Dr. Matthew Frank
Sen. Lecturer in Int. History, Leeds, School of History
Research interests: Population transfer in post-war Europe.
Professor John A. Chartres
Emeritus Prof. of Soc. and Econ. History, Leeds, Business School
Research interests: 19th c. rural trades and crafts; 18th c. fiscal data as sources.
Dr. Sumita Mukherjee
Lecturer in Econ. and Soc. History, Glasgow, Department of Economic and Social History
Research interests: 19th and 20th c. south Asia; British empire; south Asian migration.
Professor Thomas Munck
Prof. of Early Mod. Eur. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Research interests: Social history of the Enlightenment; 17th-18th c. Denmark.
Professor Marguerite W. Duprée
Prof. of Soc. and Medical History, Glasgow, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Research interests: Medical profession; Scottish hydropathic establishments; family; cotton industry; National Health Service.
Dr. Jane C. Whittle
Prof. of History, Exeter, History
Research interests: 14th-17th c. rural society and economy of England; gender history.
Dr. Gareth Curless
E.S.R.C. Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer in History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Emergence of organised labour and unrest in British Empire during decolonisation.
Professor Jill R. Stephenson
Emeritus Prof. of Mod. History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: Society and politics in modern Germany to 1945.
Professor Ewen A. Cameron
Sir William Fraser Prof. of Scot. History and Palaeography, Edinburgh, Scottish History
Research interests: Scottish history 18th-20th c., esp. 20th c.; Scotland and Ireland, esp. 19th c..
Dr. Stephen I. Boardman
Reader in Scot. History, Edinburgh, Scottish History
Research interests: Scottish kingship; Clan Campbell; saints' cults in late medieval Scotland; heraldry.
Professor Michael Anderson
Hon. Fellow and Emeritus Prof. of Econ. History, Edinburgh, Economic and Social History
Research interests: Scottish population; western families and life-cycles.
Mr. Ian Farr
Sen. Lecturer in Eur. History, East Anglia, School of History
Research interests: Social and political history of modern Germany, esp. peasant society; Bavaria.
Dr. Matthew C. Ward
Sen. Lecturer, Dundee, Department of History
Research interests: Colonial American history; Native American history.
Professor Graeme Morton
Prof., Dundee, Department of History
Research interests: Scottish diaspora.
Professor Panikos Panayi
Prof. of Eur. History, Subject Leader, History, De Montfort, Department of Historical and Social Studies
Research interests: Ethnicity and racism in modern Europe.
Dr. Billy Frank
Sen. Lecturer, Central Lancashire, Department of Humanities
Research interests: De-colonisation in southern Africa.
Professor William D. Jones
Prof. of Mod. History, Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: Welsh migrant communities in U.S. and Australia.
Dr. Jutta Vinzent
Lecturer in Mod. and Contemp. Art and Visual Culture, Birmingham, School of Modern Languages, Cultures, Music and Art History
Research interests: Migration studies.
Dr. Rebecca Williams
Lecturer in History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Development, population and birth control campaigns in India 1950-80.
Dr. Sarah Hackett
Lecturer, Bath Spa, School of Historical and Cultural Industries
Research interests: European immigration; Islam in Europe.
Professor Marjory-Ann D. Harper
Prof. of History, Aberdeen, Department of History
Research interests: Scottish emigration, 18th-20th c..
The influence of the Holocaust on British anti-fascism, 1945-1967.
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