Gender and History articles

Volume 24 (2)

To ‘Frock’ a Cleric: The Gendered Implications of Mutilating Ecclesiastical Vestments in Medieval England
Andrew G. Miller, vol. 24 (2): 271-291
Flights of Distance, Time and Fancy: Women Pilgrims and their Journeys in English Medieval Miracle Narratives
Anne E. Bailey, vol. 24 (2): 292-309
Wills, Marriage and Business Contracts: Urban Women in Late-Medieval Cyprus
Aysu Dincer, vol. 24 (2): 310-332
‘Taming Don Juan’: Limiting Masculine Sexuality in Counter-Reformation Spain
Edward Behrend-Martínez, vol. 24 (2): 333-352
The Queer Story of Kateřina Maršalová: The Female Soldier, Ideal Woman, and Masculine Femininity
Dáša Frančíková, vol. 24 (2): 353-367
Barbarian Virtues in a Bottle: Patent Indian Medicines and the Commodification of Primitivism in the United States, 1870–1900
John Rosenberg, vol. 24 (2): 368-388
Uneven Orientalisms: Burmese Women and the Feminist Imagination
Lucy Delap, vol. 24 (2): 389-410
Woman as Nation: Tradition and Modernity Narratives in Vietnamese Histories
Nhung Tuyet Tran, vol. 24 (2): 411-430
‘To Lay Aside All Morals’: Respectability, Sexuality and Black College Students in the United States in the 1930s
LaKisha Michelle Simmons, vol. 24 (2): 431-455
‘The Hands That Might Save Them’: Gender, Race and the Politics of Nursing in the United States during the Second World War
Charissa J. Threat, vol. 24 (2): 456-474
Another Enemy Within: Lesbian Wives, or the Hidden Threat to the Nuclear Family in Post-war America
Lauren Jae Gutterman, vol. 24 (2): 475-501
Lesbian Mothers and Child Custody: Australian Debates in the 1970s
Rebecca Jennings, vol. 24 (2): 502-517
vol. 24 (2): 518-520

Volume 24 (1)

The Boundaries of Women's Power: Gender and the Discourse of Political Friendship in Twelfth-Century England
Rebecca Slitt, vol. 24 (1): 1-17
Friendly Relations: Situating Friendships Between Men and Women in the Early American Republic, 1780–1830
Cassandra A. Good, vol. 24 (1): 18-34
Proving One's Manliness: Masculine Self-perceptions of Austrian Deserters in the Second World War
Maria Fritsche, vol. 24 (1): 35-55
Regulating Body Boundaries and Health during the Second World War: Nationalist Discourse, Media Representations and the Experiences of Canadian Women War Workers
Helen E. Smith, Pamela Wakewich, vol. 24 (1): 56-73
‘The World is Our Campus’: Michigan State University and Cold-War Home Economics in US-occupied Okinawa, 1945–19721
Mire Koikari, vol. 24 (1): 74-92
An Army of Educators: Gender, Revolution and the Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961
Rebecca Herman, vol. 24 (1): 93-111
Male Saints and Devotional Masculinity in Late Medieval England
Katherine J. Lewis, vol. 24 (1): 112-133
Describing the Female Sculptor in Early Modern Italy: An Analysis of the vita of Properzia de' Rossi in Giorgio Vasari's Lives
Sally Quin, vol. 24 (1): 134-149
The Courtesan Tale: Female Musicians and Dancers in Mughal Historical Chronicles, c.1556–1748
Katherine Butler Schofield, vol. 24 (1): 150-171
Muscles, Nerves, and Sex: The Contradictions of the Medical Approach to Female Bodies in Movement in France, 1847–1914
Grégory Quin, Anaïs Bohuon, vol. 24 (1): 172-186
Unattached and Unhinged: The Spinster and the Psychiatrist in Liberal Italy, 1860–1922
Linda Reeder, vol. 24 (1): 187-204
Coming of Age: Law, Sex and Childhood in Late Colonial India
Ishita Pande, vol. 24 (1): 205-230
Intersections of Gender, Religion and Ethnicity in the Middle Ages edited by Cordelia Beattie and Kirsten A. Fenton
vol. 24 (1): 231-232
Gender and Scientific Discourse in Early Modern Culture edited by Kathleen P. Long
vol. 24 (1): 232-234
Gender and Justice: Violence, Intimacy, and Community in Fin-de-Siècle Paris by Eliza Earle Ferguson
vol. 24 (1): 234-235
Rousseau's Daughters: Domesticity, Education, and Autonomy in Modern France by Jennifer L. Popiel
vol. 24 (1): 235-236
Mates and Lovers: A Gay History of New Zealand by Chris Brickell
vol. 24 (1): 236-238
Working Out Egypt: Effendi Masculinity and Subject Formation in Colonial Modernity, 1870–1940 by Wilson Chacko Jacob
vol. 24 (1): 238-240
Conceiving Citizens: Women and the Politics of Motherhood in Iran by Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet
vol. 24 (1): 240-241
Managing the Body: Beauty, Health, and Fitness in Britain, 1880–1939 by Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska  Beauty Imagined: A History of the Global Beauty Industry by Geoffrey Jones
vol. 24 (1): 241-244
vol. 24 (1): 245-246
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vol. 24 (1): 247-251

Volume 23 (3)

Gender and the City before Modernity: Introduction
Lin Foxhall, vol. 23 (3): 491-509
The Queen and the City: Royal Female Intervention and Patronage in Hellenistic Civic Communities
Gillian Ramsey, vol. 23 (3): 510-527
‘A Remarkably Patterned Life’: Domestic and Public in the Aztec Household City
Caroline Dodds Pennock, vol. 23 (3): 528-546
Women, Property and Urban Space in Tenth-Century Milan
Ross Balzaretti, vol. 23 (3): 547-575
Towards a Female Topography of the Ancient Greek City: Case Studies from Late Archaic and Early Classical Athens (c.520–400 BCE)
Lisa C. Nevett, vol. 23 (3): 576-596