Architectural Heritage

The Journal of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland. Architectural Heritage is a volume of architectural history and conservation articles, essays and other writings, covering all periods of building up to and including the recent past. Contributors are regarded as authoritative in their subject area, with papers by leading Scottish and international architectural historians and conservation professionals.

The journal also includes extensive book reviews, an update on architectural accessions to the National Monuments Record of Scotland and the Scottish Research Register, which covers research on Scottish architecture completed in the previous year by students in Scottish universities.

Published November

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Latest articles

Volume 25 (1)

Scholarship, Catholicity of Taste and Rigour: The Pre-History and Formative Years of the Buildings of Scotland Research and Publication Project, 1959–90
vol. 25 (1): 1-41
The National Monument of Scotland
vol. 25 (1): 43-83
A Pride of Lions: Noel Paton and the National Wallace Monument
vol. 25 (1): 85-106
The Earl of Perth's Chapel of 1688 at Drummond Castle and the Roman Catholic Architecture of James VII
vol. 25 (1): 107-131
Scottish Episcopal Churches, 1860–1910: The Continuing Influence of the Ecclesiological Movement
vol. 25 (1): 133-157
G. A. BREMNER, Imperial Gothic: Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire, New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 2013, ISBN-10: 0300187033, £50
vol. 25 (1): 159-162
MILES GLENDINNING, The Conservation Movement: A History of Architectural Preservation – Antiquity to Modernity, London, Routledge, 2013, ISBN-10: 0415543223, £39.99
vol. 25 (1): 163-165
vol. 25 (1): 167-169

Volume 24 (1)

Robert Burns, Antiquarianism and Alloway Kirk: The Perception and Reception of Literary Place-making and the ‘Historic’ Monument
Ranald MacInnes, vol. 24 (1): 1-20
Burns and the British Empire: Viewing a Scottish Monument from an Imperial Perspective
Kirsten Carter McKee, vol. 24 (1): 21-39
Early Planning at Abbotsford, 1811–12: Walter Scott, William Stark and the Cottage that Never Was
Michael Buck, vol. 24 (1): 41-65
The Architectural Legacy of the Scots in the Western District of Victoria, Australia
Harriet Edquist, vol. 24 (1): 67-85
The Library Designs of Sir Basil Spence, Glover & Ferguson
Clive B. Fenton, vol. 24 (1): 87-102
‘A Prodigious Number of Little Cells’ – Cleitean and the St Kilda World Heritage Site
George Geddes, vol. 24 (1): 103-118
YASUFUMI NAKAMORI, Katsura – Picturing Modernism in Japanese Architecture: Photographs by Ishimoto Yasuhiro, New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 2010, ISBN-10: 0300163339, £35
Mark Cousins, vol. 24 (1): 119-122
TOMÁS Ó CARRIGÁIN, Churches in Early Medieval Ireland: Architecture, Ritual and Memory, New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 2010, ISBN: 9780300154443, £40
Ian Campbell, vol. 24 (1): 123-125
Veronica Fraser, vol. 24 (1): 127-132

Volume 23 (1)

Introduction: Sir William Bruce and Architecture in Early Modern Scotland
vol. 23 (1): 1-14
John Mylne IV (1611–1667): ‘Great Artisan, Grave Senator’
vol. 23 (1): 15-39
Architecture, Improvement and the ‘New Science’ in Early Modern Scotland
vol. 23 (1): 41-55