Gender and History articles

Volume 23 (1)

Family Business: Litigation and the Political Economies of Daily Life in Early Modern France by Julie Hardwick Louder than Words: Ways of Seeing Women Workers in Eighteenth-Century France by Geraldine Sheridan
KATIE L. JARVIS, vol. 23 (1): 193-195
Borderline Citizens: Women, Gender, and Political Culture in Britain, 1815–1867 by Kathryn Gleadle
AMELIA YEATES, vol. 23 (1): 195-196
The Civilising Mission and the English Middle Class, 1792–1850: The ‘Heathen’ at Home and Overseas by Alison Twells
JANE McDERMID, vol. 23 (1): 196-198
Geographies of Regulation: Policing Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century Britain and the Empire by Philip Howell
CATHERINE LEE, vol. 23 (1): 198-199
From Jack Tar to Union Jack: Representing Naval Manhood in the British Empire, 1870–1918 by Mary A. Conley
JAN RÜGER, vol. 23 (1): 199-201
University Co-Education in the Victorian Era: Inclusion and Exclusion in the United States and the United Kingdom by Christine D. Myers The Educated Woman: Minds, Bodies, and Women's Higher Education in Britain, Germany, and Spain, 1865–1914 by Katharina
WILLIAM WHYTE, vol. 23 (1): 201-203
Colette's Republic: Work, Gender, and Popular Culture in France, 1870–1914 by Patricia A. Tilburg
TANIA ANNE WOLOSHYN, vol. 23 (1): 203-204
Telling Tales About Men: Conceptions of Conscientious Objectors to Military Service During the First World War by Louis S. Bibbings
DANIEL CONWAY, vol. 23 (1): 204-206
‘For Women, for Wales and for Liberalism’: Women in Liberal Politics in Wales, 1880–1914 by Ursula Masson
CHRIS WRIGLEY, vol. 23 (1): 206-207
Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology by Erika Lorraine Milam
KIRSTEN LENG, vol. 23 (1): 207-209
Women and Things 1750–1950: Gendered Material Strategies edited by Maureen Daly Goggin and Beth Fowkes Tobin
SARAH VICTORIA TURNER, vol. 23 (1): 209-211
Contesting Archives: Finding Women in the Sources edited by Nupur Chauduri, Sherry J. Katz and Mary Elizabeth Perry
ELIZABETH A. NOVARA, vol. 23 (1): 211-212
Violent Belongings: Partition, Gender and National Culture in Postcolonial India by Kavita Daiya
SHABNUM TEJANI, vol. 23 (1): 213-214
Living in Arcadia: Homosexuality, Politics, and Morality in France from the Liberation to AIDS by Julian Jackson
DAN MAROUN, vol. 23 (1): 214-216
Hysteria: The Biography by Andrew Scull Hysteria Complicated by Ecstasy: The Case of Nanette Leroux by Jan Goldstein American Melancholy: Constructions of Depression in the Twentieth Century by Laura D. Hirshbein
TANIA ANNE WOLOSHYN, vol. 23 (1): 216-219
Women Who Kill Men: California Courts, Gender, and the Press by Gordon Morris Bakken and Brenda Farrington
DAWN RAE FLOOD, vol. 23 (1): 219-220

Volume 22 (3)

Historicising Sexuality and Gender
Kevin P. Murphy, vol. 22 (3): 527-537
Imagining Cihuacoatl: Masculine Rituals, Nahua Goddesses and the Texts of the Tlacuilos
Pete Sigal, vol. 22 (3): 538-563
Power and Historical Figuring: Rachael Pringle Polgreen's Troubled Archive
Marisa J. Fuentes, vol. 22 (3): 564-584
Gender, Sexuality and the Formation of Racial Identities in the Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Caribbean World
Brooke N. Newman, vol. 22 (3): 585-602
Xing: The Discourse of Sex and Human Nature in Modern China
Leon Antonio Rocha, vol. 22 (3): 603-628
Epistemic Modernity and the Emergence of Homosexuality in China
Howard Chiang, vol. 22 (3): 629-657
Overcoming ‘Simply Being’: Straight Sex, Masculinity and Physical Culture in Modern Egypt
Wilson Chacko Jacob, vol. 22 (3): 658-676
Monitoring and Medicalising Male Sexuality in Semi-Colonial Egypt
Hanan Kholoussy, vol. 22 (3): 677-691
The Volatility of Sex: Intersexuality, Gender and Clinical Practice in the 1950s
Sandra Eder, vol. 22 (3): 692-707
‘A Certain Amount of Prudishness’: Nudist Magazines and the Liberalisation of American Obscenity Law, 1947–58
Brian Hoffman, vol. 22 (3): 708-732
Cold War Conflicts and Cheap Cabaret: Sexual Politics at the 1975 United Nations International Women's Year Conference
Jocelyn Olcott, vol. 22 (3): 733-754
Gender and Sexuality in Latina/o Miami: Documenting Latina Transsexual Activists
Susana Peña, vol. 22 (3): 755-772