Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust is an inter-disciplinary publication which promotes the study of the Holocaust period and the issue of anti-Semitism through the various disciplines and methodologies, and gives expression to new research agendas in Israel and around the world.

The journal's aim is to provide a platform through which our readers are informed of the most recent and innovative research done in the various fields and in different countries. As part of this agenda, we encourage the publication of research done on contemporary issues such as collective memory of the Holocaust in museums, educational programs and cultural expressions such as film, literature, art and theatre; psychological adjustment of survivors in their old age and more.

Publishes 3 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (1)

Playing for Their Lives: Music, Musicians and Trauma in Holocaust Film
Deb Waterhouse-Watson, vol. 29 (1): 1-16
Ordinary Clerks or Trailblazers of Destruction? – The ‘First Wave' of Chiefs of Civil Administration and Their Implementation of Nazi Policy During the German Invasion of Poland in 1939
Jochen Böhler, vol. 29 (1): 17-40
Truth and Memory After Catastrophe: Historical Fact and the Historical Witness
Frida Bertolini, vol. 29 (1): 41-57
Labor and Extermination: The Labor Camp at the Dęblin-Irena Airfield Puławy County, Lublin Province, Poland – 1942–1944
Talia Farkash, vol. 29 (1): 58-79

Volume 27 (3)

The General-Human and the Particular-Jewish Dimensions of the Holocaust: A Philosophical-Educational Reflection
vol. 27 (3): -
A ‘Wannsee Conference’ on the Extermination of the Gypsies? New Research Findings Regarding 15 January 1943 and the Auschwitz Decree†
vol. 27 (3): -
The Hiroshima-Auschwitz Peace March and the Globalization of the ‘Moral Witness’
vol. 27 (3): -
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Volume 27 (2)

The Figure of the Bloodsucker in Polish Religious, National and Left-Wing Discourse, 1945–1946: A Study in Historical Anthropology
vol. 27 (2): -
‘The Largest Jewish Library in the World’: The Books of Holocaust Victims and their Redistribution Following World War II
vol. 27 (2): -
A Sense of Jewish Empowerment or a Lesson in Universal Values? New Directions in the Design of Holocaust Museums in the USA
vol. 27 (2): -
Erratum: Erratum
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Erratum: Erratum
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