Society of Antiquaries of London Research Grants

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Research grants
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Society of Antiquaries of London

Value £500-£5,000, open to all, except students, for research in all aspects of the material past, awards may be named in honour of the following benefactors: Hugh Chapman (for research projects on the western Roman Empire and antiquarian matters in London and its environs), Joan Pye (for early-career researchers (within 5 years of completing their PhD), in the fields of prehistoric and Roman archaeology in the UK) or Marion Wilson (research projects in southern Britain), closing date 15 January annually


To support projects that entail new initiatives and/or create interdisciplinary interest; projects of definable scale or duration to which the Society will be a significant contributor; projects based on funds derived from a number of sources to which the Society will be one contributor (but not those which simply ‘top up’ applications to major funding bodies), although part of a larger project, the Society’s grants should be used to support a definable objective with concrete outcomes


Archaeology and antiquity

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