International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing articles

Volume 7 (Supplement)

New Roles for Libraries in Supporting Data-Intensive Research and Advancing Scholarly Communication
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Strategies and Achievements of Overseas Taiwanese Archives Acquisition
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
A Digital Museum Framework Based on a Member-Centred Virtual-and-Physical Unification Service Model
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Ethics, Access, and Rights in Anthropological Archive Management: A Case Study from Thailand
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Preserving the Original Layout of Ancient Chinese Texts Using HTML5: Using Shuowen Jiezi as an Example
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Tackling the Question of Tanghao on Taiwan's Tombstones in the Framework of Digital Anthropology
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
The Preservation and Digitalisation of Matrices of Regular Traditional Chinese Script and Related Fonts
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
The Use of Digital Images Recording Historical Sites and ‘Spirit of Place’: A Case Study of Xuejia Tzu-chi Temple
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
The Virtual Integration of Industrial Heritage Resources: an Example of an ‘Industrial Heritage in Taiwan’ Website
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Non-Contact Color Analysis and Digital Archive Method for Blue-and-White Porcelain by Using Spectral Imaging Technology
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
The New Taipei City Artist Map Project: The Compilation and Promotion of the Greater Danshui Artist Map
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Introduction to IASA-TC 05: Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Picture-Based e-Learning of English Phrasal Verbs: A Comparative Study of the Use of Pictures and L1 Glosses
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0
Using a Paper-based Digital Pen for Supporting English Courses in Regular Classrooms to Improve Reading Fluency
vol. 7 (Supplement): 0-0

Volume 7 (1-2)

Editors' Note
vol. 7 (1-2): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 7 (1-2): 0-0
European Research Infrastructures: Guest Editors' Editorial
vol. 7 (1-2): 1-3
What are Research Infrastructures?
vol. 7 (1-2): 4-23
E-Infrastructure in the Humanities
vol. 7 (1-2): 24-40
Integrating Holocaust Research
vol. 7 (1-2): 41-57
CENDARI's Grand Challenges: Building, Contextualising and Sustaining a New Knowledge Infrastructure
vol. 7 (1-2): 58-69
ARIADNE: Advanced Research Infrastructures for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe
vol. 7 (1-2): 70-88
The Role of CLARIN in Digital Transformations in the Humanities
vol. 7 (1-2): 89-104
An Approach to Analyzing Working Practices of Research Communities in the Humanities
vol. 7 (1-2): 105-127
The Missing Voice: Archivists and Infrastructures for Humanities Research
vol. 7 (1-2): 128-146
Crowd-sourcing as a Component of Humanities Research Infrastructures
vol. 7 (1-2): 147-169
Deep Mapping and the Spatial Humanities
vol. 7 (1-2): 170-175
Creating Deep Maps and Spatial Narratives through Design
vol. 7 (1-2): 176-189
A Religious Centre with a Civic Circumference: Towards the Concept of a Deep Map of American Religion
vol. 7 (1-2): 190-200
Envisioning Deep Maps: Exploring the Spatial Navigation Metaphor in Deep Mapping
vol. 7 (1-2): 201-227