Economic History Review articles

Volume 64 (3)

Infant mortality and the health of survivors: Britain, 1910–50
TIMOTHY J. HATTON, vol. 64 (3): 951-972
The supplier network and aircraft production in wartime Japan
TETSUJI OKAZAKI, vol. 64 (3): 973-994
Independent invention during the rise of the corporate economy in Britain and Japan
TOM NICHOLAS, vol. 64 (3): 995-1023
The king's Jews: money, massacre and exodus in medieval England – By Robin R. Mundill
JOSEPH SHATZMILLER, vol. 64 (3): 1024-1025
The Pilgrims' complaint: a study of popular thought in the early Tudor north – By Michael Bush
R. W. HOYLE, vol. 64 (3): 1025-1026
Society in early modern England: the vernacular origins of some powerful ideas – By Phil Withington
TIM HITCHCOCK, vol. 64 (3): 1026-1027
The capital and the colonies: London and the Atlantic economy, 1660–1700 – By Nuala Zahedieh
TREVOR BURNARD, vol. 64 (3): 1027-1029
The British cotton trade, 1660–1815 – By Beverly Lemire
PAT HUDSON, vol. 64 (3): 1029-1030
Warwickshire hearth tax returns: Michaelmas 1670, with Coventry Lady Day – Edited by Tom Arkell, with Nat Alcock
HENRY FRENCH, vol. 64 (3): 1030-1032
A history of Doughty's Hospital Norwich, 1687–2009 – By Nigel Goose and Leanne Moden
MARTIN GORSKY, vol. 64 (3): 1032-1033
Datchworth tithe accounts, 1711–1747 – Edited by Jane Walker
STEVEN HOBBS, vol. 64 (3): 1033-1034
Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 – By David R. Green
SAMANTHA A. SHAVE, vol. 64 (3): 1035-1036
The British Navy's Victualling Board, 1793–1815: management competence and incompetence – By Janet Macdonald; Sustaining the fleet, 1793–1815: war, the British navy and the Contractor State – By Roger Knight and Martin Wilcox
ANN COATS, vol. 64 (3): 1036-1038
Empire and globalisation: networks of people, goods and capital in the British world, c.1850–1914 – By Gary B. Magee and Andrew S. Thompson
IAN PHIMISTER, vol. 64 (3): 1038-1040
Chocolate, women and empire: a social and cultural history – By Emma Robertson
WENDY WEBSTER, vol. 64 (3): 1040-1041
War and welfare: British prisoner of war families, 1939–45 – By Barbara Hately-Broad
PENNY SUMMERFIELD, vol. 64 (3): 1041-1042
Voluntary action and illegal drugs: health and society in Britain since the 1960s – By Alex Mold and Virginia Berridge
MATHEW THOMSON, vol. 64 (3): 1042-1043
An economic history of Europe: knowledge, institutions and growth, 600 to the present – By Karl Gunnar Persson
GREGORY CLARK, vol. 64 (3): 1043-1045
Why Europe? The medieval origins of its special path – By Michael Mitterauer
RICHARD BRITNELL, vol. 64 (3): 1045-1046
The development of leasehold in northwestern Europe, c.1200–1600 – Edited by Bas J. P. van Bavel and Phillipp R. Schofield
RICHARD BRITNELL, vol. 64 (3): 1046-1047
Money, morality, and culture in late medieval and early modern Europe – Edited by Juliann Vitullo and Diane Wolfthal
LAWRIN ARMSTRONG, vol. 64 (3): 1048-1049
Trading places: the Netherlandish merchants in early modern Venice – By Maartje van Gelder
ANASTASIA STOURAITI, vol. 64 (3): 1049-1050
Paying for the liberal state: the rise of public finance in nineteenth-century Europe – Edited by José Luís Cardoso and Pedro Lains
JOOST JONKER, vol. 64 (3): 1050-1051
Exploring the food chain: food production and food processing in western Europe, 1850–1990 – Edited by Yves Segers, Jan Bieleman, and Erik Buyst
JIM PHILLIPS, vol. 64 (3): 1051-1052
New World gold: cultural anxiety and monetary disorder in early modern Spain – By Elvira Vilches
CARLA RAHN PHILLIPS, vol. 64 (3): 1053-1054
Pashmina: the Kashmir shawl and beyond – By Janet Rizvi with Monisha Ahmed
MICHELLE MASKIELL, vol. 64 (3): 1054-1055
Trade and trust in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world: Spanish merchants and their overseas networks – By Xabier Lamikiz
ADRIAN PEARCE, vol. 64 (3): 1055-1056
Edge of crisis: war and trade in the Spanish Atlantic, 1789–1808 – By Barbara H. Stein and Stanley J. Stein
REGINA GRAFE, vol. 64 (3): 1057-1058
Money, power and politics in early Islamic Syria: a review of current debates – Edited by John Haldon
MICHAEL G. MORONY, vol. 64 (3): 1058-1059
Autos and progress: the Brazilian search for modernity – By Joel Wolfe
ALDO MUSACCHIO, vol. 64 (3): 1060-1061
The history of black business in America: capitalism, race, entrepreneurship. Vol. I, to 1865 – By Juliet K. Walker
MACEO CRENSHAW DAILEY, vol. 64 (3): 1061-1062
The Ashgate companion to the history of textile workers, 1650–2000 – Edited by Lex Heerma van Voss, Els Hiemstra-Kuperus, and Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
PAT HUDSON, vol. 64 (3): 1062-1063
Convergence and divergence of national financial systems: evidence from the gold standards, 1817–1971 – Edited by Patrice Baubeau and Anders Ogren
PAOLO DI MARTINO, vol. 64 (3): 1063-1064
Intellectual property rights, development, and catch-up – Edited by Hiroyuki Odagiri, Akira Goto, Atsushi Sunami, and Richard R. Nelson
KEITH E. MASKUS, vol. 64 (3): 1065-1066
The living wage: lessons from the history of economic thought – By Donald R. Stabile
JAMES THOMPSON, vol. 64 (3): 1067-1068
Top incomes: a global perspective – Edited by Anthony B. Atkinson and Thomas Piketty
LEANDRO PRADOS DE LA ESCOSURA, vol. 64 (3): 1068-1069
Capital ideas: the IMF and the rise of financial liberalization – By Jeffrey M. Chwieroth
MARION FOURCADE, vol. 64 (3): 1069-1071

Volume 64 (2)

Macroeconomic policy in Britain between the wars
ROGER MIDDLETON, vol. 64 (2): 0-0
Why the industrial revolution was British: commerce, induced invention, and the scientific revolution
R. C. ALLEN, vol. 64 (2): 357-384
The spread of empire: Clio and the measurement of colonial borrowing costs
OLIVIER ACCOMINOTTI, vol. 64 (2): 385-407