English Historical Review articles

Volume 129 (541)

Uomini d'affari e mercanti toscani nella Barcellona del Quattrocento, by Maria Elisa Soldani
Abulafia, D., vol. 129 (541): 1477-1478
Entering a Clerical Career at the Roman Curia, 1458-1471, by Kirsi Salonen and Jussi Hanska
Swanson, R. N., vol. 129 (541): 1478-1480
The Men of Court, 1440 to 1550: A Prosopography of the Inns of Court and Chancery and the Courts of Law (Vols. 1-2), ed. John Baker
Musson, A., vol. 129 (541): 1480-1482
Henry VIII and the Court: Art, Politics and Performance, ed. Thomas Betteridge and Suzannah Lipscomb
Davies, C. S. L., vol. 129 (541): 1483-1484
Saints, Sacrilege, and Sedition: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations, by Eamon Duffy
Dixon, C. S., vol. 129 (541): 1484-1486
The English Martyr: From Reformation to Revolution, by Alice Dailey
Royal, S., vol. 129 (541): 1486-1487
Richard Bancroft and Elizabethan Anti-Puritanism, by Patrick Collinson
Fincham, K., vol. 129 (541): 1488-1489
The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland and England, 1589-1597: Building the Faith of Saint Peter upon the King of Spain's Monarchy, by Thomas M. McCoog, SJ
Gibbons, K., vol. 129 (541): 1489-1491
Rhetoric, Politics and Popularity in Pre-Revolutionary England, by Markku Peltonen
Shagan, E., vol. 129 (541): 1491-1493
British and Irish Experiences and Impressions of Central Europe, c.1560-1688, by David Worthington
Williams, M., vol. 129 (541): 1493-1494
True Relations: Reading, Literature and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England, by Frances E. Dolan
Capp, B., vol. 129 (541): 1495-1496
Witchcraft, Madness, Society and Religion in Early Modern Germany: A Ship of Fools, by H.C. Erik Midelfort
Hutton, R., vol. 129 (541): 1496-1498
Ingleses de Sevilla, by Martin Murphy
Davidson, P., vol. 129 (541): 1498-1499
Rebranding Rule: The Restoration and Revolution Monarchy, 1660-1714, by Kevin Sharpe
Jenkinson, M., vol. 129 (541): 1499-1502
Narratives of Adversity: Jesuits on the Eastern Peripheries of the Habsburg Realms (1640-1773), by Paul Shore * Jesuit Civil Wars: Theology, Politics and Government under Tirso Gonzalez (1687-1705), by Jean-Pascal Gay
Wright, J., vol. 129 (541): 1502-1504
Louis XIV's Assault on Privilege: Nicolas Desmaretz and the Tax on Wealth, by Gary B. McCollim
Parrott, D., vol. 129 (541): 1504-1506
The Enlightenment and Why It Still Matters, by Anthony Pagden
Clark, J. C. D., vol. 129 (541): 1506-1508
Solomon's Secret Arts: The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment, by Paul Kleber Monod
Sangha, L., vol. 129 (541): 1508-1510
The Contagious City: The Politics of Public Health in Early Philadelphia, by Simon Finger
Lockley, T., vol. 129 (541): 1510-1511
Marriage and Revolution: Monsieur and Madame Roland, by Sian Reynolds
Jones, C., vol. 129 (541): 1511-1513
Robespierre: A Revolutionary Life, by Peter McPhee
Fairfax-Cholmeley, A., vol. 129 (541): 1513-1515
The Loyal Atlantic: Remaking the British Atlantic in the Revolutionary Era, ed. Jerry Bannister and Liam Riordan
Jones, B. A., vol. 129 (541): 1515-1517
Empire to Nation: Art, History and the Visualization of Maritime Britain, 1768-1829, by Geoff Quilley
Wilson, E., vol. 129 (541): 1517-1518
Realism, Tolerance, and Liberalism in the Czech National Awakening, by Zdeněk V. David
Zusi, P., vol. 129 (541): 1519-1520
Storia della Croce Rossa Italiana dalla nascita al 1914. Vol. I: Saggi, and Vol. II: Documenti, ed. Costantino Cipolla and Paolo Vanni
Raponi, D., vol. 129 (541): 1521-1522
The Correspondence of Henry Edward Manning and William Ewart Gladstone: The Complete Correspondence, 1833-1891, ed. Peter C. Erb
Bebbington, D. W., vol. 129 (541): 1522-1524
Jane Morris: The Burden of History, by Wendy Parkins
Cooper, S. F., vol. 129 (541): 1524-1527
The Body Divided: Human Beings and Human 'Material' in Modern Medical History, ed. Sarah Ferber and Sally Wilde
Hurren, E. T., vol. 129 (541): 1527-1529
Cultures of Commemoration: War Memorials, Ancient and Modern, ed. Polly Low, Graham Oliver and P.J. Rhodes
Mick, C., vol. 129 (541): 1529-1531
Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief: Crime and the British Armed Services since 1914, by Clive Emsley
Moss, E., vol. 129 (541): 1531-1532
The Emergence of International Society in the 1920s, by Daniel Gorman
Buchanan, T., vol. 129 (541): 1533-1534
Independence Day: Myth, Symbol, and the Creation of Modern Poland, by M.B.B. Biskupski * Patrons of History: Nobility, Capital and Political Transitions in Poland, by Longina Jakubowska
Kemp-WELCH, A., vol. 129 (541): 1534-1537
Cattolici e fascisti: La Santa Sede e la politica italiana all'alba del regime (1919-1925), by Alberto Guasco
Bosworth, R. J. B., vol. 129 (541): 1537-1538
Europe in Crisis: Intellectuals and the European Idea, 1917-1957, ed. Mark Hewitson and Matthew D'Auria
Bailey, C., vol. 129 (541): 1539-1540
Securing the World Economy: The Reinvention of the League of Nations, 1920-1946, by Patricia Clavin
Yearwood, P. J., vol. 129 (541): 1541-1542
Portrait of a Party: The Conservative Party in Britain, 1918-1945, by Stuart Ball
Bale, T., vol. 129 (541): 1542-1544
China's War With Japan, 1937-1945: The Struggle for Survival, by Rana Mitter
Howlett, J. J., vol. 129 (541): 1544-1546
Terror in the Balkans: German Armies and Partisan Warfare, by Ben Shepherd
Korb, A., vol. 129 (541): 1546-1548
British Student Activism in the Long Sixties, by Caroline M. Hoefferle
Fowler, D., vol. 129 (541): 1548-1549
Working Lives: Work in Britain since 1945, by Arthur McIvor
McKibbin, R., vol. 129 (541): 1550-1551