English Historical Review articles

Volume 131 (548)

The English Civil War: A Military History, by Peter Gaunt
Hopper, A., vol. 131 (548): 186-187
The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited: Essays in Honour of John Morrill, ed. Stephen Taylor and Grant Tapsell
Vallance, T., vol. 131 (548): 187-189
Military Engineers and the Development of the Early-Modern State, ed. Bruce P. Lenman
Childs, J., vol. 131 (548): 189-191
Absolute Monarchy on the Frontiers: Louis XIVs Military Occupations of Lorraine and Savoy, by Phil McCluskey
Doyle, W., vol. 131 (548): 191-193
The Final Crisis of the Stuart Monarchy: The Revolutions of 1688-91 in their British, Atlantic and European Contexts, ed. Tim Harris and Stephen Taylor
Knights, M., vol. 131 (548): 193-194
The Financial Decline of a Great Power: War, Influence, and Money in Louis XIVs France, by Guy Rowlands
Swann, J., vol. 131 (548): 194-196
Paris ou Versailles? La monarchie absolue entre deux capitales 1715-1723, by Laurent Lemarchand
Doyle, W., vol. 131 (548): 196-198
Jacobitism, Enlightenment and Empire, 1680-1820, ed. Allan I. Macinnes and Douglas J. Hamilton
Glickman, G., vol. 131 (548): 198-200
The 'Perpetual Fair: Gender, Disorder and Urban Amusement in Eighteenth-Century London, by Anne Wohlcke
Falcini, L., vol. 131 (548): 200-201
Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France, by Kenneth Loiselle
Andress, D., vol. 131 (548): 202-203
Bookscape: Geographies of Printing and Publishing in London before 1800, by James Raven
Sher, R. B., vol. 131 (548): 204-205
Rebellious Prussians: Urban Political Culture under Frederick the Great and his Successors, by Florian Schui
Biskup, T., vol. 131 (548): 205-207
The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1740-1820, by Bob Harris and Charles McKean
Rodger, R., vol. 131 (548): 208-209
Geburtsaristokratie in Frankfurt am Main: Geschichte des reichsstädtischen Patriziats, by Andreas Hansert
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (548): 210-212
Public Pantheons in Revolutionary Europe: Comparing Cultures of Remembrance, c.1790-1840, by Eveline G. Bouwers
Rapport, M., vol. 131 (548): 212-214
Informal Justice in England and Wales, 1760-1914, by Stephen Banks
Shoemaker, R. B., vol. 131 (548): 214-215
Saint-Simonians in Nineteenth-Century France: From Free Love to Algeria, by Pamela Pilbeam
Abi-Mershed, O., vol. 131 (548): 216-217
Reinventing the Reformation in the Nineteenth Century: A Cultural History, ed. Peter Nockles and Vivienne Westbrook
Walsham, A., vol. 131 (548): 217-220
The International Exhibition of 1862: The Illustrated Catalogue of the Industrial Department * Fleeting Cities: Imperial Expositions in Fin-de-Siecle Europe, by Alexander C.T. Geppert * Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture, ed. Rober
Whyte, W., vol. 131 (548): 220-223
Making The Market: Victorian Origins of Corporate Capitalism, by Paul Johnson
Thompson, J., vol. 131 (548): 223-225
Colonial Medical Care in North India: Gender, State, and Society c.1830-1920, by Samiksha Sehrawat
Saavedra, M., vol. 131 (548): 225-226
The Humours of Parliament: Harry Furniss View of Late Victorian Political Culture, ed. Gareth Cordery and Joseph S. Meisel
Cawood, I., vol. 131 (548): 227-228
Christian Homes: Religion, Family and Domesticity in the 19th and 20th Centuries, ed. Tine Van Osselaer and Patrick Pasture
Matthews-Jones, L., vol. 131 (548): 229-230
Black Vienna: The Radical Right in the Red City, 1918-1938, by Janek Wasserman
Knight, R., vol. 131 (548): 230-232
1915/1916: Das etwa andere Lesebuch zum 1. Weltkrieg. Heinrich Wildner: Tagebuch, ed. Rudolf Agstner
Mulligan, W., vol. 131 (548): 232-234
Germany and Propaganda in World War I: Pacifism, Mobilization and Total War, by David Welch
OGorman, A. S., vol. 131 (548): 234-236
The Life of R.H. Tawney: Socialism and History, by Lawrence Goldman * 'Red Ellen Wilkinson: Her Ideas, Movements and World, by Matt Perry
Sloman, P., vol. 131 (548): 236-238
Worth Saving: Disabled Children during the Second World War, by Sue Wheatcroft
Long, V., vol. 131 (548): 239-240
Zwischen Sympathie und Eigennutz: NS-Propaganda und die türkische Presse im Zweiten Weltkrieg, by Berna Pekesen
Stone, N., vol. 131 (548): 240-242
Hitlers Scandinavian Legacy, ed. John Gilmour and Jill Stephenson
Newby, A. G., vol. 131 (548): 242-244
The Perils of Peace: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany, by Jessica Reinisch
Kater, M. H., vol. 131 (548): 244-245
Lionel Robbins, by Susan Howson
Jackson, B., vol. 131 (548): 246-247
The Ideological Origins of the Dirty War: Fascism, Populism and Dictatorship in Twentieth Century Argentina, by Federico Finchelstein
Lewis, C. M., vol. 131 (548): 247-249
Goodbye To All That? The Story of Europe since 1945, by Dan Stone
Nehring, H., vol. 131 (548): 249-251
Other Publications
vol. 131 (548): 252-259

Volume 130 (547)

Alice Perrers and the Goldsmiths Mistery: New Evidence Concerning the Identity of the Mistress of Edward III
Tompkins, L., vol. 130 (547): 1361-1391
Ideology, Careerism and Civic Consciousness: The Crusade against Basel, 1482-1485
Housley, N., vol. 130 (547): 1392-1417
Taxation riots and the culture of popular protest in Ireland, 1714-1740
Watt, T. D., vol. 130 (547): 1418-1448
The 1753 'Jew Bill Controversy: Jewish Restoration to Palestine, Biblical Prophecy, and English National Identity
Crome, A., vol. 130 (547): 1449-1478
'The Curse of the Co-ops: Co-operation, the Mass Press and the Market in Interwar Britain
Gurney, P., vol. 130 (547): 1479-1512