English Historical Review articles

Volume 131 (549)

The Global Revolution: A History of International Communism, 1917-1991, by Silvio Pons
Callaghan, J., vol. 131 (549): 507-508
Kings College Chapel, 1515-2015: Art, Music and Religion in Cambridge, ed. Jean Michel Massing and Nicolette Zeeman
Rees, O., vol. 131 (549): 509-510
The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, ed. Roderick Floud, Jane Humphries and Paul Johnson
Tomlinson, J., vol. 131 (549): 511-513
The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History, ed. Alvin Jackson
Campbell, S., vol. 131 (549): 513-516
What is Microhistory? Theory and Practice, by Sigurthur Gylfi Magnusson and Istvan M. Szijarto
Korinkova, V., vol. 131 (549): 516-518

Volume 131 (548)

The English Historical Review
vol. 131 (548): 0-0
Thomas Becket and the Royal Abbey of Reading
Koopmans, R., vol. 131 (548): 1-30
Speaking Truth to Power: The Problem of Authority in the Whitehall Debates of 1648-9
Polizzotto, C., vol. 131 (548): 31-63
America and the American Revolution in British Geographical Thought, c.1760-1830
Stock, P., vol. 131 (548): 64-91
Mass-Observation, Left Intellectuals and the Politics of Everyday Life
Campsie, A., vol. 131 (548): 92-121
The Irish Revolution, 1916-23
Biagini, E. F., vol. 131 (548): 122-132
Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism, by Larry Siedentop
Drolet, M., vol. 131 (548): 133-135
Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming, by Debby Banham and Rosamond Faith
Dyer, C., vol. 131 (548): 135-136
A Critical Commentary on the Taktika of Leo VI, by John Haldon
Howard-Johnston, J., vol. 131 (548): 137-138
Space in the Medieval West: Places, Territories, and Imagined Geographies, ed. Meredith Cohen and Fanny Madeline
Donkin, L., vol. 131 (548): 138-140
Chartes et documents hagiographiques de labbaye de Saint-Sever (Landes) (988-1359), ed. and tr. Georges Pon and Jean Cabanot
Whittow, M., vol. 131 (548): 140-141
Penance in Medieval Europe 600-1200, by Rob Meens
Cushing, K. G., vol. 131 (548): 142-143
The Sleep of Behemoth: Disputing Peace and Violence in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200, by Jehangir Yezdi Malegam
Gerrard, D., vol. 131 (548): 144-145
Reimagining History in Anglo-Norman Prose Chronicles, by John Spence
Thiolier, J.-C., vol. 131 (548): 145-146
The Secular Clergy in England, 1066-1216, by Hugh M. Thomas
Pohl, B., vol. 131 (548): 147-148
York: The Making of a City, 1068-1350, by Sarah Rees Jones
Schofield, P., vol. 131 (548): 149-150
Portugalia Pontificia: Materials for the History of Portugal and the Papacy, by Peter Linehan
De Faria, T. V., vol. 131 (548): 150-152
English Episcopal Acta, 43: Coventry and Lichfield, 1215-1256, and English Episcopal Acta, 44: Coventry and Lichfield, 1258-1295, ed. J.H. Denton and Philippa M. Hoskin
Barrow, J., vol. 131 (548): 153-154
Edward II: The Unconventional King, by Kathryn Warner * Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen, by Sara Cockerill
Spencer, A. M., vol. 131 (548): 154-156
Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c.1050-1614, by Brian A. Catlos
AlbarrAn, J., vol. 131 (548): 156-158
Spiritual Rationality: Papal Embargo as Cultural Practice, by Stefan K. Stantchev
Tyerman, C. J., vol. 131 (548): 158-160
Holy Matter: Changing Perceptions of the Material World in Late Medieval Christianity, by Sara Ritchey
Peters, C., vol. 131 (548): 160-162
Poder politico y sociedad en Castilla: Siglos XIII al XV. Seleccion de estudios, by Miguel Angel Ladero Quesada
HernAndez, F. J., vol. 131 (548): 162-164
The Gattilusio Lordships and the Aegean World, 1355-1462, by Christopher Wright
Jacoby, D., vol. 131 (548): 164-166
Die Lebenswelt des europäischen Spätmittelalters: Kleine Schicksale selbst erzählt in Schreiben an den Papst, by Arnold Esch
DAvray, D. L., vol. 131 (548): 166-168
Pilgrim and Preacher: The Audiences and Observant Spirituality of Friar Felix Fabri (1437/8-1502), by Kathryne Beebe
Maglaque, E., vol. 131 (548): 168-170
Machiavelli: A Portrait, by Christopher S. Celenza
Black, R., vol. 131 (548): 170-172
Archbishop Pole, by John Edwards
Berenguer, G. V., vol. 131 (548): 172-174
Royal Priesthood in the English Reformation, by Malcolm B. Yarnell III
Wooding, L., vol. 131 (548): 174-175
The Dutch Revolt and Catholic Exile in Reformation Europe, by Geert H. Janssen
Machielsen, J., vol. 131 (548): 176-177
Shakespeares Medieval Craft: Remnants of the Mysteries on the London Stage, by Kurt A. Schreyer
Groves, B., vol. 131 (548): 177-179
Forensic Shakespeare, by Quentin Skinner
Raffield, P., vol. 131 (548): 179-181
Catholic Reformation in Protestant Britain, by Alexandra Walsham
Kelly, J. E., vol. 131 (548): 181-183
The Ashgate Research Companion to Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, ed. Allyson M. Poska, Jane Couchman and Katherine A. McIver
Flather, A., vol. 131 (548): 183-184
Acta Pacis Westphalicae, Serie II A, Band 9: Die kaiserlichen Korrespondenzen Mai-August 1648, ed. Stefanie Fraedrich-Nowag
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (548): 184-186