Journal for Maritime Research articles

Volume 13 (1)

'Unkle Sommerset's' freedom: liberty in England for black sailors
Foy, Charles R., vol. 13 (1): 21-36
Ocean funerals: the sea and Victorian cultures of death
Reid, Kirsty, vol. 13 (1): 37-54
Greek naval policy and the Great Powers, 1931-40
Fotakis, Zisis, vol. 13 (1): 55-67
The world of the medieval shipmaster: law, business and the sea, c. 1350-1450
Rose, Susan, vol. 13 (1): 69-70
The making of the Elizabethan Navy 1540-1590: from the Solent to the Armada
Fury, Cheryl, vol. 13 (1): 70-72
The culture of piracy, 1580-1630: English literature and seaborne crime
Lincoln, Margarette, vol. 13 (1): 72-73
The real Jim Hawkins: ships' boys in the Georgian Navy
Cavell, S. A., vol. 13 (1): 73-75
Cornish wrecking 1700-1860: reality and popular myth
Emsley, Clive, vol. 13 (1): 75-76
Ice captain: The life of J.R. Stenhouse
Jones, Max, vol. 13 (1): 76-78
Of seas and ships and scientists: the remarkable story of the UK's National Institute of Oceanography
McConnell, Anita, vol. 13 (1): 78-80

Volume 12 (1)

Patriots and a Menace: American values and the pirate paradox, 1776-1827
Hunter, Mark C., vol. 12 (1): 1-26
'A great improvement in the sailor's feeling towards the naval service': Recruiting seamen for the royal navy, 1815-1853
Walton, Oliver, vol. 12 (1): 27-57

Volume 11 (1)

The Invergordon mutiny and the national economic crisis of 1931: A media and parliamentary perspective
Whalley, Philip, vol. 11 (1): 1-23
The meanings of the late Victorian sailor suit
Rose, Clare, vol. 11 (1): 24-50
'[T]he true sailors of Western Africa': Kru seafaring identity in British travellers' accounts of the 1830s and 1840s
Burroughs, Robert, vol. 11 (1): 51-67

Volume 10 (1)

Hero, fool or martyr? The many deaths of Commodore goodenough
Samson, Jane, vol. 10 (1): 1-22
'The slavery question in Eastern Africa': Representations of Indian Ocean slavery and its suppression in nineteenth-century Britain from the collection of the national maritime Museum
McAleer, John, vol. 10 (1): 23-49
'Entrusted with the ruling of the waves': Images of the post-war royal navy in the NMM film archive
Rayner, Jonathan, vol. 10 (1): 50-66
Looking for 'Monte Stokes'
Davison, Jay, vol. 10 (1): 67-87

Volume 9 (1)

'Deep convictions' in Conrad's 'the heroic age'
Carabine, Keith, vol. 9 (1): 1-22
The elephant and the whale: Empires of land and sea
Armitage, David, vol. 9 (1): 23-36
Whither with Nelson and Trafalgar? A review article on the bicentenary scholarship of the Nelson era
Hattendorf, John B., vol. 9 (1): 37-66

Volume 8 (1)

Shipbuilding and cultural identity on Clydeside
Bellamy, Martin, vol. 8 (1): 1-33
'Icebergs' and other recent discoveries in paintings from cook's second voyage by William Hodges
van der Merwe, Pieter, vol. 8 (1): 34-45
Challenging images: Mrs Mary Ross of Rochester, nineteenth-century businesswoman and warship builder
Doe, Helen, vol. 8 (1): 46-60
'Laborious and perilous adventures': François Arago's triumphant return to France
Murdin, Paul, vol. 8 (1): 61-78
Medical meets maritime: Using medical technologies to image historic ship models
Hicks, Roger W., vol. 8 (1): 79-105
Sea otters and savages in the Russian Empire: The Billings Expedition, 1785-1793
Jones, Ryan, vol. 8 (1): 106-121

Volume 7 (1)

Inchoate Possession: How Captain Kerguelen claimed an island
Lamb, Jonathan, vol. 7 (1): 1-15
Seeing differently: Shifts from the pictorial to the photographic in the shaping of the South Pacific
Bell, Leonard, vol. 7 (1): 16-25
The Spanish at Trafalgar: Ships, cannons, men and a problematic alliance
Rodríguez González, Agustín R., vol. 7 (1): 26-43
Gravina and the naval leadership of his day
Guimerá, Agustín, vol. 7 (1): 44-69
Some strategies and tactics regarding the Trafalgar campaign
Hierro, Jose Ignacio González-Aller, vol. 7 (1): 70-87
Nelson's 'old lady': Merchant news as a source of intelligence (June to October 1796)
Knight, Jane, vol. 7 (1): 88-109
The nature of victory at sea
Rodger, N. A. M., vol. 7 (1): 110-122
The nelson touch: The evolution of nelson's tactics at Trafalgar
White, Colin, vol. 7 (1): 123-139
The gunnery at Trafalgar: Training, tactics or temperament?
Duffy, Michael, vol. 7 (1): 140-169
The naval heritage of the US space programme: A case of losses
Spennemann, Dirk H. R., vol. 7 (1): 170-214
To break 'the trinity' or 'wipe out the smaller fry': The Australian pearl shell convention of 1913
Mullins, Steve, vol. 7 (1): 215-244
Looking for the material culture of the middle passage
Webster, Jane, vol. 7 (1): 245-258