Gender and History articles

Volume 23 (3)

Towards a Female Topography of the Ancient Greek City: Case Studies from Late Archaic and Early Classical Athens (c.520–400 BCE)
Lisa C. Nevett, vol. 23 (3): 576-596
Bodymaps: Sexing Space and Zoning Gender in Ancient Athens
James Davidson, vol. 23 (3): 597-614
Ladies who Lounge: Class, Religion and Social Interaction in Seventeenth-Century Isfahan
Emma Loosley, vol. 23 (3): 615-629
The Nanjing Courtesan Ma Shouzhen (1548–1604): Gender, Space and Painting in the Late Ming Pleasure Quarter
Monica Merlin, vol. 23 (3): 630-652
Squabbling Siblings: Gender and Monastic Life in Late Anglo-Saxon Winchester
Helen Foxhall Forbes, vol. 23 (3): 653-684
A Father, a Daughter and a Procurator: Authority and Resistance in the Prison Memoir of Perpetua of Carthage
Kate Cooper, vol. 23 (3): 685-702
Women's Social Networks and Female Friendship in the Ancient Greek City
Claire Taylor, vol. 23 (3): 703-720
Seeing is Believing: Urban Gossip and the Balcony in Early Modern Venice
Alexander Cowan, vol. 23 (3): 721-738
vol. 23 (3): 739-740

Volume 23 (2)

Gender and the Human: An Introduction
Rachel Sturman, vol. 23 (2): 229-234
At Once Human and Not Human: Law, Gender and Historical Becoming in Colonial Egypt
Samera Esmeir, vol. 23 (2): 235-249
The Gendered Human of Humanitarianism: Medicalising and Politicising Sexual Violence
Miriam Ticktin, vol. 23 (2): 250-265
Of Sodomy and Cannibalism: Dehumanisation, Embodiment and the Rhetorics of Same-Sex and Cross-Species Contagion
Megan H. Glick, vol. 23 (2): 266-282
The Early Quakers, the Peace Testimony and Masculinity in England, 1660–1720
Erin Bell, vol. 23 (2): 283-300
To Make a Revolutionary Cuisine: Gender and Politics in French Kitchens, 1789–1815
Jennifer J. Davis, vol. 23 (2): 301-320
The Manly Mind? Revisiting the Victorian ‘Sex in Brain’ Debate
Rob Boddice, vol. 23 (2): 321-340
The French Republic and Women's Access to Professional Work: Issues and Controversies in France from the 1870s to the 1930s
Juliette Rennes, vol. 23 (2): 341-366
St John's Ambulance Brigade and the Gendering of ‘Passive Defence’ in British Malaya, 1937–42
Kai Khiun Liew, vol. 23 (2): 367-381
Breaking the Silence: Mexican Children and Women's Confrontation of Bracero Family Separation, 1942–64
Ana Elizabeth Rosas, vol. 23 (2): 382-400
Women, Fascism and Work in Francoist Spain: The Law for Political, Professional and Labour Rights
Jessica Davidson, vol. 23 (2): 401-414
For Mothers, Peace and Family: International (Non)-Cooperation among Italian Catholic and Communist Women's Organisations during the Early Cold War
Wendy Pojmann, vol. 23 (2): 415-429
The State of Chinese Women's History
Rebecca E. Karl, vol. 23 (2): 430-441
The Gift of Tongues. Women's Xenoglossia in the Later Middle Ages by Christine F. Cooper-Rompato
CAROLYN MUESSIG, vol. 23 (2): 442-443
Negotiating Clerical Identities: Priests, Monks and Masculinity in the Middle Ages edited by Jennifer D. Thibodeaux
HELEN FOXHALL FORBES, vol. 23 (2): 444-445
St Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins of Cologne: Relics, Reliquaries and the Visual Culture of Group Sanctity in Late Medieval Europe by Scott B. Montgomery
MAYA CORRY, vol. 23 (2): 445-446
The Rituals and Rhetoric of Queenship: Medieval to Early Modern edited by Liz Oakley-Brown and Louise J. Wilkinson
MATTHEW WARD, vol. 23 (2): 447-448
Cupid in Early Modern Literature and Culture by Jane Kingsley-Smith
JOANNA CRAIGWOOD, vol. 23 (2): 449-450
Man as Witch: Male Witches in Central Europe by Rolf Schulte Witchcraft and Masculinities in Early Modern Europe edited by Alison Rowlands
E. J. KENT, vol. 23 (2): 450-454
Reproducing Women: Medicine, Metaphor, and Childbirth in Late Imperial China by Yi-Li Wu
MONICA MERLIN, vol. 23 (2): 454-456
Francesca Caccini at the Medici Court: Music and the Circulation of Power by Suzanne G. Cusick
GABRIELE MATINO, vol. 23 (2): 456-457
Parents of Poor Children in England, 1580–1800 by Patricia Crawford
ALYSA LEVENE, vol. 23 (2): 458-459
Conceiving the Old Regime: Pronatalism and the Politics of Reproduction in Early Modern France by Leslie Tuttle
LIANNE McTAVISH, vol. 23 (2): 459-460
Sweet Liberty: The Final Days of Slavery in Martinique by Rebecca Hartkopf Schloss
ROCHELLE ROWE, vol. 23 (2): 460-462
Soap and Water: Cleanliness, Dirt and the Working Classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain by Victoria Kelley
KIRSTEN LENG, vol. 23 (2): 462-463
About Faces: Physiognomy in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Sharrona Pearl
LUCY HARTLEY, vol. 23 (2): 463-465
Cow Boys and Cattle Men: Class and Masculinity on the Texas Frontier, 1865–1900 by Jacqueline M. Moore
MARGARET WALSH, vol. 23 (2): 465-466
Nursing and Women's Labour in the Nineteenth Century: The Quest for Independence by Sue Hawkins
CARMEN M. MANGION, vol. 23 (2): 466-468
Reproducing the French Race by Elisa Camiscioli
SARA L. KIMBLE, vol. 23 (2): 468-470
The Women and Men of 1926: A Gender and Social History of the General Strike and the Miners’ Lockout in South Wales by Sue Bruley Gender and Political Identities in Scotland, 1919–1939 by Annmarie Hughes
NICOLE ROBERTSON, vol. 23 (2): 470-472
The Educational Work of Women's Organisations, 1890–1960 edited by Anne Meis Knupfer and Christine Woyshner Beyond Jerusalem: Music in the Women's Institute, 1919–1969 by Lorna Gibson
CAITRIONA BEAUMONT, vol. 23 (2): 472-475