Past and Present articles

Volume 213 (1)

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Study in the Political Economy of Modern Japan*
de Ganon, P. S., vol. 213 (1): 237-266
Plague Historians in Lab Coats*
Little, L. K., vol. 213 (1): 267-290
Announcement: Harold Grimm Prize
vol. 213 (1): 291-291

Volume 212 (1)

State of the Union: Perspectives on English Imperialism in the Late Middle Ages
Crooks, P., vol. 212 (1): 3-42
Witch-Hunting in Celtic Societies
Hutton, R., vol. 212 (1): 43-71
Saltpetre, State Security and Vexation in Early Modern England*
Cressy, D., vol. 212 (1): 73-111
Circulation and Exchange in Islamicate Eurasia: A Regional Approach to the Early Modern World
Sood, G. D. S., vol. 212 (1): 113-162
A Liberal Discourse of Custom in Colonial Bengal*
Sartori, A., vol. 212 (1): 163-197
Reforming Voting Practices in a Global Age: The Making and Remaking of the Modern Secret Ballot in Britain, France and the United States, c.1600-c.1950*
Crook, M., Crook, T., vol. 212 (1): 199-237
The Paradox of Planning: German Agricultural Policy in a European Perspective, 1920s to 1970s*
Patel, K. K., vol. 212 (1): 239-269

Volume 211 (1)

A Plague on Bohemia? Mapping the Black Death
Mengel, D. C., vol. 211 (1): 3-34
Custom in Context: Medieval and Early Modern Scotland and England
Houston, R., vol. 211 (1): 35-76
The Social History of Communion and the Reformation of the Eucharist
Burnett, A. N., vol. 211 (1): 77-119
The Practice of Kindness in Early Modern Elite Society
Pollock, L. A., vol. 211 (1): 121-158
Toleration and Freedom of Expression in the Hispanic World Between Enlightenment and Liberalism
Sebastian, J. F., vol. 211 (1): 159-197
Liquid Politics: Water and the Politics of Everyday Life in the Modern City
Taylor, V., Trentmann, F., vol. 211 (1): 199-241
Tribal Gatherings: Colonial Spectacle, Native Administration and Local Government In Condominium Sudan
Willis, J., vol. 211 (1): 243-268

Volume 210 (1)

Small Boroughs and the Manorial Economy: Enterprise Zones or Urban Failures?
Goddard, R., vol. 210 (1): 3-31
Subjects Without an Empire: The Irish in the Early Modern Caribbean
Block, K., Shaw, J., vol. 210 (1): 33-60
Death in the Hippodrome: Sexual Politics and Legal Culture in the Reign of Mehmet IV
Baer, M., vol. 210 (1): 61-91
Compulsion, Compensation and Property Rights in Britain, 1688-1833
Hoppit, J., vol. 210 (1): 93-128
Legal Trickery: Men, Women, and Justice in Late Ottoman Greece
Doxiadis, E., vol. 210 (1): 129-153
A French Imperial Meridian, 1814-1870
Todd, D., vol. 210 (1): 155-186
'Kaffir' Renner's Conversion: Being Muslim in Public in Colonial Ghana
Hanretta, S., vol. 210 (1): 187-220