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The English Historical Review (EHR) deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era. The EHR includes major Articles, 'Notes and Documents', and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unrivalled range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.

Five issues a year: February, April, June, September, November

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Latest articles

Volume 130 (546)

Bede's horologium: Observational Astronomy and the Problem of the Equinoxes in Early Medieval Europe (c.700-1100)
Nothaft, C. P. E., vol. 130 (546): 1079-1101
Medical Practice, Urban Politics and Patronage: The London 'Commonalty' of Physicians and Surgeons of the 1420s
Colson, J., Ralley, R., vol. 130 (546): 1102-1131
'Till these Experiments be Made': Senegambia and British Imperial Policy in the Eighteenth Century
Dziennik, M. P., vol. 130 (546): 1132-1161
Keynes, Liberalism, and 'The Emancipation of the Mind'
Toye, R., vol. 130 (546): 1162-1191
The Church on its Past (Studies in Church History, Vol. 49), ed. Peter D. Clarke and Charlotte Methuen
Bauer, S., vol. 130 (546): 1192-1193
Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia: A Study of Manuscript Transmission and Monastic Culture, by Felice Lifshitz
Thouroude, V., vol. 130 (546): 1194-1195
Becoming a Poet in Anglo-Saxon England, by Emily V. Thornbury
Pratt, D., vol. 130 (546): 1195-1197
Changing Perspectives on England and the Continent in the Early Middle Ages, by Anton Scharer
Rembold, I., vol. 130 (546): 1197-1199
The Place-Name Evidence for a Routeway Network in Early Medieval England, by Ann Cole
Harrison, D., vol. 130 (546): 1199-1201
The Open Fields of England, by David Hall * Champion: The Making and Unmaking of the English Midland Landscape, by Tom Williamson, Robert Liddiard and Tracey Partida
Bailey, M., vol. 130 (546): 1201-1203
The Historia Ierosolimitana of Baldric of Bourgueil, ed. Steven Biddlecombe
Tyerman, C. J., vol. 130 (546): 1203-1205
Die Pfarrei im späten Mittelalter, ed. Enno Bünz and Gerhard Fouquet
Mossman, S., vol. 130 (546): 1205-1207
Heresy, Inquisition and Life Cycle in Medieval Languedoc, by Chris Sparks
Skoda, H., vol. 130 (546): 1207-1209
The Histories of a Medieval German City: Worms c.1000-c.1300. Translation and Commentary, tr. David S. Bachrach
Lyon, J. R., vol. 130 (546): 1209-1211
Writing and the Administration of Medieval Towns: Medieval Urban Literacy I, ed. Marco Mostert and Anna Adamska * Uses of the Written Word in Medieval Towns: Medieval Urban Literacy II, ed. Marco Mostert and Anna Adamska
Scott, T., vol. 130 (546): 1211-1213
Signorie italiane e modelli monarchici (secoli XIII-XIV), ed. Paolo Grillo * Le signorie cittadine in Toscana: Esperienze di potere e forme di governo personale (secoli XIII-XV), ed. Andrea Zorzi
Margolis, O. J., vol. 130 (546): 1213-1215
Seigneurs et Condottieres: Les Dal Verme. Appartenances sociales, constructions etatiques et pratiques politiques dans l'Italie de la Renaissance, by Pierre Savy
Dover, P. M., vol. 130 (546): 1216-1218
La comunita pratese di Ragusa (1414-1434): Crisi economica e migrazioni collettive nel tardo medioevo, by Francesco Bettarini
McKee, S., vol. 130 (546): 1218-1219
The Origin of Capitalism in England, 1400-1600, by Spencer Dimmock
French, H. R., vol. 130 (546): 1219-1221
The Fight for Status and Privilege in Late Medieval and Early Modern Castile, 1465-1598, by Michael J. Crawford
Campbell, J., vol. 130 (546): 1221-1223