Cold War History articles

Volume 16 (4)

Re-examining the end of Mao’s revolution: China’s changing statecraft and Sino-American relations, 1973–1978
vol. 16 (4): 359-375
The Cold War and environmental history: complementary fields
vol. 16 (4): 377-394
Forbidden and sublime forest landscapes: narrated experiences of Latvian national partisan women after World War II
vol. 16 (4): 395-416
Cold War landscapes: towards an environmental history of US development programmes in the 1950s and 1960s
vol. 16 (4): 417-441
The appeal of appearing green: Soviet-American ideological competition and Cold War environmental diplomacy
vol. 16 (4): 443-462
World on fire: the politics of napalm in the Global Cold War
vol. 16 (4): 463-481

Volume 16 (3)

New insights into Mao’s initial strategic consideration towards the Korean War intervention
vol. 16 (3): 239-254
Bandung as the call for a better development project: US, British, French and Gold Coast perceptions of the Afro-Asian Conference (1955)
vol. 16 (3): 255-272
Fighting the red peril in the Congo. Paradoxes and perspectives on an equivocal challenge to Belgium and the West (1947–1960)
vol. 16 (3): 273-290
The CIA’s paramilitary operations during the cold war: an assessment
vol. 16 (3): 291-306
People, not property: population issues and the neutron bomb
vol. 16 (3): 307-325
Federico Romero in response to Pierre Grosser
vol. 16 (3): 327-327
A New History of Soviet Intelligence: Near and Distant Neighbours
vol. 16 (3): 329-331
Worldmaking: The Art and Science of American Diplomacy
vol. 16 (3): 331-333
Mexico’s Cold War: Cuba, the United States, and the Legacy of the Mexican Revolution
vol. 16 (3): 333-335

Volume 16 (2)

‘A statement against the totalitarian countries of Europe’: human rights and the early Cold War
vol. 16 (2): 125-140
On the ‘arcane modern science of Kremlinology’ or the case of the vanishing birthdays
vol. 16 (2): 141-158
‘Bitterness towards Egypt’ – the Moroccan nationalist movement, revolutionary Cairo and the limits of anti-colonial solidarity
vol. 16 (2): 159-175
The Soviet Union and the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency
vol. 16 (2): 177-193
The Cold War, the developing world, and the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 1953–1957
vol. 16 (2): 195-212
The Atomic Marshall Plan: Atoms for Peace, British diplomacy and civil nuclear power
vol. 16 (2): 213-230
Stalin, Vol. I: paradoxes of power, 1878–1928
vol. 16 (2): 231-233
Soviet Leaders and Intelligence: Assessing the American Adversary During the Cold War
vol. 16 (2): 233-234
The Battle for Mozambique: The Frelimo-Renamo Struggle, 1977–1992
vol. 16 (2): 235-237

Volume 16 (1)

Nelson Mandela, the South African Communist Party and the origins of Umkhonto we Sizwe
vol. 16 (1): 1-18
‘A great list of potential mistakes’: NATO, Africa, and British efforts to limit the Global Cold War
vol. 16 (1): 19-36
Plausibly deniable: mercenaries in US covert interventions during the Cold War, 1964–1987
vol. 16 (1): 37-60
‘I think we cannot refuse the order’: Britain, America, nuclear non-proliferation, and the Indian Jaguar deal, 1974–1978
vol. 16 (1): 61-81
The post-Stalin Komsomol and the Soviet fight for Third World youth
vol. 16 (1): 83-100
Past, present, and future: the role of the Cold War in legitimising Danish foreign policy activism
vol. 16 (1): 101-120
Books Received
vol. 16 (1): 121-124

Volume 15 (4)

European Summer School 2013 Best Paper Prize Winner A ‘Cold War European’? Helmut Schmidt and European integration, c.1945–1982
vol. 15 (4): 427-447
The steering of the press in the socialist states of Eastern Europe: the German Democratic Republic (GDR) as a case study
vol. 15 (4): 449-470
Commemoration of a cold war: the politics of history and heritage at Cold War memory sites in Denmark
vol. 15 (4): 471-490
No longer a client, not yet a partner: the US–Iranian alliance in the Johnson years
vol. 15 (4): 491-509
A matter of western civilisation: transnational support for the Salvadoran counterrevolution, 1979–1982
vol. 15 (4): 511-531
Shifting political calculation: the secret Taiwan-Soviet talks, 1963–1971
vol. 15 (4): 533-556
Re-thinking normalisation between the ROK and the PRC in the early 1990s: the South Korean perspective
vol. 15 (4): 557-578
Group Review: From Sideshow to Centre Stage: The Middle East in the Middle Cold War
vol. 15 (4): 579-586
America’s Great Game: The CIA’s Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East, Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah: The United States and Iran in the Cold War
vol. 15 (4): 586-589