Australian Economic History Review articles

Volume 51 (3)

Making Sense Of The ‘Business Group’ In Modern China: The Rong Brothers' Businesses, 1901–37
Kai Yiu Chan, vol. 51 (3): 219-244
It May Be Our Currency, But It's Your Problem
Barry Eichengreen, vol. 51 (3): 245-253
A Long-Run View Of The University Gender Gap In Australia*
Alison L. Booth, vol. 51 (3): 254-276
A Fair And Equitable Method Of Recruitment? Conscription By Ballot Into The Australian Army During The Vietnam War
Simon Ville, vol. 51 (3): 277-296
Opportunity Or Challenge? Australia And European Integration, 1950–57
Andrea Benvenuti, vol. 51 (3): 297-317
Secular Cycles – Edited by Peter Turchin and Sergey A. Nefedov
David S. Jacks, vol. 51 (3): 318-319
Australia's Economy in its International Context, 2 vols. – By Kym Anderson
Peter J. Lloyd, vol. 51 (3): 319-321
Fletchers: A Centennial History of Fletcher Building – By Paul Goldsmith
Carol Neill, vol. 51 (3): 321-322
Body and Mind: Historical Essays in Honour of F. B. Smith – Edited by Graeme Davison, Pat Jalland and Wilfrid Prest
Katie Pickles, vol. 51 (3): 322-324
Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History (APEBH) Conference 2012 · Call for Papers · Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Conference Paper Prize Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History (APEBH) Conference 2011
vol. 51 (3): 325-326

Volume 51 (2)

Industrious Peasants in East adn West: Markets, Technology and Family Structue in Japanese and Western European Agriculture
Jan de Vries, vol. 51 (2): 107-119
Basket Pegs And Exchange Rate Regime Change: Australia And New Zealand In The Mid-Seventies
Catherine Schenk, vol. 51 (2): 120-149
Commodity Price Shocks And The Australian Economy Since Federation
Sambit Bhattacharyya, vol. 51 (2): 150-177
Trade-Offs And Rip-Offs: Imitation-Led Industrialisation And The Evolution Of Trademark Law In Hong Kong
David Clayton, vol. 51 (2): 178-198
The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences – By John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff
Christopher Godden, vol. 51 (2): 199-200
The Living Wage: Lessons from the History of Economic Thought – By Donald R. Stabile
Stephanie Luce, vol. 51 (2): 201-202
Embedding Global Markets: An Enduring Challenge – Edited by John Gerard Ruggie
Francine McKenzie, vol. 51 (2): 202-203
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism – By George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller; Market Rebels: How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations – By Hayagreeva Rao
Paul L. Robertson, vol. 51 (2): 203-206
The Hesitant Hand: Taming Self-Interest in the History of Ideas – By Steven G. Medema
Susan Schroeder, vol. 51 (2): 206-208
Chinese Economic Development – By Chris Bramall
Graeme Smith, vol. 51 (2): 208-210
After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy – By Murray Milgate and Shannon C. Stimson
Donald Stabile, vol. 51 (2): 210-211
Empire and Globalization: Networks of People, Goods and Capital in the British World, c. 1850–1914 – Edited by Gary B. Magee and Andrew S. Thompson
Bernard Attard, vol. 51 (2): 211-213
Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and the Rise of the Anglo-World, 1783–1939 – By James Belich
Stephen Constantine, vol. 51 (2): 213-214
No Job Too Big: A History of Fletcher Construction, Volume I: 1909–1940 – By Jack Smith
Eric S. Graber, vol. 51 (2): 215-216
Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History (APEBH) Conference 2012 · Call for Papers · Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize Winner Best Paper published in AEHR in 2010
vol. 51 (2): 217-218

Volume 51 (1)

Financial Crises and Knowledge, Historical and Analytical
Gary Hawke, vol. 51 (1): 1-21
Another Spinning Innovation: the Case of teh Rattling Spindle, Garabõ, in the Development of the Japanese Spinning Industry
Eugene K. Choi, vol. 51 (1): 22-45
Tariffs, Subsidies and Profits: a Re-assessment of Structural Change in Australia 1901-39
David Merrett, vol. 51 (1): 46-70
Scientific Breakthroughs and Networks in the Case of Semiconductor Laser Technology in the US and Japan, 1960s-2000s
Hiroshi Shimizu, vol. 51 (1): 71-96
The United States and the Malaysian Economy – By Shakila Yacob
John Singleton, vol. 51 (1): 97-98
The Genesis of Innovation: Systemic Linkages between Knowledge and the Market – Edited by Blandine Laperche, Dimitri Uzunidis, and Nick Von Tunzelmann
Gary Magee, vol. 51 (1): 98-99
Anglo-Australian Relations and the ‘Turn to Europe’– By Andrea Benvenuti
W. David McIntyre, vol. 51 (1): 100-101
Destination Australia. Migration to Australia since 1901 – By Eric Richards
James Bennett, vol. 51 (1): 101-103
Mining Tycoons in the Age of Empire, 1870–1945 – Edited by Raymond E. Dumett
Trevor Boyns, vol. 51 (1): 103-104
Remaking the Tasman World – Edited by Phillipa Mein Smith, Peter Hempenstall, and Shaun Goldfinch
Brian Easton, vol. 51 (1): 104-106

Volume 50 (3)

The Supply of Economic History in Australasia: the Australian Economic History at 50
Stephen Morgan, vol. 50 (3): 217-239
An Industrious Revolution in an East Asian Market Economy? Tokugawa Japan and Implications for the Great Divergence
Osamu Saito, vol. 50 (3): 240-261
Physical Stature in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand: a Preliminary Interpretation
Kris Inwood, vol. 50 (3): 262-283
Using Autobiographies in Business History: a Narratological Analysis of Jules Joubert's Shavings and Scrapes
James Reveley, vol. 50 (3): 284-305
Evidence of Purchasing Power Parity in Silver-Backed Mexico and India
Antonio N. Bojanic, vol. 50 (3): 306-320