Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences articles

Volume 67 (1)

Female Same-sex Desires: Conceptualizing a Disease in Competing Medical Fields in Nineteenth-century Europe
Beccalossi, C., vol. 67 (1): 7-35
Making Up Koro: Multiplicity, Psychiatry, Culture, and Penis-Shrinking Anxieties
Crozier, I., vol. 67 (1): 36-70
Vaginismus: A Franco-American Story
Cryle, P., vol. 67 (1): 71-93
Shell Shock, Trauma, and the First World War: The Making of a Diagnosis and Its Histories
Loughran, T., vol. 67 (1): 94-119
Notes from Batavia, the Europeans' Graveyard: The Nineteenth-Century Debate on Acclimatization in the Dutch East Indies
Pols, H., vol. 67 (1): 120-148
"An Object of Vulgar Curiosity": Legitimizing Medical Hypnosis in Imperial Germany
Wolffram, H., vol. 67 (1): 149-176

Volume 66 (4)

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A Short History of Dapsone, or an Alternative Model of Drug Development
Barr, J., vol. 66 (4): 425-467
What's in a Name? Generics and the Persistence of the Pharmaceutical Brand in American Medicine
Greene, J. A., vol. 66 (4): 468-506
Hearing Science in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and France
Gouk, P., Sykes, I., vol. 66 (4): 507-545
Between Clinical Medicine and the Laboratory: Medical Research Funding in France from 1945 to the Present
Esterle, L., Picard, J.-F., vol. 66 (4): 546-570
Hippocrates and Medical Education: Selected Papers Read at the XIIth International Hippocrates Colloquium, Universiteit Leiden, 24-26 August 2005
Kapparis, K. A., vol. 66 (4): 571-573
Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints, and Healing in the Modern World
Keitt, A., vol. 66 (4): 573-575
Healing the Herds: Disease, Livestock Economies, and the Globalization of Veterinary Medicine
Jones, S. D., vol. 66 (4): 575-578
Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease
Baggett, A., vol. 66 (4): 578-580
Public Health and the U.S. Military: A History of the Army Medical Department, 1918-1917
Humphreys, M., vol. 66 (4): 581-583
Laboratory Disease: Robert Koch's Medical Bacteriology
Brataas, A., vol. 66 (4): 583-585
Mirrors of Memory: Freud, Photography, and the History of Art
James Lieberman, E., vol. 66 (4): 585-587
Swallow: Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration, and the Curious Doctor Who Extracted Them
Higgins, J. E., vol. 66 (4): 587-589
The Last Irish Plague: The Great Flu Epidemic in Ireland 1918-19
Holmes, F., vol. 66 (4): 589-591
Deliver Me from Pain: Anesthesia and Birth in America
Lewis Wall, L., vol. 66 (4): 591-593
The Fertility Doctor: John Rock and the Reproductive Revolution
Junod, S., vol. 66 (4): 594-597
Euthanasia in Germany before and during the Third Reich
Weikart, R., vol. 66 (4): 597-599

Volume 66 (3)

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Eugenics for the Doctors: Medicine and Social Control in 1930s Turkey
Salgirli, S. G., vol. 66 (3): 281-312
Shooting Disabled Soldiers: Medicine and Photography in World War I America
Linker, B., vol. 66 (3): 313-346
The First Large-Scale Use of Synthetic Insecticide for Malaria Control in Tropical Africa: Lessons from Liberia, 1945-1962
Webb, J. L. A., vol. 66 (3): 347-376
Mark B. Mirsky: A Leading Russian Historian of Medicine and Surgery (1930-2010)
Lichterman, B. L., Mirsky, V. M., vol. 66 (3): 377-379
Realizing Major William Borden's Dream: Military Medicine, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Its Wounded Warriors, 1909-2009: An Essay Review
Connor, J. T. H., vol. 66 (3): 380-394
The Modulated Scream: Pain in Late Medieval Culture
Turner, W. J., vol. 66 (3): 395-397
Disreputable Bodies: Magic, Medicine, and Gender in Renaissance Natural Philosophy
Furdell, E. L., vol. 66 (3): 397-399
The English Virtuoso: Art, Medicine and Antiquarianism in the Age of Empiricism
Madge, B., vol. 66 (3): 399-401
Healing Traditions: African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948
Jones, T. F., vol. 66 (3): 401-403
Florence Nightingale at First Hand
Elliott, J., vol. 66 (3): 403-406
Revising the Clinic: Vision and Representation in Victorian Medical Narrative and the Novel
Harris, S. M., vol. 66 (3): 406-408
Caregiving on the Periphery: Historical Perspectives on Nursing and Midwifery in Canada
Grypma, S., vol. 66 (3): 408-411