Economic History Review articles

Volume 64 (1)

The world of private banking – By Youssef Cassis and Philip L. Cottrell, with Monika Pohle Fraser and Iain L. Fraser
JOHN D. TURNER, vol. 64 (1): 321-323
Monetary policy over fifty years, experiences and lessons – Edited by Heinz Herrmann
MICHAEL J. OLIVER, vol. 64 (1): 323-324
Notaries in early modern Rome – By Laurie Nussdorfer
MATTHEW VESTER, vol. 64 (1): 324-325
The Byzantine economy – By Angeliki E. Laiou and Cécile Morrison
ARCHIBALD DUNN, vol. 64 (1): 325-327
The political economy of Ottoman public debt: insolvency and European financial control in the late nineteenth century – By Murat Birdal
METIN COŞGEL, vol. 64 (1): 327-328
Recovery and development in the European periphery (1945–1960) – Edited by Andrea Bonoldi and Andrea Leonardi
IVAN T. BEREND, vol. 64 (1): 328-330
Segregation—integration—assimilation: religious and ethnic groups in the medieval towns of central and eastern Europe – By Derek Keene, Balázs Nagy, and Katalin Szende
MARIA CRACIUN, vol. 64 (1): 330-331
Gender and housing in Soviet Russia: private life in a public space – By Lynne Attwood
MELANIE ILIC, vol. 64 (1): 331-332
Sacred economies: Buddhist monasticism and territoriality in medieval China – By Michael J. Walsh
CHARLES B. JONES, vol. 64 (1): 332-333
Structures of change in the mechanical age: technological innovation in the United States, 1790–1865 – By Ross Thomson
PAUL ISRAEL, vol. 64 (1): 334-335
Louis D. Brandeis and the making of regulated competition, 1900–1932 – By Gerald Berk
MELVIN I. UROFSKY, vol. 64 (1): 335-336
A history of the Federal Reserve – By Allan H. Meltzer
FORREST CAPIE, vol. 64 (1): 336-337
The future of the dollar – Edited by Eric Helleiner and Jonathon Kirshner
BERNARD FOLEY, vol. 64 (1): 338-339
Why America is not a new Rome – By Vaclav Smil
NEVILLE MORLEY, vol. 64 (1): 339-340
Death before birth: fetal health and mortality in historical perspective – By Robert Woods
BERNARD HARRIS, vol. 64 (1): 340-341
How India clothed the world: the world of south Asian textiles, 1500–1850 – Edited by Giorgio Riello and Tirthankar Roy
GHULAM NADRI, vol. 64 (1): 341-342
The spinning world: a global history of cotton textiles, 1200–1850 – By Giorgio Riello and Prasannan Parthasarathi
R. C. NASH, vol. 64 (1): 342-344
Permeable walls: historical perspectives on hospital and asylum visiting – Edited by Graham Mooney and Jonathan Reinarz
R. A. HOUSTON, vol. 64 (1): 344-345
Human capital and institutions: a long-run view – Edited by David Eltis, Frank D. Lewis, and Kenneth L. Sokoloff
JOAN R. ROSES, vol. 64 (1): 345-346
The evolution of path dependence – Edited by Lars Magnusson and Jan Ottosson
DOUGLAS J. PUFFERT, vol. 64 (1): 347-348
Greed, lust and gender: a history of economic ideas – By Nancy Folbre
JULIE A. NELSON, vol. 64 (1): 348-349
Economists and societies: discipline and profession in the United States, Britain and France, 1890s to 1990s – By Marion Fourcade
ROGER MIDDLETON, vol. 64 (1): 349-350
Corrigendum: Were British railway companies well managed in the early twentieth century?
NICHOLAS CRAFTS, vol. 64 (1): 351-356