Economic History Review articles

Volume 65 (2)

A companion to life course studies: the social and historical context of the British birth cohort studies – Edited by Michael Wadsworth and John Bynner
JOHN WELSHMAN, vol. 65 (2): 807-808
The Bank of England, 1950s to 1979 – By Forrest Capie
MICHAEL J. OLIVER, vol. 65 (2): 808-809
Pre-modern European economy: one thousand years (10th–19th centuries) – By Paolo Malanima
GEORGE GRANTHAM, vol. 65 (2): 809-811
Medicine and society in early modern Europe – By May Lindemann
DAVID GENTILCORE, vol. 65 (2): 811-811
Modernity and the second-hand trade: European consumption cultures and practices, 1700–1900 – Edited by Jon Stobart and Ilja van Damme
BEVERLY LEMIRE, vol. 65 (2): 811-813
Painting for profit: the economic lives of seventeenth-century Italian painters – Edited by Richard E. Spear and Philip Sohm
ANTHONY COLANTUONO, vol. 65 (2): 813-814
El banco de Barcelona (1844–1874), historia de un banco emisor – By Yolanda Blasco and Carles Sudrià
PABLO MARTIN-ACEñA, vol. 65 (2): 814-815
State and society in the Ottoman Empire – By Haim Gerber
ENGIN DENIZ AKARLI, vol. 65 (2): 815-817
Foreign investment in the Ottoman Empire: international trade and relations 1854–1914 – By V. Necla Geyikdağı
MURAT BIRDAL, vol. 65 (2): 817-818
Economic thought in early modern Japan – Edited by Bettina Gramlich-Oka and Gregory J. Smits
MINA ISHIZU, vol. 65 (2): 818-820
Miraculous growth and stagnation in post-war Japan – Edited by Koichi Hamada, Keijiro Otsuka, Gustav Ranis, and Ken Togo
CARL MOSK, vol. 65 (2): 820-821
Experiments in financial democracy: corporate governance and financial development in Brazil, 1882–1950 – By Aldo Musacchio
CATALINA VIZCARRA, vol. 65 (2): 821-822
Atlas of the transatlantic slave trade – By David Eltis and David Richardson
TREVOR BURNARD, vol. 65 (2): 822-823
The big ditch: how America took, built, ran and ultimately gave away the Panama Canal – By Noel Maurer and Carlos Yu
WILLIAM K. HUTCHINSON, vol. 65 (2): 824-825
Financial fraud and guerrilla violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861–1865 – By Mark W. Geiger
BRIAN D. MCKNIGHT, vol. 65 (2): 825-826
The new Lombard Street: how the Fed became the dealer of last resort – By Perry Mehrling
ALLAN H. MELTZER, vol. 65 (2): 826-827
Origins of shareholder advocacy – Edited by Jonathan G. S. Koppell
ROBIN PEARSON, vol. 65 (2): 827-829
Prime movers of globalization: the history and impact of diesel engines and gas turbines – By Vaclav Smil
CLIFFORD BEKAR, vol. 65 (2): 829-830
Crises and opportunities: the shaping of modern finance – By Youssef Cassis
RANALD MICHIE, vol. 65 (2): 830-832
Economics evolving: a history of economic thought – By Agnar Sandmo
KEITH TRIBE, vol. 65 (2): 832-833
Entrepreneurship: theory, networks, history – By Mark Casson, in association with Peter J. Buckley, Ken Dark, Marina Della Giusta, Andrew Godley, Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen, Teresa da Silva Lopes, and Nigel Wadesdon
R. DANIEL WADHWANI, vol. 65 (2): 833-834

Volume 65 (1)

Rules and reality: quantifying the practice of apprenticeship in early modern England
CHRIS MINNS, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
The structure of the market for wool in early medieval Lincolnshire
ROSAMOND FAITH, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
The failure of ‘nationalization by attraction’: Britain's cross-class alliance against earnings-related pensions in the 1950s
HUGH PEMBERTON, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
Belonging and community: understandings of ‘home’ and ‘friends’ among the English poor, 1750–1850
K. D. M. SNELL, vol. 65 (1): 1-25
The rise of agrarian capitalism and the decline of family farming in England
LEIGH SHAW-TAYLOR, vol. 65 (1): 26-60
Guilds and middle-class welfare, 1550–1800: provisions for burial, sickness, old age, and widowhood1
MARCO H. D. VAN LEEUWEN, vol. 65 (1): 61-90
The Marshall Plan and the Spanish postwar economy: a welfare loss analysis
JOSÉ A. CARRASCO-GALLEGO, vol. 65 (1): 91-119
Legal institutions, social norms, and entrepreneurship in Britain (c.1890–c.1939)
PAOLO DI MARTINO, vol. 65 (1): 120-143
The long-term rise in overseas travel by Americans, 1820–2000
BRANDON DUPONT, vol. 65 (1): 144-167
Extending home ownership before the First World War: the case of the Co-operative Permanent Building Society, 1884–19131
LUKE SAMY, vol. 65 (1): 168-193
Investigating early modern Ottoman consumer culture in the light of Bursa probate inventories1
EMINEGÜL KARABABA, vol. 65 (1): 194-219
The coastal metropolitan corn trade in later seventeenth-century England1
STEPHEN HIPKIN, vol. 65 (1): 220-255
Material and moral resources: the 1984–5 miners' strike in Scotland
JIM PHILLIPS, vol. 65 (1): 256-276
The British ‘failure’ that never was? The Anglo-American ‘productivity gap’ in large-scale interwar retailing—evidence from the department store sector
PETER SCOTT, vol. 65 (1): 277-303
How did women count? A note on gender-specific age heaping differences in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries
PETER FÖLDVÁRI, vol. 65 (1): 304-313
The two sterling crises of 1964: a comment on Newton
MICHAEL J. OLIVER, vol. 65 (1): 314-321
Review of periodical literature published in 2010
ROSAMOND FAITH, vol. 65 (1): 322-375
Troubled waters: a social and cultural history of Ireland's sea fisheries – By Jim Mac Laughlin
SILVESTER Ó MUIRÍ, vol. 65 (1): 376-377
Medieval manuscript production in the Latin west: explorations with a global database – By Eltjo Buringh
STEVEN BIDDLECOMBE, vol. 65 (1): 377-378