Economic History Review articles

Volume 64 (2)

The diary of Antera Duke: an eighteenth-century African slave trader – By Stephen D. Behrendt, A. John H. Latham, and David Northrup
ROBIN LAW, vol. 64 (2): 680-681
The price of emancipation: slave-ownership, compensation and British society at the end of slavery – By Nicholas Draper
KENNETH MORGAN, vol. 64 (2): 681-683
Ireland and the industrial revolution: the impact of the industrial revolution on Irish industry, 1801–1922 – By Andy Bielenberg
PHILIP OLLERENSHAW, vol. 64 (2): 683-684
Regulating health and safety in the British mining industries, 1800–1914 – By Catherine Mills
JAMIE L. BRONSTEIN, vol. 64 (2): 684-685
Breaking new ground: nineteenth-century allotments from local sources – Edited by Jeremy Burchardt and Jacqueline Cooper
NICOLA VERDON, vol. 64 (2): 685-686
Making the market: Victorian origins of corporate capitalism – By Paul Johnson
RANALD MICHIE, vol. 64 (2): 686-688
The tide of democracy: shipyard workers and social relations in Britain, 1870–1950 – By Alastair J. Reid
HUGH MURPHY, vol. 64 (2): 688-689
The Co-operative movement and communities in Britain, 1914–1960: minding their own business – By Nicole Robertson
PETER DAVIS, vol. 64 (2): 689-691
Youth culture in modern Britain, c.1920–c.1970: from ivory tower to global movement—a new history – By David Fowler
JAMES THOMPSON, vol. 64 (2): 691-692
Money, oil, and empire in the Middle East: sterling and postwar imperialism, 1944–1971 – By Steven G. Galpern
SCOTT NEWTON, vol. 64 (2): 692-693
The decline of sterling: managing the retreat of an international currency, 1945–1992 – By Catherine R. Schenk
DAVID JAMES GILL, vol. 64 (2): 693-694
Revolutionary commerce: globalization and the French monarchy – By Paul Cheney
WILLIAM DOYLE, vol. 64 (2): 695-696
In hock: pawning in America from independence through the Great Depression – By Wendy A. Woloson
LENDOL CALDER, vol. 64 (2): 696-697
Labor, industry and regulation during the progressive era – By Daniel E. Saros
TERRENCE MCDONOUGH, vol. 64 (2): 697-699
Gone is the ancient glory: Spanish Town, Jamaica, 1534–2000 – By James Robertson
NUALA ZAHEDIEH, vol. 64 (2): 699-700
Slavery in Brazil – By Herbert S. Klein and Francisco Vidal Luna
DOUGLAS C. LIBBY, vol. 64 (2): 700-701
China and the birth of globalization in the 16th century – By Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giraldez
KENT G. DENG, vol. 64 (2): 701-702
The Japanese consumer: an alternative economic history of modern Japan – By Penelope Francks
SCOTT O'BRYAN, vol. 64 (2): 702-704
Beauty imagined: a history of the global beauty industry – By Geoffrey Jones
JOHAN SÖDERBERG, vol. 64 (2): 704-705
What objects mean: an introduction to material culture – By Arthur Asa Berger
KARIN DANNEHL, vol. 64 (2): 705-706
Empire, development and colonialism: the past in the present – Edited by Mark Duffield and Vernon Hewitt
DAVID NALLY, vol. 64 (2): 707-708
Protection for exporters: power and discrimination in transatlantic trade relations, 1930–2010 – By Andreas Dür
TIM ROOTH, vol. 64 (2): 708-709
A cultural history of finance – By Irene Finel-Honigman
PETER JAMES HUDSON, vol. 64 (2): 709-710
The origins of the twenty-first century: an essay on contemporary social and economic history – By Gabriel Tortella
JIM TOMLINSON, vol. 64 (2): 711-712
Free riding – By Richard Tuck
JAMES THOMPSON, vol. 64 (2): 712-713
Plantation accounting and management practices in the US and the British West Indies at the end of their slavery eras
RICHARD K. FLEISCHMAN, vol. 64 (2): 765-797
The veterinary medicine industry in Britain in the twentieth century
T. A. B. CORLEY, vol. 64 (2): 832-854
Social capital and trade associations in America, c. 1860–1914: a microhistory approach
FRANCESCA CARNEVALI, vol. 64 (2): 905-928

Volume 64 (1)

Energy availability from livestock and agricultural productivity in Europe, 1815–1913: a new comparison
ASTRID KANDER, vol. 64 (1): 1-29
Disciplining the ‘black sheep of the Balkans’: financial supervision and sovereignty in Bulgaria, 1902–38
ADAM TOOZE, vol. 64 (1): 30-51
Poverty in Edwardian Britain
IAN GAZELEY, vol. 64 (1): 52-71
New series for agricultural prices in London, 1770–1914
PETER M. SOLAR, vol. 64 (1): 72-87
‘Children of the city’: juvenile justice, property, and place in England and Scotland, 1945–60
LOUISE A. JACKSON, vol. 64 (1): 88-113
Silver production and the money supply in England and Wales, 1086–c.1500
MARTIN ALLEN, vol. 64 (1): 114-131
The choice of fuel in the eighteenth-century iron industry: the Coalbrookdale accounts reconsidered
PETER KING, vol. 64 (1): 132-156
Who comprised the nation of shareholders? Gender and investment in Great Britain, c. 1870–1935
JANETTE RUTTERFORD, vol. 64 (1): 157-187
Investor behaviour in a nascent capital market: Scottish bank shareholders in the nineteenth century
GRAEME G. ACHESON, vol. 64 (1): 188-213
‘Veritable gold mines before the arrival of railway competition’: but did dividends signal rates of return in the English canal industry?
A. J. ARNOLD, vol. 64 (1): 214-236
Scrip as private money, monetary monopoly, and the rent-seeking state in Britain
ELAINE TAN, vol. 64 (1): 237-255
Review of periodical literature published in 2009
ROSAMOND FAITH, vol. 64 (1): 256-304