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The Australian Journal of Politics and History presents papers addressing significant problems of general interest to those working in the fields of history, political studies and international affairs. Articles explore the politics and history of Australia and modern Europe, intellectual history, political history, and the history of political thought. The journal also publishes articles in the fields of international politics, Australian foreign policy, and Australia's relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Latest articles

Volume 60 (1)

Australia's Adoption of Compulsory Voting: Revising the Narrative — not Trailblazing, Uncontested or Democratic
Sarah John, Donald A. DeBats, vol. 60 (1): 1-27
Nazism and Religion: The Problem of “Positive Christianity”
Samuel Koehne, vol. 60 (1): 28-42
The Cerberus from Warringah: F.A. Bland and the Renaissance of the Public Accounts Committee
Kate Jones, Kerry Jacobs, vol. 60 (1): 43-57
Leadership Lessons: Minority Governments, Independents and Relationships
Tracey M. Arklay, vol. 60 (1): 58-72
Third-Party Campaigning and Issue-Advertising in Australia
Graeme Orr, Anika Gauja, vol. 60 (1): 73-92
European Integration and the End of an Imperial Consciousness in Britain
Ben Wellings, vol. 60 (1): 93-109
Islam, Islamism, and Post-Islamism: Rediscovering Politics after the War on Terror
George Crowder, Martin Griffiths, Mubashar Hasan, vol. 60 (1): 110-124
The Head of State Debate: A Comment
Steve Spadijer, vol. 60 (1): 125-129
Book Reviews
vol. 60 (1): 130-156

Volume 59 (4)

“We are Human Beings, and have a Past”: The “Adjustment” of Migrants and the Australian Assimilation Policies of the 1950s
Joy Damousi, vol. 59 (4): 501-516
J.B. Chifley and the Indonesian Revolution, 1945–1949
David Fettling, vol. 59 (4): 517-531
Australia, the International Geophysical Year and the 1959 Antarctic Treaty
Alessandro Antonello, vol. 59 (4): 532-546
Crossing the Line: Richard Casey Re-Visited
Paul Rodan, vol. 59 (4): 547-558
New Nationalism in Australia and New Zealand: The Construction of National Identities by Two Labo(u)r Governments in the Early 1970s
Jack Doig, vol. 59 (4): 559-575
Australian Reporting from East Timor 1975–1999: Journalists as Agents of Change
Ross Tapsell, Joakim Eidenfalk, vol. 59 (4): 576-592
Contemporary Indigenous Affairs: Seeking the Radical Centre
Elizabeth Strakosch, vol. 59 (4): 593-604
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: January to June 2013
Matt McDonald, vol. 59 (4): 605-617
Political Chronicles
John Wanna, David Clune, Nick Economou, Paul D. Williams, Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, Rob Manwaring, Megan Alessandrini, Robyn Smith, Maria Maley, vol. 59 (4): 618-668
A Research Note: Secretary Forrestal and Admiral King on Admiral Stark: Conflicting Assessments
Paul S. Burtness, Warren U. Ober, vol. 59 (4): 669-676
A Research Note: The “Queensland Speaks” Oral History Project
Roger Scott, Danielle Miller, vol. 59 (4): 677-678