Gender and History articles

Volume 26 (3)

‘It Gave Us Our Nationality’: US Education, the Politics of Dress and Transnational Filipino Student Networks, 1901–45
Sarah Steinbock-Pratt, vol. 26 (3): 565-588
‘A Life of Make-Believe’: Being Boy Scouts and ‘Playing Indian’ in British Malaya (1910–42)
Jialin Christina Wu, vol. 26 (3): 589-619
The Tank Driver who Ran with Poodles: US Visions of Israeli Soldiers and the Cold War Liberal Consensus, 1958–79
Shaul Mitelpunkt, vol. 26 (3): 620-641
Marta Vergara, Popular-Front Pan-American Feminism and the Transnational Struggle for Working Women's Rights in the 1930s
Katherine M. Marino, vol. 26 (3): 642-660
Guerrilla Ganja Gun Girls: Policing Black Revolutionaries from Notting Hill to Laventille
W. Chris Johnson, vol. 26 (3): 661-687
Gender and Visuality: Identification Photographs, Respectability and Personhood in Colonial Southern Africa in the 1920s and 1930s
Lorena Rizzo, vol. 26 (3): 688-708
vol. 26 (3): 709-711

Volume 26 (1)

vol. 26 (1): 0-0
Forum: Women and Learned Culture: Introduction
Judith P. Zinsser, vol. 26 (1): 1-4
Imagining Patterns of Learned Culture: A Cross-Cultural View
Judith P. Zinsser, vol. 26 (1): 5-22
Women in Chinese Learned Culture: Complexities, Exclusivities and Connecting Narratives
Harriet Zurndorfer, vol. 26 (1): 23-35
‘Speaking Together Openly, Honestly and Profoundly’: Men and Women as Public Intellectuals in Early-Twentieth-Century France
Jean Elisabeth Pedersen, vol. 26 (1): 36-51
A Prize for Grumpy Old Men? Reflections on the Lack of Female Nobel Laureates
Marika Hedin, vol. 26 (1): 52-63
Overthrowing the Floresta–Wollstonecraft Myth for Latin American Feminism
Eileen Hunt Botting, Charlotte Hammond Matthews, vol. 26 (1): 64-83
A Man Like You: Juan Domingo Perón and the Politics of Attraction in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina
Natalia Milanesio, vol. 26 (1): 84-104
Landowning, Dispossession and the Significance of Land among Dakota and Scandinavian Women at Spirit Lake, 1900–29
Karen V. Hansen, Grey Osterud, vol. 26 (1): 105-127
‘You Must Avenge on My Behalf’: Widow Chastity and Honour in Nineteenth-Century Korea
Jungwon Kim, vol. 26 (1): 128-146
The Phantasm of the Feminine: Gender, Race and Nationalist Agency in Early Twentieth-Century China
Ping Zhu, vol. 26 (1): 147-166
“Till We Hear the Last All Clear”: Gender and the Presentation of Self in Young Girls’ Writing about the Bombing of Hull during the Second World War
James Greenhalgh, vol. 26 (1): 167-183
Elaine Farrell (ed.), ‘She Said She Was in the Family Way’: Pregnancy and Infancy in Modern Ireland (London: Institute of Historical Research, 2012), pp. xix + 247. ISBN: 978 1905165650.
KATIE BARCLAY, vol. 26 (1): 184-185
Charu Gupta (ed.), Gendering Colonial India: Reforms, Print, Caste and Communalism (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2012), pp. viii + 394. ISBN: 978 813504472 7.
SUMITA MUKHERJEE, vol. 26 (1): 185-186
Jonathan Daniel Wells, Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011), pp. xii + 244. ISBN: 978 1107012660.
LYDIA J. PLATH, vol. 26 (1): 186-188
Carrie Hamilton, Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics, and Memory (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012), pp. vii + 298. ISBN: 978 0807835197.
CYNTHIA WRIGHT, vol. 26 (1): 188-189
Tara Povey and Elaheh Rostami-Povey (eds), Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran (Ashgate, 2012), pp. xv + 218. ISBN: 978 1409402046.
SHIRIN SAEIDI, vol. 26 (1): 189-191
vol. 26 (1): 192-193
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vol. 26 (1): 194-197

Volume 25 (3)

vol. 25 (3): 0-0
Beyond the ‘Religious Turn’? Past, Present and Future Perspectives in Gender History
Joanna Groot, Sue Morgan, vol. 25 (3): 395-422
Witches, Female Priests and Sacred Manoeuvres: (De)Stabilising Gender and Sexuality in a Cuban Religion of African Origin
Carolyn E. Watson, vol. 25 (3): 425-444
Liberal Religion and the ‘Woman Question’ between East and West: Perspectives from a Nineteenth-Century Bengali Women's Journal
Clare Midgley, vol. 25 (3): 445-460
Indeterminacy in Meaning: Religious Syncretism and Dynastic Historiography in the Shannüren zhuan
Yuet Keung Lo, vol. 25 (3): 461-476
‘All of Their Customs are Daughters of Their Religion’: Baptists in Post-Revolutionary Mexico, 1920s–present
Kathleen M. McIntyre, vol. 25 (3): 477-497
Creating the ‘Problem Hindu’: Sati, Thuggee and Female Infanticide in India, 1800–60
Daniel J. R. Grey, vol. 25 (3): 498-510
Engendering Purity and Impurity in Assyriological Studies: A Historiographical Overview
Érica Couto-Ferreira, Agnès Garcia-Ventura, vol. 25 (3): 513-528
Lamentation Motifs in Medieval Hagiography
Anne E. Bailey, vol. 25 (3): 529-544
Architecture of Desire: Mediating the Female Gaze in the Medieval English Anchorhold
Michelle M. Sauer, vol. 25 (3): 545-564
The Alluring Beauty of a Leonardesque Ideal: Masculinity and Spirituality in Renaissance Milan
Maya Corry, vol. 25 (3): 565-589
‘Deaf to the Word’: Gender, Deafness and Protestantism in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland
Esme Cleall, vol. 25 (3): 590-603
The Sexual Shame of the Chaste: ‘Abortion Miracles’ in Early Medieval Saints’ Lives
Zubin Mistry, vol. 25 (3): 607-620
‘Give Me Chastity’: Masculinity and Attitudes to Chastity and Celibacy in the Middle Ages
Pat Cullum, vol. 25 (3): 621-636