Australian Journal of Politics & History articles

Volume 59 (1)

Developing the North, Defending the Nation? The Northern Australia Development Committee, 1945–1949*
Russell McGregor, vol. 59 (1): 33-46
“Leavening British Traditions”: Integration Policy in Australia, 1962–1972
Jatinder Mann, vol. 59 (1): 47-62
The Curious Case of Mervyn Eades: National Service, Discrimination and Aboriginal People
Noah Riseman, vol. 59 (1): 63-79
New Public Management and Public Sector Reform in Victoria and New Zealand: Policy Transfer, Elite Networks and Legislative Copying*
Shaun Goldfinch, Vanessa Roberts, vol. 59 (1): 80-96
Are Policy Entrepreneurs Really Decisive in Achieving Policy Change? Drought Policy in the USA and Australia
Linda Courtenay Botterill, vol. 59 (1): 97-112
Explaining the (Lack of) Use of Radical Candidate Selection Methods by Australia's Major Parties
Narelle Miragliotta, vol. 59 (1): 113-126
Book Reviews
vol. 59 (1): 127-159

Volume 58 (4)

Displaced Persons and the Politics of International Categorisation(s)
Jayne Persian, vol. 58 (4): 481-496
From Protection to Competition: The Politics of Trade Practices Reform in Australia and the Trade Practices Act 1965
Kerrie Round, Martin P. Shanahan, vol. 58 (4): 497-511
Fifty Years of the OECD and Forty Years of Australian Membership
Peter Carroll, Aynsley Kellow, vol. 58 (4): 512-525
Political Debates on Asylum Seekers during the Fraser Government, 1977–1982
Rachel Stevens, vol. 58 (4): 526-541
“Secure in our Identity”: Regional Threat and Opportunity in Australian Election Discourse, 1993 and 1996
Stephanie Younane Brookes, vol. 58 (4): 542-556
Electoral Redistribution in Australia: Accommodating 150 Years of Demographic Change
John Juriansz, Brian Opeskin, vol. 58 (4): 557-579
Centralising Dynamics in Australian Federalism
Alan Fenna, vol. 58 (4): 580-590
The Constitutionality of Australia's Compulsory Voting System
Anthony Gray, vol. 58 (4): 591-608
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: January to June 2012
David Martin Jones, vol. 58 (4): 609-618
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Haydon Manning, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 58 (4): 619-673
Volume Index
vol. 58 (4): 674-679

Volume 58 (3)

War and Peace, Barbarism and Civilization in Modern Europe and Its Empires
James Crossland, Mark Edele, Giuseppe Finaldi, vol. 58 (3): 337-339
Only in Times of Crisis? Unemployment Policy in Germany and the Netherlands, 1914–1918
Anja Brok, vol. 58 (3): 340-352
Caffeinated Avant-Garde: Futurism During the Russian Civil War 1917–1921
Iva Glisic, vol. 58 (3): 353-366
“A Crime Against Humanity Arguably Without Parallel in European History”: Genocide and the “Politics” of Victimhood in Western Narratives of the Ukrainian Holodomor
Rebekah Moore, vol. 58 (3): 367-379
The Sinews of the Modern Terror State: an Analysis of the Role and Importance of Family Punishment in Nazi Germany*
Robert Loeffel, vol. 58 (3): 380-393
“Bomb Back, and Bomb Hard”: Debating Reprisals during the Blitz*
Brett Holman, vol. 58 (3): 394-407
A Weak Spot in the Personality? Conceptualising “War Neurosis” in British Medical Literature of the Second World War
Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen, vol. 58 (3): 408-420
Without a Family: Public Order, Social Welfare and Street Children in the Wartime Soviet Union
Olga Kucherenko, vol. 58 (3): 421-436
History, Memory, and the Second World War in Belarus*
David R. Marples, vol. 58 (3): 437-448
Book Reviews
vol. 58 (3): 449-479

Volume 58 (2)

Mass Killing and the Politics of Legitimacy: Empire and the Ideology of Selective Extermination
Alex J. Bellamy, vol. 58 (2): 159-180
Finding His Kronstadt: Howard Fast, 1956 and American Communism
Phillip Deery, vol. 58 (2): 181-202
Leadership: Arthur Calwell and the Post-War Immigration Program*
Gwenda Tavan, vol. 58 (2): 203-220
The Fraser Government's “Uranium Decision” and the Foundations of Australian Non-Proliferation Policy: A Reappraisal*
Michael Clarke, vol. 58 (2): 221-235
Newspaper Reporting and Changing Perceptions of Ministerial Accountability in Australia
Keith Dowding, Chris Lewis, vol. 58 (2): 236-250
The Head of State Debate: A Response to Sir David Smith and Professor David Flint
Glenn Patmore, vol. 58 (2): 251-267
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: July to December 2011
Nick Bisley, vol. 58 (2): 268-282
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Haydon Manning, Megan Alessandrini, Mickey Dewar, Scott Brenton, vol. 58 (2): 283-335

Volume 58 (1)

The Strategic Fears of the Ruling Class: The Construction of Queensland's Chinese Immigrants Regulation Act of 1877
Phil Griffiths, vol. 58 (1): 1-19
The “Morpeth Mind” and Australian Politics 1927–1934
Tod Moore, vol. 58 (1): 20-33
The Changing Shape of Intellectual Cooperation: From the League of Nations to UNESCO
Jo-Anne Pemberton, vol. 58 (1): 34-50
Libertarian Traditions: F.A. Hayek and John Anderson
Creagh McLean Cole, vol. 58 (1): 51-66