Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean articles

Volume 28 (3)

Medieval Damascus: Plurality and Diversity in an Arabic Library: the Ashrafīya Library Catalogue
Nicholas Morton, vol. 28 (3): 303-305
Defining Boundaries in Al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Islamic Iberia
Simon Barton, vol. 28 (3): 305-306
Making Early Medieval Societies: Conflict and Belonging in the Late West, 300–1200
E.T. Dailey, vol. 28 (3): 306-308
Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean: a History of Cross-Cultural Encounters
Emilia Mataix, vol. 28 (3): 308-311
Mapping Medieval Geographies: Geographical Encounters in the Latin West and Beyond, 300–1600
Stephen Mossman, vol. 28 (3): 311-312
Conversion in Late Antiquity: Christianity, Islam and Beyond. Papers from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Swayer Seminar, University of Oxford 2009–2010
M.J. Edwards, vol. 28 (3): 312-314
Politics and Power in Late Fāṭimid Egypt: the Reign of Caliph Al-Mustansir
Michael Brett, vol. 28 (3): 314-317
Muslim and Christian Contact in the Middle Ages: A Reader
Jason T. Roche, vol. 28 (3): 318-319
In the Light of Another’s Word: European Ethnography in the Middle Ages
Amanda Power, vol. 28 (3): 319-321

Volume 28 (2)

The Castle and Lordship of Ḥārim and the Frankish-Muslim Frontier of Northern Syria in the Twelfth Century
Andrew D. Buck, vol. 28 (2): 113-131
Communities, Cultures and Conflict in Southern Italy, from the Byzantines to the Angevins
Graham A. Loud, vol. 28 (2): 132-152
Rumours of Wars and Deeds of Emperors: Circulation of News and “Stories” about Non-Venetians in Early Medieval Venice
Luigi Andrea Berto, vol. 28 (2): 153-170
“None of the Kings on Earth is Their Equal in ʿaṣabiyya”: The Mongols in Ibn Khaldūn's Works
Josephine van den Bent, vol. 28 (2): 171-186
Venetian Merchants in Thirteenth-Century Alexandria and the Sultans of Egypt: an Analysis of Treaties, Privileges and Intercultural Relations
Pierre Moukarzel, vol. 28 (2): 187-205
Routes and Realms: The Power of Place in the Early Islamic World; Mapping Frontiers across Medieval Islam: Geography, Translation, and the ʿAbbāsid Empire
Nicola Clarke, vol. 28 (2): 206-209
The Political and Social Vocabulary of John the Deacon's “Istoria Veneticorum”
Christopher Heath, vol. 28 (2): 209-211
Approaches to the Byzantine Family
Spyros P. Panagopoulos, vol. 28 (2): 211-214
The Afterlife of the Roman City: Architecture and Ceremony in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Jamie Wood, vol. 28 (2): 214-216
Byzantine Matters
Gerasimos Merianos, vol. 28 (2): 216-219
The Book of the Jihad of ‘Ali ibn Tahir al-Sulami (d. 1106): Text, Translation and Commentary
Nicholas Morton, vol. 28 (2): 219-220

Volume 28 (1)

Constructing the Umayyads: From Mecca to Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ
Andrew Marsham, vol. 28 (1): 1-5
Caliphal Imperialism and Ḥijāzī elites in the second/eighth Century
Harry Munt, vol. 28 (1): 6-21
From Traders to Caliphs: Prosopography, Geography and the Marriages of Muḥammad's Tribe
Majied Robinson, vol. 28 (1): 22-35
Challenging Authority: Al-Balādhurī and al-Ṭabarī on Khārijism during the Reign of Muʿāwiya b. Abī Sufyān1
Hannah Hagemann, vol. 28 (1): 36-56
“They fled to their remote Islands”: Al-Ḥakam II and al-Majūs in the Muqtabas of Ibn Ḥayyān.
Ann Christys, vol. 28 (1): 57-66
Heirs and Spares: Elite Fathers and Their Sons in the Literary Sources of Umayyad Iberia
Nicola Clarke, vol. 28 (1): 67-83
This Noble House: Jewish Descendants of King David in the Medieval Islamic East
Fred Astren, vol. 28 (1): 84-85
Scheherazade's Feasts: Foods of the Medieval Arab World
Ann Chamberlin, vol. 28 (1): 86-87
Viewing Inscriptions in the Late Antique and Medieval World
E.T. Dailey, vol. 28 (1): 87-89
Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference: Commentary, Conflict, and Community in the Premodern Mediterranean
Matthew Gabriele, vol. 28 (1): 89-90
Sleepwalking into a New World: The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century
Robert Houghton, vol. 28 (1): 90-92
The Great Seljuk Empire (The Edinburgh History of the Islamic Empires)
Nicholas Morton, vol. 28 (1): 92-94
Diplomacy in the Early Islamic World: A Tenth-Century Treatise on Arab-Byzantine Relations, The Book of Messengers of Kings (Kitāb Rusul al-mulūk) of Ibn al-Farrāʾ
Nicholas Morton, vol. 28 (1): 94-95
Medieval Rome: Stability and Crisis of a City, 900–1150
Paul Oldfield, vol. 28 (1): 95-97
Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers in the Middle East: Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in the Period of the Crusades
K. Scott Parker, vol. 28 (1): 97-99
The Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones: A study of Fourteenth-Century Byzantine Politics, Religion and Society
Marcus Plested, vol. 28 (1): 99-101
Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries on the Qurʾān
Walid A. Saleh, vol. 28 (1): 101-104
Trading with the Ottomans: The Levant Company in the Middle East
Michael Talbot, vol. 28 (1): 104-107
Water for the City, Fountains for the People: Monumental Fountains in the Roman East
Javier Martínez Jiménez, vol. 28 (1): 107-109
Between Cultural Diversity and Common Heritage: Legal and Religious Perspectives on the Sacred Places of the Mediterranean
Shraga Bar-On, vol. 28 (1): 109-110