Economic History Review articles

Volume 65 (2)

Prime movers of globalization: the history and impact of diesel engines and gas turbines – By Vaclav Smil
CLIFFORD BEKAR, vol. 65 (2): 829-830
Crises and opportunities: the shaping of modern finance – By Youssef Cassis
RANALD MICHIE, vol. 65 (2): 830-832
Economics evolving: a history of economic thought – By Agnar Sandmo
KEITH TRIBE, vol. 65 (2): 832-833
Entrepreneurship: theory, networks, history – By Mark Casson, in association with Peter J. Buckley, Ken Dark, Marina Della Giusta, Andrew Godley, Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen, Teresa da Silva Lopes, and Nigel Wadesdon
R. DANIEL WADHWANI, vol. 65 (2): 833-834

Volume 65 (1)

Rules and reality: quantifying the practice of apprenticeship in early modern England
CHRIS MINNS, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
The structure of the market for wool in early medieval Lincolnshire
ROSAMOND FAITH, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
The failure of ‘nationalization by attraction’: Britain's cross-class alliance against earnings-related pensions in the 1950s
HUGH PEMBERTON, vol. 65 (1): 0-0
Belonging and community: understandings of ‘home’ and ‘friends’ among the English poor, 1750–1850
K. D. M. SNELL, vol. 65 (1): 1-25
The rise of agrarian capitalism and the decline of family farming in England
LEIGH SHAW-TAYLOR, vol. 65 (1): 26-60
Guilds and middle-class welfare, 1550–1800: provisions for burial, sickness, old age, and widowhood1
MARCO H. D. VAN LEEUWEN, vol. 65 (1): 61-90
The Marshall Plan and the Spanish postwar economy: a welfare loss analysis
JOSÉ A. CARRASCO-GALLEGO, vol. 65 (1): 91-119
Legal institutions, social norms, and entrepreneurship in Britain (c.1890–c.1939)
PAOLO DI MARTINO, vol. 65 (1): 120-143
The long-term rise in overseas travel by Americans, 1820–2000
BRANDON DUPONT, vol. 65 (1): 144-167
Extending home ownership before the First World War: the case of the Co-operative Permanent Building Society, 1884–19131
LUKE SAMY, vol. 65 (1): 168-193
Investigating early modern Ottoman consumer culture in the light of Bursa probate inventories1
EMINEGÜL KARABABA, vol. 65 (1): 194-219
The coastal metropolitan corn trade in later seventeenth-century England1
STEPHEN HIPKIN, vol. 65 (1): 220-255
Material and moral resources: the 1984–5 miners' strike in Scotland
JIM PHILLIPS, vol. 65 (1): 256-276
The British ‘failure’ that never was? The Anglo-American ‘productivity gap’ in large-scale interwar retailing—evidence from the department store sector
PETER SCOTT, vol. 65 (1): 277-303
How did women count? A note on gender-specific age heaping differences in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries
PETER FÖLDVÁRI, vol. 65 (1): 304-313
The two sterling crises of 1964: a comment on Newton
MICHAEL J. OLIVER, vol. 65 (1): 314-321
Review of periodical literature published in 2010
ROSAMOND FAITH, vol. 65 (1): 322-375
Troubled waters: a social and cultural history of Ireland's sea fisheries – By Jim Mac Laughlin
SILVESTER Ó MUIRÍ, vol. 65 (1): 376-377
Medieval manuscript production in the Latin west: explorations with a global database – By Eltjo Buringh
STEVEN BIDDLECOMBE, vol. 65 (1): 377-378
Glassmaking in Ireland: from the medieval to the contemporary – Edited by John M. Hearne
JILL TURNBULL, vol. 65 (1): 378-379
Calendar of inquisitions post mortem and other analogous documents preserved in the National Archives, vol. XXIV: 11 to 15 Henry VI, 1432–1437 – Edited by Matthew L. Holford, Stephen A. Mileson, Claire V. Noble, and Kate Parkin
BENJAMIN LINLEY WILD, vol. 65 (1): 380-380
John Norden's ‘The surveyor's dialogue’ (1618): a critical edition – Edited by Mark Netzloff
P. D. A. HARVEY, vol. 65 (1): 381-381
Charity and poverty in England, c.1680–1820: wild and visionary schemes – By Sarah Lloyd
JOANNA INNES, vol. 65 (1): 381-383
The South Sea Bubble: an economic history of its origins and consequences – By Helen J. Paul
D'MARIS COFFMAN, vol. 65 (1): 383-384
The origins of an industrial region: Robert Morris and the first Swansea copper works, c.1727–1730 – Edited by Louise Miskell
CHRIS EVANS, vol. 65 (1): 384-385
A short history of the British industrial revolution – By Emma Griffin; Reconceptualizing the industrial revolution – Edited by Jeff Horn, Leonard N. Rosenband, and Merritt Roe Smith
PAT HUDSON, vol. 65 (1): 385-387
Associational culture in Ireland and abroad – Edited by Jennifer Kelly and Vincent Comerford
D. A. J. MACPHERSON, vol. 65 (1): 387-389
Woods and people: putting forests on the map – By David Foot
KEITH KIRBY, vol. 65 (1): 389-390
Trains, coal and turf: transport in Emergency Ireland – By Peter Rigney
MARY E. DALY, vol. 65 (1): 390-391
Beveridge and voluntary action in Britain and the wider British world – Edited by Melanie Oppenheimer and Nicholas Deakin
PETER GRANT, vol. 65 (1): 391-392
The rise and fall of great companies: Courtaulds and the reshaping of the man-made fibres industry – By Geoffrey Owen
JOHN F. WILSON, vol. 65 (1): 392-393
From deficit to deluge: the origins of the French revolution – Edited by Thomas E. Kaiser and Dale K. Van Kley
WILLIAM DOYLE, vol. 65 (1): 393-394
From artisan to worker: guilds, the French state, and the organization of labor, 1776–1821 – By Michael P. Fitzsimmons
ROGER PRICE, vol. 65 (1): 395-396
Rome's imperial economy: twelve essays – By William V. Harris
NEVILLE MORLEY, vol. 65 (1): 396-397
The evolution of Nordic finance – By Steffen E. Andersen
LARS MAGNUSSON, vol. 65 (1): 397-398
Science for welfare and warfare: technology and state initiative in Cold War Sweden – Edited by Per Lundin, Niklas Stenlås, and Johan Gribbe
WILLIAM THOMAS, vol. 65 (1): 398-399