Diplomatic History articles

Volume 36 (3)

Did Canada Kill Fast Track?
GREG ANDERSON, vol. 36 (3): 583-624
“Conspiring Bastards”: Saddam Hussein's Strategic View of the United States*
HAL BRANDS, DAVID PALKKI, vol. 36 (3): 625-659
Contradictory Images of Empire
ANNE L. FOSTER, vol. 36 (3): 661-663
Empire, Race, and Labor
NAN E. WOODRUFF, vol. 36 (3): 665-667
On the Uses and Disadvantages of Fragmented Governance for Sport
STEFAN WIEDERKEHR, vol. 36 (3): 669-673

Volume 36 (2)

Ambassador Carlton J. H. Hayes's Wartime Diplomacy: Making Spain a Haven from Hitler*
EMMET KENNEDY, vol. 36 (2): 237-260
The French Connection: A New Perspective on the End of the Red Line Agreement, 1945–1948*
ANAND TOPRANI, vol. 36 (2): 261-299
Soviet Biscuit Factories and Chinese Financial Grants: North Vietnam's Economic Diplomacy in 1967 and 1968*
HARISH C. MEHTA, vol. 36 (2): 301-335
Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah: The Origins of Iranian Primacy in the Persian Gulf*
ROHAM ALVANDI, vol. 36 (2): 337-372
The Cold War Politicization of Literacy: Communism, UNESCO, and the World Bank*
CHARLES DORN, vol. 36 (2): 373-398
The Gentle War: Famine Relief, Politics, and Privatization in Ethiopia, 1983–1986*
ALEXANDER POSTER, vol. 36 (2): 399-425
The Defining Relationship
JAMES D. DRAKE, vol. 36 (2): 427-429
Onward Christian Reformers
LAURA R. PRIETO, vol. 36 (2): 431-433
A Template for Takings
AARON W. NAVARRO, vol. 36 (2): 435-437
America and Europe in Twentieth-Century Southeast Asia
FRANCES GOUDA, vol. 36 (2): 439-442
Satiated and Hungry for More
ALISON BASHFORD, vol. 36 (2): 443-445
“If the Other Guy Gives You a Slap on the Wrist, Kick Him in the Groin”
FABIAN HILFRICH, vol. 36 (2): 447-450

Volume 36 (1)

“I was thinking, as I often do these days, of war”:The United States in the Twenty-First Century
MARILYN B. YOUNG, vol. 36 (1): 1-15
The World Is Ready to Listen: Symphony Orchestras and the Global Performance of America
JESSICA C. E. GIENOW-HECHT, vol. 36 (1): 17-28
Creating Something Out of Nothing: The Office of Inter-American Affairs Music Committee (1940–1941) and the Inception of a Policy for Musical Diplomacy
JENNIFER L. CAMPBELL, vol. 36 (1): 29-39
Shaping the Policies of Cold War Musical Diplomacy: An Epistemic Community of American Composers
EMILY ABRAMS ANSARI, vol. 36 (1): 41-52
Music Pushed, Music Pulled: Cultural Diplomacy, Globalization, and Imperialism*
DANIELLE FOSLER-LUSSIER, vol. 36 (1): 53-64
America on the World Stage: Music and Twentieth-Century U.S. Foreign Relations
JONATHAN ROSENBERG, vol. 36 (1): 65-69
The Sound of Musical Diplomacy
KATHRYN C. STATLER, vol. 36 (1): 71-75
Security, Two Diplomacies, and the Formation of the U.S. Constitution: Review, Interpretation, and New Directions for the Study of the Early American Period
ROBBIE J. TOTTEN, vol. 36 (1): 77-117
“Uncle Sam, We Want Back We Land”: Eric Williams and the Anglo-American Controversy over the Chaguaramas Base, 1957–1961
SPENCER MAWBY, vol. 36 (1): 119-145
Ideology as Strategy: Military-Led Modernization and the Origins of the Alliance for Progress in Bolivia*
THOMAS C. FIELD JR., vol. 36 (1): 147-183
Making Use of the “Oil Weapon”: Western Industrialized Countries and Arab Petropolitics in 1973–1974
RüDIGER GRAF, vol. 36 (1): 185-208
Military Romance: American Soldiers and Foreign War Brides in the Twentieth Century
PETRA GOEDDE, vol. 36 (1): 209-212
The United States: Supporter Not Leader
KATHLEEN BURK, vol. 36 (1): 213-216
Rethinking the Red Scare in Post–World War II Hollywood
LARY MAY, vol. 36 (1): 217-219
The Cold War Reviewed
JEREMY BLACK, vol. 36 (1): 221-222
The Roots of Modernization Theory
GREGG BRAZINSKY, vol. 36 (1): 223-226
The Enigmatic Scholar-Diplomat
ROGER DINGMAN, vol. 36 (1): 227-229
Human Rights, Latin America, and the Cold War
STEPHEN G. RABE, vol. 36 (1): 231-236

Volume 35 (5)

Peace v. Justice: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Modern Origins of the Debate*
MARGARET E. MCGUINNESS, vol. 35 (5): 749-768
International War Crimes Tribunals and the United States
WILLIAM A. SCHABAS, vol. 35 (5): 769-786
“The Moral Arc of the Universe Bends Long but It Bends toward Justice”: The Search for Justice in International Law
CAROL ANDERSON, vol. 35 (5): 787-791
The Human Rights Surges of the 1940s and 1990s: A Commentary on Margaret E. McGuinness and William A. Schabas
ERIC D. WEITZ, vol. 35 (5): 793-796
The League That Wasn't: American Designs for a Legalist-Sanctionist League of Nations and the Intellectual Origins of International Organization, 1914–1920*
STEPHEN WERTHEIM, vol. 35 (5): 797-836