Economic History Review articles

Volume 66 (1)

Laure Quennouëlle-Corre and Youssef Cassis , eds., Financial centres and international capital flows in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. Pp. xiii + 269. 29 figs. 37 tabs. ISBN 9780199603503 Hbk. £60/$110)
Geoffrey Jones, vol. 66 (1): 388-389
Douglas A. Irwin, Trade policy disaster: lessons from the 1930s (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, 2012. Pp. xv + 195. 23 figs. 4 illus. 2 tabs. ISBN 9780262016711 Hbk. £17.95/$25.00)
Peter Fearon, vol. 66 (1): 389-390
James Ronald Stanfield and Jacqueline Bloom Stanfield , eds., John Kenneth Galbraith (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. Pp. xi + 251. ISBN 9780230242685 Hbk. £65/$100)
Scott Newton, vol. 66 (1): 390-391
Gail D. Triner, Mining and the state in Brazilian development (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011. Pp. xviii + 253. 21 figs. 26 tabs. ISBN 9781848930681 Hbk. £60/$99)
Aldo Musacchio, vol. 66 (1): 391-392
Richard Pomfret, The age of equality: the twentieth century in economic perspective (Cambridge, MA, and London: Belknap Press of Harvard University, 2011. Pp. xi + 283. 3 figs. 2 maps. 14 tabs. ISBN 9780674062177 Hbk. $28.95/£21.95)
Martin Chick, vol. 66 (1): 393-393

Volume 65 (4)

Extreme divorce: the managerial revolution in UK companies before 1914
James Foreman-Peck, Leslie Hannah, vol. 65 (4): 1217-1238
The Great Bovine Pestilence and its economic and environmental consequences in England and Wales, 1318–50
Philip Slavin, vol. 65 (4): 1239-1266
Social class and the fertility transition: a critical comment on the statistical results reported in Simon Szreter's Fertility, class and gender in Britain, 1860–1940
Geoffrey A. Barnes, Timothy W. Guinnane, vol. 65 (4): 1267-1279
The biological standard of living in early nineteenth-century West Africa: new anthropometric evidence for northern Ghana and Burkina Faso
Gareth Austin, Joerg Baten, Bas Van Leeuwen, vol. 65 (4): 1280-1302
The determinants of competitive success in the interwar British radio industry
Peter Scott, vol. 65 (4): 1303-1325
The Paris financial market in the nineteenth century: complementarities and competition in microstructures
Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur, Angelo Riva, vol. 65 (4): 1326-1353
Bringing home the bacon? Regional nutrition, stature, and gender in the industrial revolution
Sara Horrell, Deborah Oxley, vol. 65 (4): 1354-1379
Royal finance under King Henry III, 1216–72: the wardrobe evidence
Benjamin L. Wild, vol. 65 (4): 1380-1402
International shipping and national economic growth: shipping earnings and the Greek economy in the nineteenth century
Gelina Harlaftis, George Kostelenos, vol. 65 (4): 1403-1427
The failure of ‘nationalization by attraction’: Britain's cross-class alliance against earnings-related pensions in the 1950s
Hugh Pemberton, vol. 65 (4): 1428-1449
Smoking for taxes: the triumph of fiscal policy over health in postwar West Germany, 1945–55
Rosemary Elliot, vol. 65 (4): 1450-1474
Explaining the short stature of the poor: chronic childhood disease and growth in nineteenth-century England
Pamela Sharpe, vol. 65 (4): 1475-1494
Canals, rivers, and the industrial city: Manchester's industrial waterfront, 1790–1850
Peter Maw, Terry Wyke, Alan Kidd, vol. 65 (4): 1495-1523

Volume 65 (3)

The rise and decline of European parliaments, 1188–17891
The character and denomination of shares in the Victorian equity market
GRAEME G. ACHESON, JOHN D. TURNER, QING YE, vol. 65 (3): 862-886
Explaining contract choice: vertical coordination, sharecropping, and wine in Europe, 1850–19501
JUAN CARMONA, JAMES SIMPSON, vol. 65 (3): 887-909
Convergence and divergence of numeracy: the development of age heaping in Latin America from the seventeenth to the twentieth century
Attendance and work effort in the Great Northern Coalfield, 1775–1864
PETER KIRBY, vol. 65 (3): 961-983
Renaissance attachment to things: material culture in last wills and testaments
SAMUEL COHN, JR, vol. 65 (3): 984-1004
Entrepreneurs, formalization of social ties, and trustbuilding in Europe (fourteenth to twentieth centuries)
GUIDO ALFANI, VINCENT GOURDON, vol. 65 (3): 1005-1028
The Franco-German trade puzzle: an analysis of the economic consequences of the Franco-Prussian war
BÉATRICE DEDINGER, vol. 65 (3): 1029-1054
The frequency of wars
MARK HARRISON, NIKOLAUS WOLF, vol. 65 (3): 1055-1076
Child day-labourers in agriculture: evidence from farm accounts, 1740–1850
JOYCE BURNETTE, vol. 65 (3): 1077-1099
Labour markets during apartheid in South Africa
MARTINE MARIOTTI, vol. 65 (3): 1100-1122
Marriage seasonality and the industrious revolution: southern Sweden, 1690–1895
MARTIN DRIBE, BART VAN DE PUTTE, vol. 65 (3): 1123-1146
Money on the road to empire: Japan's adoption of gold monometallism, 1873–97
MICHAEL SCHILTZ, vol. 65 (3): 1147-1168
The experience of domestic service for women in early modern London – Edited by Paula Humfrey
CATHRYN SPENCE, vol. 65 (3): 1169-1170
Edmund Rack's survey of Somerset – Edited by Mark McDermott and Sue Berry. The Victoria history of the counties of England: a history of the county of Somerset, X: Castle Cary and the Brue-Cary watershed – Edited by Mary Siraut
JON STOBART, vol. 65 (3): 1170-1172

Volume 65 (2)

Contract enforcement, institutions, and social capital: the Maghribi traders reappraised
JEREMY EDWARDS, vol. 65 (2): 0-0
The Maghribi traders: a reappraisal?1
AVNER GREIF, vol. 65 (2): 445-469
How much do we know about market integration in Europe?1
GIOVANNI FEDERICO, vol. 65 (2): 470-497
‘Th'ancient Distaff’ and ‘Whirling Spindle’: measuring the contribution of spinning to household earnings and the national economy in England, 1550–17701
CRAIG MULDREW, vol. 65 (2): 498-526
Land abundance and economic institutions: Egba land and slavery, 1830–19141
JAMES FENSKE, vol. 65 (2): 527-555
Rules and reality: quantifying the practice of apprenticeship in early modern England1
CHRIS MINNS, PATRICK WALLIS, vol. 65 (2): 556-579
Bagehot for beginners: the making of lender-of-last-resort operations in the mid-nineteenth century1