Australian Historical Studies

Australian Historical Studies is a refereed journal publishing original and previously unpublished (online or hard copy) articles. First published in 1940, it is now one of Australia's oldest, best-known and most highly-regarded academic journals, which ERA rate as A. It receives contributions from leading academics in the field. It is published in March, June and December each year.
Australian Historical Studies deals with all aspects of the history of Australia-New Zealand, and Pacific regional issues and with other histories insofar as they significantly inform the understanding of this history. All varieties of history are welcomed.

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Latest articles

Volume 47 (1)

Oral History and Australian Generations
vol. 47 (1): 1-7
Class, Social Equity and Higher Education in Postwar Australia
vol. 47 (1): 8-24
Talking about Mental Illness: Life Histories and Mental Health in Modern Australia
vol. 47 (1): 25-40
Australian Generations? Memory, Oral History and Generational Identity in Postwar Australia
vol. 47 (1): 41-57
Telling Families and Locating Identity: Narratives of Late Modern Life
vol. 47 (1): 58-74
Creating an Oral History Archive: Digital Opportunities and Ethical Issues
vol. 47 (1): 75-91
Oral History in the Digital Age: Beyond the Raw and the Cooked
vol. 47 (1): 92-107
The Radio Documentary and Oral History: Challenges and Opportunities
vol. 47 (1): 108-117
The First World War in Australian History
vol. 47 (1): 118-134
Bean, the Third Battle of Ypres and the Australian Narrative of the First World War
vol. 47 (1): 135-151
Hostel Stories: Life in South Australian Migrant Accommodation
vol. 47 (1): 152-157
Freewheeling, Cycling in Australia
vol. 47 (1): 158-160
Settler Society in the Australian Colonies: Self-Government and Imperial Culture
vol. 47 (1): 161-162
Conciliation on Colonial Frontiers: Conflict, Performance and Commemoration in Australia and the Pacific Rim
vol. 47 (1): 163-164
Panguru and the City: Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: An Urban Migration History
vol. 47 (1): 164-166
Warrior: A Legendary Leader's Dramatic Life and Violent Death on the Colonial Frontier
vol. 47 (1): 166-168
Old Age in Australia: A History
vol. 47 (1): 168-169
Trendyville: The Battle for Australia's Inner Cities
vol. 47 (1): 169-171
Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist
vol. 47 (1): 171-173
A History of Australian Schooling
vol. 47 (1): 173-174