Economic History Review articles

Volume 64 (4)

Sustainability of public debt: evidence from Japan before the Second World War
MASATO SHIZUME, vol. 64 (4): 1113-1143
Consumption and material culture in sixteenth-century Ireland
SUSAN FLAVIN, vol. 64 (4): 1144-1174
Seebohm Rowntree and secondary poverty, 1899–1954
MARK FREEMAN, vol. 64 (4): 1175-1194
The earl of Derby and his tenants: sales of Royalist land during the Interregnum revisited
MELANIE HARRINGTON, vol. 64 (4): 1195-1217
The rate of return on equity across industrial sectors on the British stock market, 1825–70
CHARLES R. HICKSON, vol. 64 (4): 1218-1241
Storage in medieval England: the evidence from purveyance accounts, 1295–1349
JORDAN CLARIDGE, vol. 64 (4): 1242-1265
Did the 48-hour week damage Britain's industrial competitiveness?
PETER SCOTT, vol. 64 (4): 1266-1288
The decline of adult smallpox in eighteenth-century London: a commentary
PETER RAZZELL, vol. 64 (4): 1315-1335
List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2010
Matthew Hale, vol. 64 (4): 1336-1381
The Dublin region in the middle ages: settlement, land-use and economy – By Margaret Murphy and Michael Potterton
BRENDAN SMITH, vol. 64 (4): 1382-1383
Britain and the sea since 1600 – By Glen O'Hara
HELEN DOE, vol. 64 (4): 1383-1384
Welfare's forgotten past: a socio-legal history of the poor law – By Lorie Charlesworth
SIMON SZRETER, vol. 64 (4): 1384-1385
Energy and the English industrial revolution – By E. A. Wrigley
JAN DE VRIES, vol. 64 (4): 1386-1387
Childhood and child labour in the British industrial revolution – By Jane Humphries
PETER KIRBY, vol. 64 (4): 1387-1388
The East India Company's London workers: management of the warehouse labourers, 1800–1858 – By Margaret Makepeace; The East India Company's maritime service, 1746–1834: masters of the eastern seas – By Jean Sutton
ANDREW POPP, vol. 64 (4): 1388-1390
The foundations of British maritime ascendancy: resources, logistics and the state, 1755–1815 – By Roger Morriss
GLEN O'HARA, vol. 64 (4): 1390-1391
The voice of Liverpool business: the first chamber of commerce and the Atlantic economy – By Robert J. Bennett
KATIE McDADE, vol. 64 (4): 1392-1393
The rise and fall of the Scottish cotton industry, 1778–1914: ‘the secret spring’– By Anthony Cooke
JIM TOMLINSON, vol. 64 (4): 1393-1394
A history of everyday life in Scotland, 1800 to 1900 – Edited by Trevor Griffiths and Graeme Morton
KATIE BARCLAY, vol. 64 (4): 1394-1395
The Victorian reinvention of race: new racisms and the problem of grouping in the human sciences – By Edward Beasley
COLIN KIDD, vol. 64 (4): 1395-1396
G. W. M. Reynolds: nineteenth-century fiction, politics, and the press – Edited by Anne Humpherys and Louis James
JAMES THOMPSON, vol. 64 (4): 1396-1398
Managing the body: beauty, health and fitness in Britain, 1880–1939 – By Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska
JOHN WELSHMAN, vol. 64 (4): 1398-1399
No wealth but life: welfare economics and the welfare state in Britain, 1880–1945 – Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Tamotsu Nishizawa
JOHN MALONEY, vol. 64 (4): 1399-1401
Lyndall Urwick, management pioneer: a biography – By Edward Brech, Andrew Thomson, and John F. Wilson
TREVOR BOYNS, vol. 64 (4): 1401-1402
Keynes on the wireless – Edited by Donald E. Moggridge
ROGER MIDDLETON, vol. 64 (4): 1402-1403
Keynes's general theory after seventy years – Edited by Robert W. Dimand, Robert A. Mundell, and Alessandro Vercelli
G. C. PEDEN, vol. 64 (4): 1403-1404
Rural economy and society in north-western Europe, 500–2000. Social relations: property and power – Edited by Bas J. P. van Bavel and Richard W. Hoyle, in association with Stefan Brakensiek, Piet van Cruyningen, Chris C. Dyer, Mats Morell, and Nadine Vivi
STEPHEN H. RIGBY, vol. 64 (4): 1405-1406
Medieval capital markets: markets for renten, state formation and private investment in Holland (1300–1550) – By C. J. Zuijderduijn
LUCIANO PEZZOLO, vol. 64 (4): 1406-1407
German reparations, 1919–1932: a historical survey – By Leonard Gomes
ROBERT BOYCE, vol. 64 (4): 1407-1409
Historical monetary and financial statistics for Sweden, vol. 1 – Edited by Rodney Edvinsson, Tor Jacobson, and Daniel Waldenstrom
MARC FLANDREAU, vol. 64 (4): 1409-1410
States and statistics in the nineteenth century: Europe by numbers – By Nico Randeraad, translated from the Dutch by Debra Molnar
EDWARD HIGGS, vol. 64 (4): 1410-1411
The Atlantic slave trade (new edition) – By Herbert S. Klein
STEPHEN D. BEHRENDT, vol. 64 (4): 1411-1413
Children in slavery through the ages – Edited by Gwyn Campbell, Suzanne Miers, and Josephe C. Miller
PAUL E. LOVEJOY, vol. 64 (4): 1413-1414
Company of kinsmen: enterprise and community in south Asian history 1700–1940 – By Tirthankar Roy
CLAUDE MARKOVITS, vol. 64 (4): 1414-1415
Networks of empire, forced migration in the Dutch East India Company – By Kerry Ward
LEONARD BLUSSÉ, vol. 64 (4): 1415-1416
The gold standard at the turn of the twentieth century: rising powers, global money and the age of empire – By Steven Bryan
MARK METZLER, vol. 64 (4): 1416-1417
Has Latin America always been unequal? A comparative study of asset and income inequality in the long twentieth century – By Ewout Frankema
LETICIA ARROYO ABAD, vol. 64 (4): 1417-1419
Aboriginal Dreaming paths and trading routes: the colonisation of the Australian economic landscape – By Dale Kerwin
BILL GAMMAGE, vol. 64 (4): 1419-1420
The market revolution in America: liberty, ambition and the eclipse of the common good – By John Lauritz Larson
CANDICE L. HARRISON, vol. 64 (4): 1420-1421
New deal banking reforms and Keynesian welfare state capitalism – By Ellen D. Russell
PRICE FISHBACK, vol. 64 (4): 1421-1423