Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean articles

Volume 26 (2)

Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: History, Religion and Muslim Legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate
vol. 26 (2): 237-239

Volume 26 (1)

From “Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean” to “Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean”
vol. 26 (1): 1-2
Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Alexandria: Introduction
vol. 26 (1): 3-4
Medieval Alexandria – Life in a Port City
vol. 26 (1): 5-35
Fāṭimid Alexandria as an Entrepôt in the East–West Exchange of Islamic Scholarship
vol. 26 (1): 36-48
Cosmopolitan Trade Centre or Bone of Contention? Alexandria and the Crusades, 487–857/1095–1453
vol. 26 (1): 49-61
The Venetian Consul and the Cosmopolitan Mercantile Community of Alexandria at the Beginning of the Ninth/Fifteenth Century
vol. 26 (1): 62-77
Alexandria in the Ninth/Fifteenth Century: A Mediterranean Port City and a Mamlūk Prison City
vol. 26 (1): 78-92
The Development of Islamic Law and Society in the Maghrib: Qāḍīs, Muftīs and Family Law
vol. 26 (1): 93-94
Grammaticalization of Arabic Prepositions and Subordinators
vol. 26 (1): 95-96
The Ecology of Arabic
vol. 26 (1): 96-98
Arabic Dialectology: In Honour of Clive Holes on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday
vol. 26 (1): 98-99
Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker
vol. 26 (1): 100-101
Muḥammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men: The Makings of the Last Prophet
vol. 26 (1): 102-104
Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
vol. 26 (1): 104-105
Diplomatics in the Eastern Mediterranean 1000–1500: Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication
vol. 26 (1): 106-108
Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis
vol. 26 (1): 108-110
Prophetic Niche in the Virtuous City: The Concept of Ḥikmah in Early Islamic Thought
vol. 26 (1): 111-113
An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology
vol. 26 (1): 113-115
In the Shadow of Arabic: The Centrality of Language to Arabic Culture. Studies Presented to Ramzi Baalbaki on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday
vol. 26 (1): 115-117
Europe and the Islamic World: A History
vol. 26 (1): 117-118

Volume 25 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 25 (3): 0-0
The Island of Aegina: An Example of Modus Vivendi in the Medieval Mediterranean
vol. 25 (3): 279-304
Markets in Tenth-Century al-Andalus and Volga Bulghāria: Contrasting Views of Trade in Muslim Europe
vol. 25 (3): 305-330
Main Features of Mark of Toledo's Latin Qurʾān Translation
vol. 25 (3): 331-344
Islamic Confraternities and Funerary Practices: Hallmarks of Mudejar Identity in the Iberian Peninsula?
vol. 25 (3): 345-368
Shipping, Trade and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honour of John Pryor
vol. 25 (3): 369-371
The Legend of the Middle Ages: Philosophical Explorations of Medieval Christianity, Judaism and Islam
vol. 25 (3): 371-372
Byzantine Religious Culture: Studies in Honor of Alice-Mary Talbot
vol. 25 (3): 373-374
Coptic Christianity in Ottoman Egypt
vol. 25 (3): 375-376
Entre mémoire et pouvoir: L'espace syrien sous les derniers Omeyyades et les premiers Abbassides (v. 72–193/692–809)
vol. 25 (3): 376-378
Baṣran Muʿtazilite Theology: Abū ʿAlī Muḥammad b. Khallād's Kitāb al-uṣūl and Its Reception: A Critical Edition of the Ziyādāt Sharḥ al-uṣūl by the Zaydī Imām al-Nāṭiq bi-l-ḥaqq Abū Ṭālib Yaḥyā b. al-Ḥusayn b. Hārūn al-Buṭḥānī (d. 424/1033)
vol. 25 (3): 378-380
The Public Figure: Political Iconography in Medieval Mesopotamia
vol. 25 (3): 380-382

Volume 25 (2)

Solomon ben Joseph ha-Kohen on Fāṭimid Victory: A Hebrew Ode to al-Mustanṣir Billāh and Badr al-Jamālī Reconsidered
vol. 25 (2): 155-183
Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Similarities in the Norman Influence, Contact and “Conquests” of Sicily, Southern Italy and England
vol. 25 (2): 184-203
The Byzantines and Saladin: Some Further Arguments
vol. 25 (2): 204-221
Coptic Language and Identity in Ayyūbid Egypt1
vol. 25 (2): 222-239
Some Reflections on Hagiology with Reference to the Early Mawlawī-Christian Relations in the Light of the Manāqib al-cārifīn
vol. 25 (2): 240-251
Genoa, Genoese Merchants and the Ottoman Empire in the First Half of the Fifteenth Century: Rumours and Reality
vol. 25 (2): 252-263
Writing “True Stories”: Historians and Hagiographers in the Late Antique and Medieval Near East
vol. 25 (2): 264-265