plantation societies; demography.
Dr. Hester Barron
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sussex, School of History
Research interests: History of childhood, schooling and education; labour history and the history of the working classes.