17th Century

Professor Stephen J.C. Taylor
Prof. in 18th c. Brit. History, Reading, School of History
Research interests: The Church and the Whigs, 1714-60; Walpole.
Dr. Simon Lee
Sen. Lecturer in History of Art, Reading, Department of History of Art
Research interests: Jacques-Louis David and his pupils.
Professor Richard W. Hoyle
Prof. of Rural History, Reading, School of History
Research interests: Pilgrimage of Grace; 16th-17th c. economy and society.
Dr. James H. Thomas
Reader in Eng. Local History, Portsmouth, School of Social and Historyrical Studies
Research interests: Maritime History; local History.
Professor Patrick L. Williams
Emeritus Prof. of Spanish History, Sch. of Lang., Portsmouth, School of Language and Area Studies
Research interests: Conciliar government in Habsburg Spain.
Dr. Claire Fitzpatrick
Lecturer, Plymouth, School of Humanities
Research interests: Modern Irish labour and the state; History of enlightenment and nationalism in the 18th-19th c..
Dr. Donal W. Lowry
Reader, Oxford Brookes, School of Arts and Humanities
Research interests: Ulster loyalism/unionism; Irish nationalism and British empire; Rhodesia; white dominions/colonies of settlement.
Dr. Harry Mount
Princ. Lecturer in History of Art, Oxford Brookes, School of Arts and Humanities
Research interests: British art and art theory 1660-1850, esp. reception of Dutch art, genre painting, minuteness.
Dr. Sarah M.S. Pearsall
Sen. Lecturer, Oxford Brookes, School of Arts and Humanities
Research interests: Gender, family and sexuality in early modern Atlantic and Caribbean.
Professor Anne-Marie Kilday
Dean of Fac. of Humanities and Soc. Sc., Oxford Brookes, School of Arts and Humanities
Research interests: Crime in Britain 1690-1800; Scottish History.
Dr. Brian W. Young
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: British intelLectureral and religious History; the Victorians and the 18th c.; Historyriography.
Dr. Joanne Bailey
Reader in Early Mod. History, Oxford Brookes, School of Arts and Humanities
Research interests: Married life; marriage breakdown; women and the law; gender relations; family life; parenting.
Dr. Thomas Welsford
Oxford, All Souls College
Research interests: History of central and inner Asia, 1200-1900; History of Iran and the Caucasus, 1500-1750; Islamicate Historyriography and genre; theories of power, legitimacy and loyalty; post-Soviet cinema.
Dr. Hannah Smith
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, St. Hilda's College
Research interests: Monarchy; army; pro-woman writers.
Dr. Peter J. Thompson
University Lecturer, Oxford, St. Cross College
Research interests: Social and cultural History of Britain's colonies in N.Americanca, 1607-*c*.1800.
Dr. Adrienne B. Rosen
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: Local History 16th-18th c.; English social and economic History.
Professor Lyndal A. Roper
Prof. of Early Mod. History, Oxford, Balliol College
Research interests: Social, cultural and religious History of 16th and 17th c. Germany; gender; witchcraft; Luther.
Dr. David A. Parrott
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, New College
Research interests: French political and military History; Thirty Years' War; 17th c. Italy; aspects of political History, esp. relations between rulers, nobles, central and provincial power; early modern court studies and courtly culture.
Dr. Natalia Nowakowska
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: Late medieval and early modern Europe with a focus on the History of Poland in its European context.
Dr. Judith D. Maltby
Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Dr. Helen Jacobsen
Oxford, New College
Professor Howard Hotson
Prof. of Early Mod. IntelLectureral History, Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Ramism; encyclopaedism; irenicism; millennarianism; universal reform; international systems of intelLectureral reform.
Dr. Robert Harris
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Worcester College
Research interests: 18th c. British and Irish political, social and cultural History; early History of the press; urban History; History of gambling *c*.1650-1850.
Professor Mark Harrison
Prof. of the History of Medicine, Oxford, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Research interests: History of disease and medicine, especially in relation to the History of war and imperialism 17th-20th c.; History of medicine and British imperial expansion, $c$.1700-1850.
Dr. Gabriel Glickman
Oxford, Hertford College
Research interests: Political and religious History; England and Scotland 1603-1763.
Dr. Perry Gauci
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Lincoln College
Research interests: Social, economic and political development of Britain, 1600-1800.
Dr. FarAmerican N. Dabhoiwala
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Exeter College
Research interests: History of the English-speaking world since the middle ages.
Dr. John G. Darwin
University Lecturer, Oxford, Nuffield College
Research interests: Theories of empire since *c*.1500; the British Empire as an international system 1830-1960; South African, Canadian and New Zealand History; decolonisation and the end of empire.
Dr. John H. Davis
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Queen's College
Research interests: Modern London.
Mr. Nicholas S. Davidson
University Lecturer, Oxford, St. Edmund Hall
Research interests: Early modern Italy, esp. social and religious History.