English Historical Review articles

Volume 127 (527)

The Archaeology of the East Anglian Conversion, by Richard Hoggett
Thomas, G., vol. 127 (527): 953-954
Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Language, Literature, History, ed. Alice Jorgensen
Stafford, P., vol. 127 (527): 954-956
Wonderful to Relate: Miracle Stories and Miracle Collecting in High Medieval England, by Rachel Koopmans
Yarrow, S., vol. 127 (527): 956-958
Norman Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, by Charles D. Stanton
Tyerman, C. J., vol. 127 (527): 958-960
The Jewish Communities of Medieval England: The Collected Essays of R.B. Dobson, ed. Helen Birkett
Stacey, R. C., vol. 127 (527): 960-962
The Temple Church in London: History, Architecture, Art, ed. Robin Griffith-Jones and David Park
Saul, N., vol. 127 (527): 962-963
Medieval Intrigue: Decoding Royal Conspiracies, by Ian Mortimer
Fletcher, C., vol. 127 (527): 963-964
Petitions to the Crown from English Religious Houses, c.1272-c.1485, ed. Gwilym Dodd and Alison K. McHardy
French, K. L., vol. 127 (527): 965-966
John Mirk's Festial: Edited from British Library MS Cotton Claudius A.II, Vol. I, ed. Susan Powell
Fleming, A., vol. 127 (527): 966-967
The Making of Polities: Europe, 1300-1500, by John Watts
Garnett, G., vol. 127 (527): 968-969
Les nobles et la ville: Dans l'espace francophone (XIIe-XVIe siecles), ed. Thierry Dutour
Jones, M., vol. 127 (527): 969-971
Communes and Despots in Medieval and Renaissance Italy, ed. John E. Law and Bernadette Paton
Bratchel, M. E., vol. 127 (527): 971-973
Reformation and the German Territorial State: Upper Franconia, 1300-1600, by William Bradford Smith
Jordan, J., vol. 127 (527): 973-974
Cultural Reformations: Medieval and Renaissance in Literary History, ed. Brian Cummings and James Simpson
Rundle, D., vol. 127 (527): 975-976
Shakespeare and the Just War Tradition, by Paola Pugliatti
Davies, C. S. L., vol. 127 (527): 976-978
A Jesuit in the Forbidden City: Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610, by R. Po-chia Hsia
Brockey, L. M., vol. 127 (527): 978-979
Representing the King's Splendour: Communication and Reception of Symbolic Forms of Power in Viceregal Naples, by Gabriel Guarino * Becoming Neapolitan: Citizen Culture in Baroque Naples, by John A. Marino
Storrs, C., vol. 127 (527): 979-982
The Terror of the Seas? Scottish Maritime Warfare, 1513-1713, by Steve Murdoch
James, A., vol. 127 (527): 982-984
Germany and the Holy Roman Empire, Volume I: Maximilian I to the Peace of Westphalia, 1493-1648; Volume II: The Peace of Westphalia to the Dissolution of the Reich, 1648-1806, by Joachim Whaley
Scott, T., vol. 127 (527): 984-987
The Holy Roman Empire, 1495-1806, ed. R.J.W. Evans, Michael Schaich, and Peter H. Wilson
Bradford Smith, W., vol. 127 (527): 987-991
Across the Channel: Noblewomen in Seventeenth-Century France and England. A Study of the Lives of Marie de La Tour, Queen of the Huguenots, and Charlotte de La Tremoille, Countess of Derby, by Sonja Kmec
Bryant, M., vol. 127 (527): 991-993
The Politics and Culture of Honour in Britain and Ireland, 1541-1641, by Brendan Kane
Rapple, R., vol. 127 (527): 993-995
Royalist Agents, Conspirators and Spies: Their Role in the British Civil Wars, 1640-1660, by Geoffrey Smith
Smith, D. L., vol. 127 (527): 995-997
Conscience, Equity and the Court of Chancery in Early Modern England, by Dennis R. Klinck
Holmes, C., vol. 127 (527): 997-998
The Chronicles of John Cannon: Excise Officer and Writing Master, Part 1: 1684-1733 (Somerset, Oxfordshire, Berkshire); Part 2: 1734-1743 (Somerset), ed. John Money
Griffin, E., vol. 127 (527): 998-999
Slave Wales: The Welsh and Atlantic Slavery, 1660-1850, by Chris Evans
Morgan, K., vol. 127 (527): 999-1001
Clubs and Societies in Eighteenth-Century Ireland, ed. James Kelly and Martyn Powell
McGrath, C. I., vol. 127 (527): 1001-1003
Oral and Printed Cultures in Ireland, 1600-1900, ed. Marc Caball and Andrew Carpenter
O'Halloran, C., vol. 127 (527): 1003-1004
Overture to Revolution: The 1787 Assembly of Notables and the Crisis of France's Old Regime, by John Hardman
Crook, M., vol. 127 (527): 1004-1006
The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance, ed. Ann Veronica Coats and Philip MacDougall
Rodger, N. A. M., vol. 127 (527): 1006-1008
The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660-2000: How Strategic Concerns Shaped Modern Britain, ed. William Mulligan and Brendan Simms
Beck, P. J., vol. 127 (527): 1008-1009
The Cult of Saint Catherine of Siena: A Study in Civil Religion, by Gerald Parsons
Ciani, A., vol. 127 (527): 1010-1011
Dress and Identity in British Literary Culture, 1870-1914, by Rosy Aindow
Mayer, T., vol. 127 (527): 1011-1013
Cornelia Sorabji: India's Pioneer Woman Lawyer. A Biography, by Suparna Gooptu
Ansari, S., vol. 127 (527): 1013-1015
Marianne or Germania? Nationalizing Women in Alsace, 1870-1946, by Elizabeth Vlossak
Carrol, A., vol. 127 (527): 1015-1016
Pogroms, Peasants, Jews: Britain and Eastern Europe's 'Jewish Question', 1867-1925, by Sam Johnson
Cesarani, D., vol. 127 (527): 1016-1018
The Macedonian Question: Britain and the Southern Balkans, 1939-1949, by Dimitris Livanios
Attilahoare, M., vol. 127 (527): 1018-1020
Survivors: Jewish Self-Help and Rescue in Nazi Occupied Western Europe, by Bob Moore
Michman, D., vol. 127 (527): 1020-1022
Berlin: Divided City, 1945-1989, ed. Philip Broadbent and Sabine Hake
Bruce, G., vol. 127 (527): 1022-1024
Demokratie im Schatten der Gewalt: Geschichten des Privaten im deutschen Nachkrieg, ed. Daniel Fulda, Dagmar Herzog, Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann and Till van Rahden
Scholz, N., vol. 127 (527): 1024-1026