Australian Journal of Politics & History articles

Volume 63 (3)

Tom Hughes QC: A Cab on the Rank
Sarah Burnside, vol. 63 (3): 475-476
Evatt: A Life
Paul Strangio, vol. 63 (3): 476-477
The Second Rush: Mining and the Transformation of Australia
Erik Eklund, vol. 63 (3): 477-478
The Conscription Conflict and the Great War
Geoffrey A. C. Ginn, vol. 63 (3): 478-480
Beyond Gallipoli. New Perspectives on Anzac
Romain Fathi, vol. 63 (3): 480-481
Minding Her Own Business: Colonial Business Women in Sydney
Anna Temby, vol. 63 (3): 481-482
China's Future
Jane Golley, vol. 63 (3): 482-483
The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century
Jane Golley, vol. 63 (3): 483-484
A Difficult Neighbourhood. Essays on Russia and East-Central Europe Since World War II
Graeme Gill, vol. 63 (3): 484-485
Harmful and Undesirable. Book Censorship in Nazi Germany
Andrew G. Bonnell, vol. 63 (3): 486-487
Transnational Radicalism and the Connected Lives of Tom Mann and Robert Samuel Ross
Frank Bongiorno, vol. 63 (3): 487-488
What is to be done? A Dialogue on Communism, Capitalism and the Future of Democracy
Natalie J. Doyle, vol. 63 (3): 488-489
Gutenberg's Europe: The Book and the Invention of Western Modernity
Martyn Lyons, vol. 63 (3): 489-490
War Stories: The War Memoir in History and Literature
Martin Crotty, vol. 63 (3): 490-491
Vale Colin Hughes
Matt McDonald, vol. 63 (3): 492-492

Volume 63 (1)

Issue Information
vol. 63 (1): 0-0
The Concept of “the State” in Modern Political Thought
Barry Hindess, vol. 63 (1): 1-14
More than Old Friends? Narrative in Australia's Relationship with Korea
Jeffrey Robertson, vol. 63 (1): 15-30
National and Imperial Belonging in Wartime: The Tangled Knot of Australians and New Zealanders as British Subjects during the Great War
Kathryn Hunter, vol. 63 (1): 31-44
Soviet Repatriation Efforts among “Displaced Persons” Resettled in Australia, 1950–53
Sheila Fitzpatrick, vol. 63 (1): 45-61
The Diaries of Daisy Smith: The Experience of Citizenship for an Exempted Family in Mid-Twentieth Century Queensland
Judi Wickes, Lucinda Aberdeen, vol. 63 (1): 62-77
Gorton and the Re-Making of Political Tradition in Foreign Investment Policy
Chris Sadleir, vol. 63 (1): 78-92
Review Article: Into the Abyss 1914–1918: How did it Happen? Coming to Grips with Prusso-German Political Culture
John A. Moses, vol. 63 (1): 129-137
The Art of Time Travel: Historians and their Craft
David Day, vol. 63 (1): 138-139
Shackled: Female Convicts at Moreton Bay, 1826–1839.
Alana Piper, vol. 63 (1): 139-140
Australia: A German Traveller in the Age of Gold / Friedrich Gerstäcker
Samuel W. Finch, vol. 63 (1): 140-141
Australian Soldiers in South Africa and Vietnam: Words from the Battlefield
Bobbie Oliver, vol. 63 (1): 141-142
One and All: Labor and the Radical Tradition in South Australia
Mickey Dewar, vol. 63 (1): 142-143
The Conscientious Communist. Ernie Lane and the Rise of Australian Socialism
Andrew G. Bonnell, vol. 63 (1): 144-144
Mother's Darlings of the South Pacific: The Children of Indigenous Women and U.S. Servicemen, World War II
Clive Moore, vol. 63 (1): 145-146
Atomic Thunder. The Maralinga Story
Denis Cryle, vol. 63 (1): 146-147
Respectable Radicals: A History of the National Council of Women of Australia 1896–2006
Megan Alessandrini, vol. 63 (1): 147-148
Sex Crimes in the Fifties
Kate Gleeson, vol. 63 (1): 148-149
The Martin Presence: Jean Martin and the Making of the Social Sciences in Australia
Shurlee Swain, vol. 63 (1): 149-150
NGOs and Political Change: A History of the Australian Council for International Development
Daniel Oakman, vol. 63 (1): 150-151
Inflation and the Making of Australian Macroeconomic Policy, 1945–85
Alex Millmow, vol. 63 (1): 151-152
Australia's “War on Terror” Discourse
Binoy Kampmark, vol. 63 (1): 152-153
The Turnbull Gamble
Harrison Miller, vol. 63 (1): 153-154
A Matter of Honor: Pearl Harbor: Betrayal, Blame, and a Family's Quest for Justice: Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack
Paul S. Burtness, Warren U. Ober, vol. 63 (1): 155-156
Jerusalem: The Spatial Politics of a Divided Metropolis
Robert Bowker, vol. 63 (1): 156-157