Art History

Art History is a refereed journal that publishes essays and reviews on all aspects, areas and periods of the history of art, from a diversity of perspectives. Founded in 1978, it has established an international reputation for publishing innovative essays at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. At the forefront of scholarly enquiry, its contributions are opening up the discipline to new developments and to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches which are increasingly important in a globalised world.

Five issues per year: February, April, June, September, November.

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Latest articles

Imagining Imperial Modernity in British Colonial West Africa: Gerald Spencer Pryse's Work for the Empire Marketing Board
Defending Deformation: Maurice Denis's Positivist Modernism
Allison Morehead, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 38 (3)

Siberian Ornaments, German Scholars, and a Transitional Moment in the Anthropology of Art, c. 1900
Wilfried van Damme, vol. 38 (3): 512-535
Eyeing Up
Marcia Pointon, vol. 38 (3): 562-566
Paper Stars
Alexander Nemerov, vol. 38 (3): 566-569
Artworks at the Hyphen
Zirwat Chowdhury, vol. 38 (3): 569-572
Divine Revivals: G. F. Bodley's Victorian Medievalism
Ayla Lepine, vol. 38 (3): 572-576
Cézanne pour moi
Matthew Simms, vol. 38 (3): 577-581
A Study of Black British Art
Rina Arya, vol. 38 (3): 582-584
Outside-In: Art History Divided
Charlotte de Mille, vol. 38 (3): 585-587
Francis Bacon's Dominant Figure: Recent Theoretical and Archival Grapples
Catherine Howe, vol. 38 (3): 587-593

Volume 38 (2)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 38 (2): 246-249
Scale to Size: An Introduction
Joan Kee, Emanuele Lugli, vol. 38 (2): 250-266
Scale and Pictoriality in Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
Whitney Davis, vol. 38 (2): 268-285
The Invisible Miniature: Framing the Soul in Chinese Art and Architecture
Wu Hung, vol. 38 (2): 286-303
The Monumental Miniature: Liquid Architecture in the Kilgas of Cairo
Margaret S. Graves, vol. 38 (2): 304-323
‘Freedom I do reveal to you’: Scale, Microarchitecture, and the Rise of the Turriform Civic Monument in Fourteenth-Century Northern Europe
Achim Timmermann, vol. 38 (2): 324-345
Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini's Saluzzianus Skeleton
Emanuele Lugli, vol. 38 (2): 346-363
The Measure of the World: Scenes from a Journey to Kaesŏng
Joan Kee, vol. 38 (2): 364-385
Photography and Scale: Projection, Exhibition, Collection
Olivier Lugon, vol. 38 (2): 386-403