Past and Present articles

Volume 220 (1)

The Soft Heart of the British Empire: Indian Radicals in Edwardian London
Owen, N., vol. 220 (1): 143-184
Running the Corridor: Nomadic Societies and Imperial Rule in the Inter-War Syrian Desert
Fletcher, R. S. G., vol. 220 (1): 185-215
The Public Sphere in Colonial Life: Residents' Movements in Korea Under Japanese Rule
Uchida, J., vol. 220 (1): 217-248

Volume 219 (1)

Prices in England, 1170-1750
Mayhew, N. J., vol. 219 (1): 3-39
Matter in the Material Renaissance
Rublack, U., vol. 219 (1): 41-85
Performance in a World of Paper: Puranic Histories and Social Communication in Early Modern India
O'Hanlon, R., vol. 219 (1): 87-126
The Colonial Machine Dismantled: Knowledge and Empire in the French Atlantic
Charles, L., Cheney, P., vol. 219 (1): 127-163
The Barons of Middletown and the Decline of the North-Eastern Anglo-Protestant Elite
Schatz, R. W., vol. 219 (1): 165-200
Pacifism and the Blitz, 1940-1941
Overy, R., vol. 219 (1): 201-236
The Flux of the Matter: Loyalty, Corruption and the 'Everyday State' in the Post-Partition Government Services of India and Pakistan
Gould, W., Sherman, T. C., Ansari, S., vol. 219 (1): 237-279
vol. 219 (1): 281-281

Volume 218 (1)

Eric Hobsbawm
Foster, R., vol. 218 (1): 3-15
Political Mobility in the Later Roman Empire
Skinner, A., vol. 218 (1): 17-53
From Jerusalem to Toledo: Replica, Landscape and the Nation in Renaissance Iberia
Beaver, A. G., vol. 218 (1): 55-90
Migration, Poor Relief and Local Autonomy: Settlement Policies in England and the Southern Low Countries in the Eighteenth Century
Winter, A., Lambrecht, T., vol. 218 (1): 91-126
Glasnost' in Practice: Public Speaking in the Era of Alexander II
Lovell, S., vol. 218 (1): 127-158
'Treading Upon Fires': The 'Mutiny'-Motif and Colonial Anxieties in British India
Wagner, K. A., vol. 218 (1): 159-197
Exodus: The Emigration of Southern Irish Protestants During the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War
Bielenberg, A., vol. 218 (1): 199-233
'Christian Civilization' and the Confucian Church: The Origin of Secularist Politics in Modern China
Kuo, Y.-p., vol. 218 (1): 235-264
vol. 218 (1): 265-265

Volume 217 (1)

Recycling in Britain after the Fall of Rome's Metal Economy
Fleming, R., vol. 217 (1): 3-45
Speaking in Tongues: Language and Communication in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Dursteler, E. R., vol. 217 (1): 47-77
Distinguishing Eternal from Transient Law: Natural Law and the Judicial Laws of Moses
Ross, R. J., vol. 217 (1): 79-115
Whig Tartan: Material Culture and its Use in the Scottish Highlands, 1746-1815
Dziennik, M. P., vol. 217 (1): 117-147
'A Beautiful Madness': Privilege, the Machine Question and Industrial Development in Normandy in 1789
Horn, J., vol. 217 (1): 149-185
A Mockery of Justice? Colonial Law, the Everyday State and Village Politics in the Burma Delta, c.1890-1910
Saha, J., vol. 217 (1): 187-212
The Hiring Fairs of Northern England, 1890-1930: A Regional Analysis of Commercial and Social Networking in Agriculture
Caunce, S. A., vol. 217 (1): 213-246
Review Article * Rethinking Italy's Nation-Building 150 Years Afterwards: The New Risorgimento Historiography
Isabella, M., vol. 217 (1): 247-268

Volume 216 (1)

Choosing and Enforcing Business Relationships in the Eleventh-Century Mediterranean: Reassessing the 'Maghribi Traders'
Goldberg, J. L., vol. 216 (1): 3-40
Poverty and its Relief in Late Medieval England*
Dyer, C., vol. 216 (1): 41-78
The Hanoverian Parish: Towards a New Agenda
Smith, M., vol. 216 (1): 79-105
The Challenge of Land Reform in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century France
Jones, P. M., vol. 216 (1): 107-142
National Socialism and the Production of German-Hungarian Borderland Space on the Eve of the Second World War
Pittaway, M., vol. 216 (1): 143-180
'The Colonial Ties are Liquidated': Modernization Theory, Post-War Japan and the Global Cold War
Conrad, S., vol. 216 (1): 181-214
Blackness in Argentina: Jazz, Tango and Race Before Peron
Karush, M. B., vol. 216 (1): 215-245
Debate * The Empire of Fashion and the Rise of Capitalism in Eighteenth-Century France
Sonenscher, M., vol. 216 (1): 247-258
Sewell, W. H., vol. 216 (1): 259-267

Volume 215 (1)

Early Mesopotamia: The Presumptive State*
Richardson, S., vol. 215 (1): 3-49
Writing to the Prince: Supplications, Equity and Absolutism in Sixteenth-Century Tuscany*
Shaw, J. E., vol. 215 (1): 51-83
Forgetting the Repealers: Religious Toleration and Historical Amnesia in Later Stuart England
Sowerby, S., vol. 215 (1): 85-123