African Historical Review articles

Volume 41 (1)

'The Bay and the Ocean': A History of the ANC in Swaziland, 1960-1979
Simpson, Thula, vol. 41 (1): 90-117
'It is because of our Islam that we are there': The Call of Islam in the United Democratic Front Era
Kelly, Jill E., vol. 41 (1): 118-139

Volume 40 (2)

Colonial Warfare: Hehe and World War I, the Wars Besides Maji Maji in South-Western Tanzania
Gewald, Jan-Bart, vol. 40 (2): 1-27
The Challenges of Financial Responsibility in the Tribal Administration of Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1919-1966
Makgala, Christian John, vol. 40 (2): 28-61
An American Sorcerer in Colonial Gabon: Politics and the Occult in Richard Lynch Garner's Gabonese Narratives, 1905-1908
Rich, Jeremy, vol. 40 (2): 62-83
Dedering, Tilman, vol. 40 (2): 84-110

Volume 40 (1)

'We have Blood Relations over the Border': South Africa and Rhodesian Sanctions, 1965-1975
Mlambo, A. S., vol. 40 (1): 1-29
Frontiers of Disease: Human Desire and Environmental Realities in the Rearing Of Horses in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century South Africa
Brown, Karen, vol. 40 (1): 30-57
'At the entrance to science, as at the entrance to hell': Historical Priorities for South Africa in an Age of Deconstruction
Peires, Jeff, vol. 40 (1): 58-76
From Narratives of Miscegenation to Post-Modernist Re-Imagining: Toward a Historiography of Coloured Identity in South Africa
Adhikari, Mohamed, vol. 40 (1): 77-100
Belonging to Fiction? A Reconsideration of H.A. Junod in the Light of his Novel Zidji
Strydom, Bronwyn, vol. 40 (1): 101-120
Historical Perspectives on Pre-Colonial Irrigation in Southern Africa
Tempelhoff, Johann W. N., vol. 40 (1): 121-160
Tsuneo Yoshikuni, African Urban Experiences in Colonial Zimbabwe: A Social History of Harare before 1925 ; Firozi Manji and Stephen Marks (eds.), African Perspectives on China in Africa ; Allison Drew, Between Empire and the Revolution: A Life of Sidney B
Pawson, Eric, vol. 40 (1): 161-198

Volume 39 (2)

A 'little England' in Chishanga: The fate of a British Empire leprosarium at Ngomahuru, 1925-1946
Mazarire, Gerald Chikozho, vol. 39 (2): 1-24
Michael Scott and Namibia
Saunders, Christopher, vol. 39 (2): 25-40
'Motherhood and Otherhood' - gendered citizenship and Afrikaner women in the South African 1914 Rebellion
Swart, Sandra Scott, vol. 39 (2): 41-57
'A mother makes no bastard': Family law, sexual relations and illegitimacy in Dutch colonial Cape Town, c. 1652-1795
Groenewald, Gerald, vol. 39 (2): 58-90
'Sowing the seeds of rebellion': Chief Bhambatha kaMancinza and the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
Wassermann, Johan, vol. 39 (2): 91-106
(Mis)Understanding Nelson Mandela
Suttner, Raymond, vol. 39 (2): 107-130

Volume 39 (1)

The Pasts and Futures of African History: A Generational Inventory
Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe, vol. 39 (1): 1-24
The Place of Dutch Historians in South African Historiography
Schutte, Gerrit J., vol. 39 (1): 25-40
Considering the Legacy of Radical/Social History in South Africa
Kros, Cynthia, vol. 39 (1): 41-58
'History, Historians and Autobiography': A South African Case Study
Mouton, F. A., vol. 39 (1): 59-79

Volume 38 (2)

History on the hill: Aspects of scholarship and scholarly life at the Unisa History Department, 1968-2000
Grundlingh, Albert, vol. 38 (2): 127-141

Volume 38 (1)

Colonial intellectuals at the end of Empire: Manning Clark's Australia and Guy Butler's South Africa
Hyslop, Jonathan, vol. 38 (1): 25-39
The politics of science and imperialism
Fourie, Pieter, vol. 38 (1): 70-94
A biography of a grandfather
Copley, Antony, vol. 38 (1): 95-102