Australian Journal of Politics & History articles

Volume 61 (3)

Transcontinental and Transnational Links in Social Movements and Environmental Policies in the Twentieth Century
Astrid Mignon Kirchhof, Chris McConville, vol. 61 (3): 331-338
Separating Spheres: Paul Sarasin and his Global Nature Protection Scheme
Anna-Katharina Wöbse, vol. 61 (3): 339-351
Australia's Dust Bowl: Transnational Influences in Soil Conservation and the Spread of Ecological Thought
Sabine Sauter, vol. 61 (3): 352-365
“Who can resist this guy?rdquo; Jacques Cousteau, Celebrity Diplomacy, and the Environmental Protection of the Antarctic
Emma Shortis, vol. 61 (3): 366-380
Dams, Freeways and Aerospace: How Australian Environmentalists responded to Transnationalism and World Heritage, 1964–1984
Chris McConville, vol. 61 (3): 381-396
The Umweltmulti Arrives: Greenpeace and Grass Roots Environmentalism in West Germany
Frank Zelko, vol. 61 (3): 397-413
Exemplars and Influences: Transnational Flows in the Environmental Movement
Christopher Rootes, vol. 61 (3): 414-431
Finding Common Ground in Transnational Peace Movements
Astrid Mignon Kirchhof, vol. 61 (3): 432-449
Book Reviews
vol. 61 (3): 450-483

Volume 61 (2)

Abraham Kuyper: Calvinist Anti-Revolutionary Politician and Political Thinker
Simon P. Kennedy, vol. 61 (2): 169-183
“To the last man and the last shilling” and “Ready, aye ready”: Australian and Canadian Conscription Debates during The First World War
Jatinder Mann, vol. 61 (2): 184-200
Conceiving of Telecom: The Politics of Australian Telecommunications Reform 1967–1972
John Doyle, vol. 61 (2): 201-216
The Prime Minister and the Bomb: John Gorton, W.C. Wentworth and the Quest for an Atomic Australia
Lachlan Clohesy, Phillip Deery, vol. 61 (2): 217-232
Participatory Democracy and New Left Student Movements: The University of Sydney, 1973–1979
Lewis D'Avigdor, vol. 61 (2): 233-247
The Rhetorical Standards of Public Reason in Australia
Ryan Walter, John Uhr, vol. 61 (2): 248-262
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 2014
Andrew Phillips, vol. 61 (2): 263-277
Political Chronicles Commonwealth of Australia July to December 2014
John Wanna, vol. 61 (2): 278-329

Volume 61 (1)

The Pacific Islanders' Fund and the Misappropriation of the Wages of Deceased Pacific Islanders by the Queensland Government
Clive Moore, vol. 61 (1): 1-18
The Ancestry of the Australian Prime Ministership: “the blue ribbon of the highest possible ambition”
Paul Strangio, vol. 61 (1): 19-36
Moving Beyond 100 Years: The “WA Approach” to National Party Survival
John Phillimore, Lance McMahon, vol. 61 (1): 37-52
From “Unstable” to “Stable” Minority Government: Reflections on the Role of the Nationals in Federal Coalition Governments
Linda Courtenay Botterill, Geoff Cockfield, vol. 61 (1): 53-66
European and EU Studies and Research in Australia through Thick and Thin: Public Policy and Higher Education Mismatch?
Pascaline Winand, Paul Kalfadellis, Normann Witzleb, vol. 61 (1): 67-81
Apologists for Power: The Yoo Brief, Executive Power and the State of Exception
Binoy Kampmark, vol. 61 (1): 82-99
Engaging an Elephant in the Room? Locating Africa in Australian Foreign Policy
David Mickler, Nikola Pijovic, vol. 61 (1): 100-120
New Histories of the Origins of the First World War: What Happened to the “Primacy of Domestic Politics?”
Andrew G. Bonnell, vol. 61 (1): 121-127
The War Guilt Question: A Note on Politics and Historiography in the Weimar Republic
John A. Moses, vol. 61 (1): 128-134
Book Reviews
vol. 61 (1): 135-168

Volume 60 (4)

Ideology and the Economy: Capital Issues Controls, Inflation and the Menzies Government, 1950–51
Jodie Boyd, Nicola Charwat, vol. 60 (4): 503-517
Australia and Japan's Admission into the Colombo Plan
Ai Kobayashi, vol. 60 (4): 518-533
Becoming a “Good Nixon Doctrine Country”: Political Relations between the United States and Singapore during the Nixon Presidency
Daniel Wei Boon Chua, vol. 60 (4): 534-548
Re-evaluating Australia's “Cooperative Security” in Cambodia
Jannika Brostrom, vol. 60 (4): 549-563
Partisan Pork-Barrel, Independents and Electoral Advantage: Australia's Regional Partnerships Program in 2004
David Denemark, vol. 60 (4): 564-579
The Minefield of Australian Military History
Martin Crotty, Craig Stockings, vol. 60 (4): 580-591
Donation and Spending Limits in Political Finance Law and their Compatibility with the Australian Constitution
Anthony Gray, vol. 60 (4): 592-605
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy January to June 2014
Geoff Wade, vol. 60 (4): 606-620
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Haydon Manning, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 60 (4): 621-673
Editors' Note
Andrew G. Bonnell, Ian Ward, vol. 60 (4): 674-674
Volume Index
vol. 60 (4): 675-680

Volume 60 (3)

Faultlines: Cohesion and Division in Modern Europe
Mark Seymour, Maartje Abbenhuis, Simone Gigliotti, Giacomo Lichtner, vol. 60 (3): 329-333
The “Revolution” of the Franco-Prussian War: The Aftermath in Western Europe
Christopher Ernest Barber, vol. 60 (3): 334-345