English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVII (526)

Count Hugh of Troyes and the Territorial Principality in Early Twelfth-Century Western Europe
West, C., vol. CXXVII (526): 523-548
Way-Stations on English Episcopal Itineraries, 700-1300
Barrow, J., vol. CXXVII (526): 549-565
The Practice and Politics of Troop-Raising: Robert Devereux, Second Earl of Essex, and the Elizabethan Regime
Younger, N., vol. CXXVII (526): 566-591
Transylvanian Saxon Politics, Hungarian State Building and the Case of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Schulverein (1881-82)
Kwan, J., vol. CXXVII (526): 592-624
Did We Really Want a National Health Service? Hospitals, Patients and Public Opinions before 1948
Hayes, N., vol. CXXVII (526): 625-661
Comintern Spin Doctor
Wilson, S., vol. CXXVII (526): 662-668
A Concise Companion to History, ed. Ulinka Rublack
Bentley, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 669-671
The Idea of Work in Europe from Antiquity to Modern Times, ed. Josef Ehmer and Catharina Lis
Postel, V., vol. CXXVII (526): 671-673
The Cambridge History of Christianity. Vol. III: Early Medieval Christianities, c.600-c.1100, ed. Thomas F.X. Noble Smith and Julia M.H. Smith
Foot, S., vol. CXXVII (526): 673-676
Peaceful Kings: Peace, Power and the Early Medieval Political Imagination, by Paul J.E. Kershaw
Garipzanov, I. H., vol. CXXVII (526): 676-678
Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs, by Andrew Reynolds
Lambert, T., vol. CXXVII (526): 678-680
Medieval Legal Process: Physical, Spoken and Written Performance in the Middle Ages, ed. Marco Mostert and P.S. Barnwell
Clanchy, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 680-682
King Stephen, by Edmund King
Bates, D., vol. CXXVII (526): 682-685
The Cult of Saints and the Virgin Mary in Medieval Scotland, ed. Steve Boardman and Eila Williamson
Penman, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 685-687
The Saints' Lives of Jocelin of Furness: Hagiography, Patronage and Ecclesiastical Politics, by Helen Birkett
Van Houts, E., vol. CXXVII (526): 687-688
Feeling Persecuted: Christians, Jews and Images of Violence in the Middle Ages, by Anthony Bale * Reassessing Jewish Life in Medieval Europe, by Robert Chazan
Elukin, J. M., vol. CXXVII (526): 688-692
The Unorthodox Imagination in Late Medieval Britain, ed. Sophie Page
Forrest, I., vol. CXXVII (526): 692-693
Polluting the Sacred: Violence, Faith and the 'Civilising' of Parishioners in Late Medieval England, by Daniel E. Thiery
Clark, J. G., vol. CXXVII (526): 693-694
Edward III, by W. Mark Ormrod
Given-Wilson, C., vol. CXXVII (526): 694-696
Outlaws in Medieval and Early Modern England: Crime, Government and Society, c.1066-c.1600, ed. John C. Appleby and Paul Dalton
Ohlgren, T. H., vol. CXXVII (526): 696-698
Crime, Law and Society in the Later Middle Ages, ed. and tr. Anthony Musson, with Edward Powell
Given-Wilson, C., vol. CXXVII (526): 698-700
Urkunden und Regesten des Klosters Cornberg, ed. Johannes Burkardt
D'Avray, D., vol. CXXVII (526): 700-701
A Sip from the 'Well of Grace': Medieval Texts from the Apostolic Penitentiary, by Kirsi Salonen and Ludwig Schmugge
Clarke, P. D., vol. CXXVII (526): 701-703
Everyday Objects: Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture and its Meanings, ed. Tara Hamling and Catherine Richardson
Gilchrist, R., vol. CXXVII (526): 703-704
Henry VIII and Francis I: The Final Conflict, 1540-47, by David Potter
Gunn, S., vol. CXXVII (526): 705-706
Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery, by Eric Ives
Cooper, J. P. D., vol. CXXVII (526): 706-708
The Dialogue of the Government of Wales (1594): Updated Text and Commentary, ed. John Gwynfor Jones
Davies, C. S. L., vol. CXXVII (526): 708-709
Impostures in Early Modern England: Representations and Perceptions of Fraudulent Identities, by Tobias B. Hug
Hansen, A., vol. CXXVII (526): 709-711
British Printed Images to 1700 * Printed Images in Early Modern Britain, ed. Michael Hunter * The Print in Early Modern England: An Historical Oversight, by Malcolm Jones
Marr, A., vol. CXXVII (526): 712-717
Humanism and Protestantism in Early Modern English Education, by Ian Green
Gibson, K., vol. CXXVII (526): 717-718
Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason, and Religion, 1250-1750, by Euan Cameron
Sluhovsky, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 718-720
Protestants: A History from Wittenberg to Pennsylvania, 1517-1740, by C. Scott Dixon
Pettegree, A., vol. CXXVII (526): 720-722
Magistrates, Madonnas, and Miracles: The Counter Reformation in the Upper Palatinate, by Trevor Johnson
Dixon, C. S., vol. CXXVII (526): 723-725
Witchcraft in Europe and America
Goodare, J., vol. CXXVII (526): 725-727
Holy War and Human Bondage: Tales of Christian-Muslim Slavery in the Early-Modern Mediterranean, by Robert C. Davis
Fusaro, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 728-729
Theatre of Crisis: The Performance of Power in the Kingdom of Ireland, 1662-92, by Patrick Tuite
Brady, C., vol. CXXVII (526): 729-731
Regulating the British Economy, 1660-1850, ed. Perry Gauci
Greenhall, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 731-733
Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England, by Amanda Vickery
Green, A., vol. CXXVII (526): 734-736
Cultures of Shame: Exploring Crime and Morality in Britain, 1600-1900, by David Nash and Anne-Marie Kilday
Shore, H., vol. CXXVII (526): 736-738
Medicine in an Age of Commerce and Empire: Britain and its Tropical Colonies, 1660-1830, by Mark Harrison
Stuchtey, B., vol. CXXVII (526): 738-739