Contemporary British History

Contemporary British History offers innovative new research on any aspect of British history - foreign, Commonwealth, political, social, cultural or economic - dealing with the period since the First World War. The editors welcome work which involves cross-disciplinary insights, as the journal seeks to reflect the work of all those interested in the recent past in Britain, whatever their subject specialism. Work which places contemporary Britain within a comparative (whether historical or international) context is also encouraged. In addition to articles, the journal regularly features interviews and profiles, archive reports, and a substantial review section.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

British Union of Fascists

Volume 29 (4)

An Interlude of Agreement? A Reassessment of the Conference on Devolution's ‘Consensus’ on Powers
vol. 29 (4): 421-440
Intellectuals of the Left and the Atomic Dilemma in the Age of the US Atomic Monopoly, 1945–1949
vol. 29 (4): 441-463
Prime Ministerial Powers of Patronage: Ministerial Appointments and Dismissals Under Edward Heath
vol. 29 (4): 464-485
‘British Rights for British Citizens’: The Campaign for ‘Equal Citizenship’ for Northern Ireland
vol. 29 (4): 486-507
Patriality, Work Permits and the European Economic Community: The Introduction of the 1971 Immigration Act
vol. 29 (4): 508-538
‘Making a Reality of Collective Responsibility’: The Lord President's Committee, Coalition and the British State at War, 1941–42
vol. 29 (4): 539-562
Lord Robert Cecil: Politician and Internationalist
vol. 29 (4): 563-565
A Problem of Great Importance: Population, Race and Power in the British Empire, 1918–1973
vol. 29 (4): 565-567
A Social History of Student Volunteering: Britain and Beyond
vol. 29 (4): 567-569
Women Drinking Out in Britain since the Early Twentieth Century
vol. 29 (4): 569-571
Britain and the Greek Colonels: Accommodating the Junta in the Cold War
vol. 29 (4): 571-573
Common People: The History of an English Family
vol. 29 (4): 573-575

Volume 29 (3)

Colonial Counter-insurgency in Southern India: The Malabar Rebellion, 1921–1922
vol. 29 (3): 297-317
Britain's Withdrawal from East of Suez: From Economic Determinism to Political Choice
vol. 29 (3): 318-340
‘On Very Slippery Ground’: The British Churches, Archbishop Fisher and the Suez Crisis
vol. 29 (3): 341-358
Margaret Thatcher's First U-Turn: Francis Pym and the Control of Defence Spending, 1979–81
vol. 29 (3): 359-379
The ‘Chieftain Tank Affair’: Realpolitik, Perfidy and the Genesis of the Merkava
vol. 29 (3): 380-400
Talking to the Enemy? The Role of the Back-Channel in the Development of the Northern Ireland Peace Process
vol. 29 (3): 401-420

Volume 29 (2)

Religious and Spiritual Mobility in Britain: The Panacea Society and Other Movements in the Twentieth Century
vol. 29 (2): 155-178