Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean articles

Volume 23 (1)

Cyprus and the Devotional Arts of Byzantium in the Era of the Crusades
Kouymjian, Dickran, vol. 23 (1): 67-70
Domestic Settings. Sources on Domestic Architecture and Day-to-Day Activities in the Crusader States
France, John, vol. 23 (1): 70-71
Marble Past, Monumental Present: Building with Antiquities in the Mediaeval Mediterranean
Harris, Anthea, vol. 23 (1): 72-74
Arabs and Normans in Sicily and Southern Italy
Tronzo, William, vol. 23 (1): 74-76

Volume 22 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 22 (3): 0-0
Piracy as Statecraft: The Mediterranean Policies of the Fifth/Eleventh-Century Taifa of Denia
Bruce, Travis, vol. 22 (3): 235-248
Surveying the Aspect of the Medieval West Anatolian Town
Roche, Jason T., vol. 22 (3): 249-257
Shi'ism and the Early Dinars of the Fāṭimid Imam-caliph al-Mu'izz li-dīn Allāh (341-365/952-975): An Analytic Overview
Bacharach, Jere L., vol. 22 (3): 259-278
A Thirteenth-Century Scholar in the Eastern Mediterranean: Sirāj al-Dīn Urmavī, Jurist, Logician, Diplomat
Marlow, Louise, vol. 22 (3): 279-313
Conversion Anxieties in the Crown of Aragón in the Later Middle Ages
Rodriguez, Jarbel, vol. 22 (3): 315-324
Poverty and Charity in the Jewish Community of Medieval Egypt
Rahimi, Babak, vol. 22 (3): 325-327
Naviguer, commercer, gouverner. Économie maritime et pouvoirs a Venise (XVe-XVIe siècles)
Fusaro, Maria, vol. 22 (3): 327-329
Ransom Slavery along the Ottoman Borders: Early Fifteenth-Early Eighteenth Centuries
Shefer-Mossensohn, Miri, vol. 22 (3): 329-331
Knights on the Frontier: The Moorish Guard of the Kings of Castile (1410-1467)
O'Connor, Isabel, vol. 22 (3): 331-333

Volume 22 (2)

The “Other” in the Crusading Period: Walter the Chancellor's Presentation of Najm al-Dīn Il-Ghāzī
Mallett, Alex, vol. 22 (2): 113-128
… I ever loved thee, lady mine, and yet my love increases : Rhodian Portrait Ceramics and Cultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean
Stancioiu, Cristina, vol. 22 (2): 129-150
Trade and Textiles from Medieval Antioch
Vorderstrasse, Tasha, vol. 22 (2): 151-171
Waṭan before Waṭaniyya : Loyalty to Land in Ayyūbid and Mamlūk Syria
Antrim, Zayde, vol. 22 (2): 173-190
“A Crusade from the First”: The Norman Conquest of Islamic Sicily, 1060-1091
Chevedden, Paul E., vol. 22 (2): 191-225
Founding the Fatimid State-The Rise of an Early Islamic Empire: An Annotated English Translation of al-Qāḍī al-Nu'mān's Iftitāḥ al-Da'wa
Baker, Christine D., vol. 22 (2): 227-228
Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World
Chamberlin, Ann, vol. 22 (2): 228-230
Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens: Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq's Tenth-Century Baghdad Cookbook
Rouhi, Leyla, vol. 22 (2): 230-232
A Faithful Sea: The Religious Culture of the Mediterranean, 1200-1700
Dhada, Mustafah, vol. 22 (2): 232-234

Volume 22 (1)

Catégories et fonctions dans l'appareil de l'état au temps des Barmécides: un sondage sur le glissement entre les rôles
Stasolla, Maria Giovanna, vol. 22 (1): 1-25
He Polis healo : The Fall of Constantinople in 1453 in Post-Byzantine Popular Literature
Papayianni, Aphrodite, vol. 22 (1): 27-44
Fāṭimids, Crusaders and the Fall of Islamic Jerusalem: Foes or Allies?
Abu-Munshar, Maher Y., vol. 22 (1): 45-56
The Visitatio Sepulchri in the Latin Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
Shagrir, Iris, vol. 22 (1): 57-77
The Westbound Passage of Ibn Jubayr from Acre to Cartagena in 1184-1185
Jabour, Iskandar, vol. 22 (1): 79-101
Dominicans, Muslims and Jews in the Medieval Crown of Aragon
Williams, Alun, vol. 22 (1): 103-106
Saracens and the Making of English Identity: The Auchinleck Manuscript
Gonzalez, Valerie, vol. 22 (1): 106-108
Saints Syriaques
Kouymjian, Dickran, vol. 22 (1): 108-109
Logik und Theologie: Das Organon im arabischen und lateinischen Mittelalter
Hartung, Jan-Peter, vol. 22 (1): 109-111

Volume 21 (3)

Diplomatic Shock and Awe: Moving, Sometimes Speaking, Islamic Sculptures
Duggan, T. M. P., vol. 21 (3): 229-267
Fidda l-Nūbiyya: The Woman and her Role in Early Shīՙite History
Sindawi, Khalid A., vol. 21 (3): 269-287
Communities of the Dead in Umayyad Cordoba
Christys, Ann, vol. 21 (3): 289-299
Muslims and Jews in Exempla Collections: A Case Study on Stephen of Bourbon's Tractatus de materiis praedicabilibus
Lamm, Sarah, vol. 21 (3): 301-314
Sultan Barqūq and his Complaining Subjects in the Royal Stables
Hasebe, Fumihiko, vol. 21 (3): 315-330
Women, Wealth, and Community in Perpignan, c. 1250-1300: Christians, Jews, and Enslaved Muslims in a Medieval Mediterranean Town
Brenner, Elma, vol. 21 (3): 331-333
Archaeology of the Military Orders. A Survey of the Urban Centres, Rural Settlements and Castles of the Military Orders in the Latin East (c. 1120-1291)
Nicholson, Helen J., vol. 21 (3): 333-334
Els terratrèmols dels segles XIV i XV a Catalunya
Freedman, Paul, vol. 21 (3): 335-336