English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVI (523)

Ireland's Polemical Past: Views of Irish History in Honour of R.V. Comerford, ed. Terence Dooley
Reid, C., vol. CXXVI (523): 1593-1596
Finding a Role? The United Kingdom 1970-1990, by Brian Harrison
Jackson, B., vol. CXXVI (523): 1596-1599
History at the End of the World? History, Climate Change and the Possibility of Closure, ed. Mark Levene, Rob Johnson and Penny Roberts
Corfield, P. J., vol. CXXVI (523): 1599-1601

Volume CXXVI (522)

Archbishop Langton and Magna Carta: His Contribution, His Doubts and His Hypocrisy
Carpenter, D. A., vol. CXXVI (522): 1041-1065
Cathedrals and Charity: Almsgiving at English Secular Cathedrals in the Later Middle Ages
Lepine, D., vol. CXXVI (522): 1066-1096
The Enlightenment, Towns and Urban Society in Scotland, c.1760-1820
Harris, B., vol. CXXVI (522): 1097-1136
Fighting for Another Fatherland: The Polish Minority in the German Army, 1914-1918
Watson, A., vol. CXXVI (522): 1137-1166
Re-defining Medieval Spain
Bianchini, J., vol. CXXVI (522): 1167-1179
A Global History of History, by Daniel Woolf
Voelkel, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1180-1182
Derbyshire: A History, by David Hey
Riden, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1182-1183
Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World, by Valerie L. Garver
Ashley, S., vol. CXXVI (522): 1183-1185
The Abbey of Cluny: A Collection of Essays to Mark the Eleven-Hundredth Anniversary of its Foundation, by Giles Constable
Bruce, S. G., vol. CXXVI (522): 1185-1186
The Byzantine World, ed. Paul Stephenson
Magdalino, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1186-1188
The Hemington Bridges: The Excavation of Three Medieval Bridges at Hemington Quarry, Near Castle Donington, Leicestershire, ed. Susan Ripper and Lynden P. Cooper
Harrison, D., vol. CXXVI (522): 1188-1190
Jocelin of Wells: Bishop, Builder, Courtier, ed. Robert Dunning
Lovatt, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1190-1192
Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham, by Russell L. Friedman
Canning, J., vol. CXXVI (522): 1192-1193
The Danish Resources c.1000-1550: Growth and Recession, by Nils Hybel and Bjorn Poulsen
Nicholas, D., vol. CXXVI (522): 1193-1195
The Pilsgate Manor of the Sacrist of Peterborough Abbey, ed. and tr. Margaret E. Briston and Timothy M. Halliday
Page, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1195-1196
The Cult of St George in Medieval England, by Jonathan Good
French, K. L., vol. CXXVI (522): 1196-1198
Alcohol, Violence, and Disorder in Traditional Europe, by A. Lynn Martin
Clark, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1198-1199
Decorating the 'Godly' Household: Religious Art in Post-Reformation Britain, by Tara Hamling
Green, I., vol. CXXVI (522): 1199-1201
The Scottish Middle March, 1573-1625: Power, Kinship, Allegiance, by Anna Groundwater
Newton, D., vol. CXXVI (522): 1201-1203
Union und Liga 1608/09: Konfessionelle Bundnisse im Reich - Weichenstellung zum Religionskrieg?, ed. Albrecht Ernst and Anton Schindling
Whaley, J., vol. CXXVI (522): 1203-1205
Maps in Those Days: Cartographic Methods before 1850, by J.H. Andrews
Edney, M. H., vol. CXXVI (522): 1205-1206
Religion in the Age of Reason: A Transatlantic Study of the Long Eighteenth Century, ed. Kathryn Duncan
Wigelsworth, J. R., vol. CXXVI (522): 1207-1208
Friedrich II. von Preussen: Leistungen und Leben eines grossen Konigs, by Gerd Heinrich
Friedrich, K., vol. CXXVI (522): 1208-1210
Health and Medicine at Sea, 1700-1900, ed. David Boyd Haycock and Sally Archer
Moss, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1211-1212
Regulating Health and Safety in the British Mining Industries, 1800-1914, by Catherine Mills
Griffin, E., vol. CXXVI (522): 1213-1214
The Crimean War in the British Imagination, by Stefanie Markovits
Carter, L., vol. CXXVI (522): 1214-1216
Auguste Comte: An Intellectual Biography, Vol. III, by Mary Pickering
Gane, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1216-1217
Chocolate, Women and Empire: A Social and Cultural History, by Emma Robertson
Satre, L. J., vol. CXXVI (522): 1218-1219
English Catholics and the Education of the Poor, 1847-1902, by Eric G. Tenbus
Smith, J. T., vol. CXXVI (522): 1220-1221
Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture, by Nadja Durbach
Assael, B., vol. CXXVI (522): 1221-1222
A Living Anachronism? European Diplomacy and the Habsburg Monarchy, ed. Lothar Hobelt and Thomas G. Otte
Williamson, S. R., vol. CXXVI (522): 1222-1224
German Cities and Bourgeois Modernism, 1890-1924, by Maiken Umbach
Kay, C., vol. CXXVI (522): 1224-1226
Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1914, by Roy A. Prete
Mulligan, W., vol. CXXVI (522): 1227-1228
British Pan-Arab Policy, 1915-1922: A Critical Appraisal, by Isaiah Friedman, The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, by Jonathan Schneer, Britain, Palestine and Empire: The Mandate Years, ed. Rory Miller
Bunton, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1228-1233
Darts in England, 1900-39: A Social History, by Patrick Chaplin
Waller, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1233-1235
The British Union of Fascists: Newspapers and Secret Files
Worley, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1235-1236
Sophie Scholl: The Real Story of the Woman Who Defied Hitler, by Frank McDonough
Hall, D. I., vol. CXXVI (522): 1237-1238