Australian Journal of Politics & History articles

Volume 61 (1)

Engaging an Elephant in the Room? Locating Africa in Australian Foreign Policy
David Mickler, Nikola Pijovic, vol. 61 (1): 100-120
New Histories of the Origins of the First World War: What Happened to the “Primacy of Domestic Politics?”
Andrew G. Bonnell, vol. 61 (1): 121-127
The War Guilt Question: A Note on Politics and Historiography in the Weimar Republic
John A. Moses, vol. 61 (1): 128-134
Book Reviews
vol. 61 (1): 135-168

Volume 60 (4)

Ideology and the Economy: Capital Issues Controls, Inflation and the Menzies Government, 1950–51
Jodie Boyd, Nicola Charwat, vol. 60 (4): 503-517
Australia and Japan's Admission into the Colombo Plan
Ai Kobayashi, vol. 60 (4): 518-533
Becoming a “Good Nixon Doctrine Country”: Political Relations between the United States and Singapore during the Nixon Presidency
Daniel Wei Boon Chua, vol. 60 (4): 534-548
Re-evaluating Australia's “Cooperative Security” in Cambodia
Jannika Brostrom, vol. 60 (4): 549-563
Partisan Pork-Barrel, Independents and Electoral Advantage: Australia's Regional Partnerships Program in 2004
David Denemark, vol. 60 (4): 564-579
The Minefield of Australian Military History
Martin Crotty, Craig Stockings, vol. 60 (4): 580-591
Donation and Spending Limits in Political Finance Law and their Compatibility with the Australian Constitution
Anthony Gray, vol. 60 (4): 592-605
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy January to June 2014
Geoff Wade, vol. 60 (4): 606-620
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Haydon Manning, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 60 (4): 621-673
Editors' Note
Andrew G. Bonnell, Ian Ward, vol. 60 (4): 674-674
Volume Index
vol. 60 (4): 675-680

Volume 60 (3)

Faultlines: Cohesion and Division in Modern Europe
Mark Seymour, Maartje Abbenhuis, Simone Gigliotti, Giacomo Lichtner, vol. 60 (3): 329-333
The “Revolution” of the Franco-Prussian War: The Aftermath in Western Europe
Christopher Ernest Barber, vol. 60 (3): 334-345
Shame and the Anti-Suffragist in Britain and Ireland: Drawing Women back into the Fold?
Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, vol. 60 (3): 346-359
“More than a Tree, Less than a Woman” Sex and Empire: the Italian Case
Daniela Baratieri, vol. 60 (3): 360-372
Death in the Cathedral: the Long Battle over French National Identity and the Legacy of Vichy
Debbie Lackerstein, vol. 60 (3): 373-383
What did it mean to be Loyal? Jewish Survivors in Post-War Czechoslovakia in a Comparative Perspective
Jan Láníček, vol. 60 (3): 384-404
The Return of the Avant-Garde in Post-war West Germany
Mia Lee, vol. 60 (3): 405-415
“Breivik is my Hero”: the Dystopian World of Extreme Right Youth on the Internet
Emily Turner-Graham, vol. 60 (3): 416-430
EU-Australia Relations at Fifty: Reassessing a Troubled Relationship
Philomena Murray, Andrea Benvenuti, vol. 60 (3): 431-448
The Two Streams of Australia's Middle Power Imagining and their Sources
Allan Patience, vol. 60 (3): 449-465
Book Reviews
vol. 60 (3): 466-502

Volume 60 (2)

Parliament on “the Wireless” in Australia
Ian Ward, vol. 60 (2): 157-176
“Characteristically Generous”? Australian Responses to Refugees Prior to 1951
Katrina Stats, vol. 60 (2): 177-193
Australia and the Struggle for Soviet Jewry: 1961–1972
Suzanne D. Rutland, vol. 60 (2): 194-213
Redeeming the Warrior: Myth-making and Australia's Vietnam Veterans
Chris Dixon, vol. 60 (2): 214-228
Gaining Greater Access to Western European Decision-Makers: a Motive for Australian Membership of the OECD
Peter Carroll, vol. 60 (2): 229-240
“The Politics of Political Advertising” in Australia and Britain, 1970–1989
Jackie Dickenson, vol. 60 (2): 241-256
The Australian Labor Party: Problems and Prospects
Rae Wear, vol. 60 (2): 257-264
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy
Mark Beeson, vol. 60 (2): 265-278

Volume 60 (1)

Australia's Adoption of Compulsory Voting: Revising the Narrative — not Trailblazing, Uncontested or Democratic
Sarah John, Donald A. DeBats, vol. 60 (1): 1-27
Nazism and Religion: The Problem of “Positive Christianity”
Samuel Koehne, vol. 60 (1): 28-42
The Cerberus from Warringah: F.A. Bland and the Renaissance of the Public Accounts Committee
Kate Jones, Kerry Jacobs, vol. 60 (1): 43-57
Leadership Lessons: Minority Governments, Independents and Relationships
Tracey M. Arklay, vol. 60 (1): 58-72
Third-Party Campaigning and Issue-Advertising in Australia
Graeme Orr, Anika Gauja, vol. 60 (1): 73-92
European Integration and the End of an Imperial Consciousness in Britain
Ben Wellings, vol. 60 (1): 93-109