East European Jewish Affairs

East European Jewish Affairs (formerly Soviet Jewish Affairs) is an interdisciplinary journal which is essential for an understanding of the position and prospects of Jews in the former Soviet Union and the countries of East-Central Europe. It deals with issues in historical perspective and in the context of general, social, economic, political, and cultural developments in the region. The journal includes analytical, in-depth articles; review articles; archival documents; conference notes; and annotated books.

Publishes 3 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 46 (2)

Global Yiddish Culture
Anna Shternshis, vol. 46 (2): 137-138
How Eastern European Jewish immigrants, modernist Yiddish culture, and anti-fascist politics dragged the Netherlands into the twentieth century
David Shneer, vol. 46 (2): 139-159
Exposing Yiddish Paris: the Modern Jewish Culture pavilion at the 1937 World's Fair
Nick Underwood, vol. 46 (2): 160-175
The missing years: Yiddish writers in Soviet Bialystok, 1939–41
Gennady Estraikh, vol. 46 (2): 176-191
Remaining alive in silence? Melekh Ravitch as Yiddish catalyst: Montreal, 1941–54
Rebecca Margolis, vol. 46 (2): 192-209
From the editors
vol. 46 (2): 210-211
Oleg Budnitskii responds to Olga Gershenson's “The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow: Judaism for the masses”
Oleg Budnitskii, vol. 46 (2): 211-213
Benjamin Nathans responds to Olga Gershenson's “The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow: Judaism for the masses”
Benjamin Nathans, vol. 46 (2): 213-216
Olga Gershenson's response
Olga Gershenson, vol. 46 (2): 216-217
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Borukh Gorin, vol. 46 (2): 217-220
YIVO and the making of modern Jewish culture: scholarship for the Yiddish nation
Jack Jacobs, vol. 46 (2): 221-223
Origins of Yiddish dialects
Isaac L. Bleaman, vol. 46 (2): 223-226
The International Jewish Labor Bund after 1945: toward a global history
Roni Gechtman, vol. 46 (2): 226-229
Survivors and exiles: Yiddish culture after the Holocaust
David Slucki, vol. 46 (2): 229-231
Yiddish in Weimar Berlin: at the crossroads of diaspora politics and culture
Steven Schouten, vol. 46 (2): 231-233
L'Œuvre de secours aux enfants et les populations juives au XXe siècle: Prévenir et guérir dans un siècle de violence [The children's aid society and the Jews during the twentieth century: prevention and recovery in a century of violence]
Erin Corber, vol. 46 (2): 233-236
Shocking Paris: Soutine, Chagall and the outsiders of Montparnasse
Richard D. Sonn, vol. 46 (2): 236-237

Volume 46 (1)

Sam Johnson: In Memoriam
vol. 46 (1): 1-1
Jews in the Soviet Union during World War II: German occupation, Soviet evacuation, and the imagined relationship between these two experiences
Anna Shternshis, vol. 46 (1): 2-3
Jewish response to the non-Jewish question: “Where were the Jews during the fighting?” 1941–5
Arkadi Zeltser, vol. 46 (1): 4-25