Economic History Review articles

Volume 65 (1)

The rise and fall of great companies: Courtaulds and the reshaping of the man-made fibres industry – By Geoffrey Owen
JOHN F. WILSON, vol. 65 (1): 392-393
From deficit to deluge: the origins of the French revolution – Edited by Thomas E. Kaiser and Dale K. Van Kley
WILLIAM DOYLE, vol. 65 (1): 393-394
From artisan to worker: guilds, the French state, and the organization of labor, 1776–1821 – By Michael P. Fitzsimmons
ROGER PRICE, vol. 65 (1): 395-396
Rome's imperial economy: twelve essays – By William V. Harris
NEVILLE MORLEY, vol. 65 (1): 396-397
The evolution of Nordic finance – By Steffen E. Andersen
LARS MAGNUSSON, vol. 65 (1): 397-398
Science for welfare and warfare: technology and state initiative in Cold War Sweden – Edited by Per Lundin, Niklas Stenlås, and Johan Gribbe
WILLIAM THOMAS, vol. 65 (1): 398-399
Commerce before capitalism in Europe, 1300–1600 – By Martha C. Howell
RICHARD W. UNGER, vol. 65 (1): 399-401
The Cambridge economic history of modern Europe – Edited by Stephen Broadberry and Kevin H. O'Rourke
MORITZ SCHULARICK, vol. 65 (1): 401-403
State and financial systems in Europe and the USA: historical perspectives on regulation and supervision in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – Edited by Stefano Battilossi and Jaime Reis
YOUSSEF CASSIS, vol. 65 (1): 404-405
Fixed ideas of money: small states and exchange rate regimes in twentieth-century Europe – By Tobias Straumann
PAUL TURNER, vol. 65 (1): 405-406
Artisans of empire: crafts and craftspeople under the Ottomans – By Suraiya Faroqhi
ABDULMENNAN M. ALTINTAş, vol. 65 (1): 406-407
Peasant and empire in Christian North Africa – By Leslie Dossey
A. H. MERRILLS, vol. 65 (1): 407-409
Handbook of world exchange rates, 1590–1914 – By Markus A. Denzel
SOLOMOS SOLOMOU, vol. 65 (1): 409-409
Unsettled account: the evolution of banking in the industrialized world since 1800 – By Richard S. Grossman
PAOLO DI MARTINO, vol. 65 (1): 409-411
Central banking in the twentieth century – By John Singleton
JOHN H. WOOD, vol. 65 (1): 411-412
Power and the governance of global trade: from the GATT to the WTO – By Soo Yeon Kim
TIM ROOTH, vol. 65 (1): 412-413
Exorbitant privilege: the rise and fall of the dollar – By Barry Eichengreen
MARCELLO DE CECCO, vol. 65 (1): 413-414
The determinants of entrepreneurship – Edited by José L. García-Ruiz and Pier Angelo Toninelli
GEOFFREY TWEEDALE, vol. 65 (1): 414-416
Keynes: a very short introduction – By Robert Skidelsky
SCOTT NEWTON, vol. 65 (1): 416-417
Information history in the modern world: histories of the information age – Edited by Toni Weller
FRANK WEBSTER, vol. 65 (1): 417-419
The new ways of history: developments in historiography – Edited by Gelina Harlaftis, Nikos Karapidakis, Kostas Sbonias, and Vaios Vaiopolous
PETER CLARK, vol. 65 (1): 419-420

Volume 64 (41)

The decline of adult smallpox in eighteenth-century London
ROMOLA DAVENPORT, vol. 64 (41): 1289-1314

Volume 64 (4)

Did the Glorious Revolution contribute to the transport revolution? Evidence from investment in roads and rivers
DAN BOGART, vol. 64 (4): 1073-1112
Sustainability of public debt: evidence from Japan before the Second World War
MASATO SHIZUME, vol. 64 (4): 1113-1143
Consumption and material culture in sixteenth-century Ireland
SUSAN FLAVIN, vol. 64 (4): 1144-1174
Seebohm Rowntree and secondary poverty, 1899–1954
MARK FREEMAN, vol. 64 (4): 1175-1194
The earl of Derby and his tenants: sales of Royalist land during the Interregnum revisited
MELANIE HARRINGTON, vol. 64 (4): 1195-1217
The rate of return on equity across industrial sectors on the British stock market, 1825–70
CHARLES R. HICKSON, vol. 64 (4): 1218-1241
Storage in medieval England: the evidence from purveyance accounts, 1295–1349
JORDAN CLARIDGE, vol. 64 (4): 1242-1265
Did the 48-hour week damage Britain's industrial competitiveness?
PETER SCOTT, vol. 64 (4): 1266-1288
The decline of adult smallpox in eighteenth-century London: a commentary
PETER RAZZELL, vol. 64 (4): 1315-1335
List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2010
Matthew Hale, vol. 64 (4): 1336-1381
The Dublin region in the middle ages: settlement, land-use and economy – By Margaret Murphy and Michael Potterton
BRENDAN SMITH, vol. 64 (4): 1382-1383
Britain and the sea since 1600 – By Glen O'Hara
HELEN DOE, vol. 64 (4): 1383-1384
Welfare's forgotten past: a socio-legal history of the poor law – By Lorie Charlesworth
SIMON SZRETER, vol. 64 (4): 1384-1385
Energy and the English industrial revolution – By E. A. Wrigley
JAN DE VRIES, vol. 64 (4): 1386-1387
Childhood and child labour in the British industrial revolution – By Jane Humphries
PETER KIRBY, vol. 64 (4): 1387-1388
The East India Company's London workers: management of the warehouse labourers, 1800–1858 – By Margaret Makepeace; The East India Company's maritime service, 1746–1834: masters of the eastern seas – By Jean Sutton
ANDREW POPP, vol. 64 (4): 1388-1390
The foundations of British maritime ascendancy: resources, logistics and the state, 1755–1815 – By Roger Morriss
GLEN O'HARA, vol. 64 (4): 1390-1391
The voice of Liverpool business: the first chamber of commerce and the Atlantic economy – By Robert J. Bennett
KATIE McDADE, vol. 64 (4): 1392-1393