Australian Journal of Politics & History articles

Volume 59 (4)

Crossing the Line: Richard Casey Re-Visited
Paul Rodan, vol. 59 (4): 547-558
New Nationalism in Australia and New Zealand: The Construction of National Identities by Two Labo(u)r Governments in the Early 1970s
Jack Doig, vol. 59 (4): 559-575
Australian Reporting from East Timor 1975–1999: Journalists as Agents of Change
Ross Tapsell, Joakim Eidenfalk, vol. 59 (4): 576-592
Contemporary Indigenous Affairs: Seeking the Radical Centre
Elizabeth Strakosch, vol. 59 (4): 593-604
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: January to June 2013
Matt McDonald, vol. 59 (4): 605-617
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Rob Manwaring, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 59 (4): 618-668
A Research Note: Secretary Forrestal and Admiral King on Admiral Stark: Conflicting Assessments
Paul S. Burtness, Warren U. Ober, vol. 59 (4): 669-676
A Research Note: The “Queensland Speaks” Oral History Project
Roger Scott, Danielle Miller, vol. 59 (4): 677-678
Volume Index
vol. 59 (4): 679-684

Volume 59 (3)

The Politics of Climate Change in Australia*
Mark Beeson, Matt McDonald, vol. 59 (3): 331-348
Climate Discourse Complexes, National Climate Regimes and Australian Climate Policy
Peter Christoff, vol. 59 (3): 349-367
Irresistible Force? Achieving Carbon Pricing in Australia
Kate Crowley, vol. 59 (3): 368-381
Poles Apart?: The Social Construction of Responsibility for Climate Change in Australia and Norway
Robyn Eckersley, vol. 59 (3): 382-396
The Great Divide: Political Candidate and Voter Polarisation over Global Warming in Australia
Bruce Tranter, vol. 59 (3): 397-413
Climate Innovation: Australian Corporate Perspectives on the Role of Government
John Mikler, Neil E. Harrison, vol. 59 (3): 414-428
Democracy and Climate Change: What Can Deliberative Democracy Contribute?
Simon Niemeyer, vol. 59 (3): 429-448
The Future of Australian Climate Politics
Matt McDonald, vol. 59 (3): 449-456
Best of Times, Worst of Times and End Times: Eight Books about Australia's Past, Present and Future
David Ritter, Jessica Panegyres, vol. 59 (3): 457-467
Book Reviews
vol. 59 (3): 468-500

Volume 59 (2)

“Keep Government Out of Business”: Bank Nationalisation, Financial Reform and The Private Trading Banks In The 1930s
Warwick Eather, Drew Cottle, vol. 59 (2): 161-177
The Menzies Government, the American Alliance and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Laura Stanley, Phillip Deery, vol. 59 (2): 178-195
Shifting Interests: Whitlam, Britain and French Nuclear Tests in the South Pacific
Changwei Chen, vol. 59 (2): 196-211
Future Shock or Future Stability?: Generational Change and the Australian Party System
Aaron Martin, Juliet Pietsch, vol. 59 (2): 212-221
Trains, Plains and Automobiles: New South Wales Political Debates (1985) and the Invention of Western Sydney
Mark Hutchinson, vol. 59 (2): 222-240
From “Queue Jumpers” to “Absolute Scum of the Earth”: Refugee and Organised Criminal Deviance in Australian Asylum Policy
Matthew Cameron, vol. 59 (2): 241-259
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 2012
Charles Hawksley, Nichole Georgeou, vol. 59 (2): 260-275
Commonwealth of Australia July to December 2012
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Haydon Manning, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 59 (2): 276-327
“Genocide and the Politics of Victimhood in Western Narratives of the Ukranian Holodomor”
Lubomyr Luciuk, vol. 59 (2): 328-328
Erratum: New Public Management and Public Sector Reform in Victoria and New Zealand, Issue 1, 2013
vol. 59 (2): 329-329

Volume 59 (1)

Personal Politics and Being British: Political Rhetoric, Democracy and their Consequences in Colonial New South Wales
Gregory Melleuish, vol. 59 (1): 1-14
Total War and Entitlement: Towards a Global History of Veteran Privilege
Martin Crotty, Mark Edele, vol. 59 (1): 15-32
Developing the North, Defending the Nation? The Northern Australia Development Committee, 1945–1949*
Russell McGregor, vol. 59 (1): 33-46
“Leavening British Traditions”: Integration Policy in Australia, 1962–1972
Jatinder Mann, vol. 59 (1): 47-62
The Curious Case of Mervyn Eades: National Service, Discrimination and Aboriginal People
Noah Riseman, vol. 59 (1): 63-79
New Public Management and Public Sector Reform in Victoria and New Zealand: Policy Transfer, Elite Networks and Legislative Copying*
Shaun Goldfinch, Vanessa Roberts, vol. 59 (1): 80-96
Are Policy Entrepreneurs Really Decisive in Achieving Policy Change? Drought Policy in the USA and Australia
Linda Courtenay Botterill, vol. 59 (1): 97-112
Explaining the (Lack of) Use of Radical Candidate Selection Methods by Australia's Major Parties
Narelle Miragliotta, vol. 59 (1): 113-126
Book Reviews
vol. 59 (1): 127-159

Volume 58 (4)

Displaced Persons and the Politics of International Categorisation(s)
Jayne Persian, vol. 58 (4): 481-496
From Protection to Competition: The Politics of Trade Practices Reform in Australia and the Trade Practices Act 1965
Kerrie Round, Martin P. Shanahan, vol. 58 (4): 497-511