Archives of Natural History articles

Volume 44 (2)

NOLTIE, Henry J. Indian forester, Scottish laird.; NOLTIE, Henry J. The Cleghorn collection.
vol. 44 (2): 374-375
COLWELL, Mary. John Muir: the Scotsman who saved America's wild places.
vol. 44 (2): 375-376
DYCE, J. W. and EDGINGTON, John. Fern names and their meanings: a glossary for the fern grower and collector
vol. 44 (2): 376-377
LEWIS-JONES, Huw and HERBERT, Kari. Explorers' sketchbooks. The art of discovery and adventure
vol. 44 (2): 377-378
HARDY, Gavin and TOTELIN, Laurence. Ancient botany
vol. 44 (2): 378-379
KENNETT, Tom. The Lord Treasurer of botany: Sir James Edward Smith and the Linnean collections
vol. 44 (2): 379-380
MICHEL, Ellinor (editor). Anchoring biodiversity information: from Sherborn to the 21st century and beyond
vol. 44 (2): 380-381
GURKA, Dezsö (editor). Deutsche und ungarische Mineralogen in Jena. Wissenstranfer an der Wende des 18.–19. Jahrhunderts im Rahmen der “Societät für die gesammte Mineralogie zu Jena”
vol. 44 (2): 381-382
MARCON, Federico. The knowledge of nature and the nature of knowledge in early modern Japan
vol. 44 (2): 382-383
JOHANSON, Z., BARRETT, P. M., RICHTER, M., and SMITH, M. (editors). Arthur Smith Woodward: his life and influence on modern vertebrate palaeontology
vol. 44 (2): 383-384
TROELSTRA, A. S. Bibliography of natural history travel narratives
vol. 44 (2): 384-385
PECK, Robert McCracken. The natural history of Edward Lear
vol. 44 (2): 385-386
INDEXES to Archives of natural history 44 (2017)
vol. 44 (2): 387-390

Volume 44 (1)

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Patriotic natural history and sericulture in the French Enlightenment (1730–1780)
vol. 44 (1): 1-18
Richard Owen: an overlooked parasitologist
vol. 44 (1): 19-30
An annotated checklist of mesoplodont whale species (Cetacea, Ziphiidae) discovered after the nineteenth century
vol. 44 (1): 31-42
Life and works of Augustin Augier de Favas (1758–1825), author of “Arbre botanique” (1801)
vol. 44 (1): 43-62
Henry Macdonald Kyle (1872–1951): a Scottish pioneer of international fisheries research
vol. 44 (1): 63-73
Birds and mammals preserved by R. & G. W. Raine Brothers, the Carlisle taxidermists, 1918–1943
vol. 44 (1): 74-81
New light on the history of Megalosaurus, the great lizard of Stonesfield
vol. 44 (1): 82-102
A memoir of Hugh Miller (1802–1856) attributed to his son Hugh Miller FGS (1850–1896)
vol. 44 (1): 103-109
The island of origin of Richard Harlan's Galapagos tortoise Testudo elephantopus
vol. 44 (1): 110-117
The identity of the bird known locally in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Norfolk, United Kingdom, as the Spowe
vol. 44 (1): 118-121
Charles Waterton (1782–1865) and wourali
vol. 44 (1): 122-129
The decline and closure of Maison Verreaux as indicated by Władysław Taczanowski's letters
vol. 44 (1): 130-133
A famine in Surat in 1631 and Dodos on Mauritius: a long lost manuscript rediscovered
vol. 44 (1): 134-150
Inside and outside the Neotropics: three Polish naturalists during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
vol. 44 (1): 151-158
A brief historical account of an endemic swallowtail butterfly first collected a century ago on Goodenough Island (D'Entrecasteaux group) in Papua New Guinea
vol. 44 (1): 159-169
Possibly the oldest stuffed tuna in the world: Scouler's Glasgow fish-market find
vol. 44 (1): 170-173
Wolfgang Helmgard von Hohberg (1612–1688) and John Woodward (1665–1728): first records of using arsenic and mercury for the preservation of natural history collections
vol. 44 (1): 173-176
Robert Henry Fernando Rippon: some additional biographical notes
vol. 44 (1): 176-178
HAMLIN, Kimberly A. From Eve to evolution: Darwin, science, and women's rights in gilded age America
vol. 44 (1): 179-180
KÖLBL-EBERT, Martina. From local patriotism to planetary perspective: impact crater research in Germany, 1930s–1970s
vol. 44 (1): 180-181
SMITH, Justin E. H. Nature, human nature, and human difference: race in early modern philosophy
vol. 44 (1): 181-181
DAMODARAN, Vinita, WINTERBOTTOM, Anna, and LESTER, Alan (editors). The East India Company and the natural world
vol. 44 (1): 182-183
WULF, Andrea. The invention of nature: the adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the lost hero of science
vol. 44 (1): 183-184
MARISS, Anne. “A world of new things” Praktiken der Naturgeschichte bei Johann Reinhold Forster
vol. 44 (1): 184-185
ASSELIN, Alain, CAYOUETTE, Jacques, MATHIEU, Jacques. Curieuses histoires de plantes du Canada
vol. 44 (1): 185-186