English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVI (523)

Nabobs: Empire and Identity in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Wheeler, R., vol. CXXVI (523): 1543-1545
A King's Ransom: The Life of Charles Theveneau de Morande, Blackmailer, Scandalmonger and Master-Spy, by Simon Burrows
Popkin, J. D., vol. CXXVI (523): 1545-1546
War in an Age of Revolution, 1775-1815, ed. Roger Chickering and Stig Forster
Bell, D. A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1546-1548
Livestock, Sugar and Slavery: Contested Terrain in Colonial Jamaica, by Verene A. Shepherd
Paton, D., vol. CXXVI (523): 1548-1550
Nouvelle Histoire Du Premier Empire IV: Les Cent-Jours 1815, by Thierry Lentz
Alexander, R. S., vol. CXXVI (523): 1550-1552
La France des larmes: deuils politiques a l'age romantique (1814-1840), by Emmanuel Fureix
Guyver, C., vol. CXXVI (523): 1552-1553
Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero, by Abigail Green
Schroeter, D., vol. CXXVI (523): 1553-1556
Visualizing Africa in Nineteenth-Century British Travel Accounts, by Leila Koivunen * Representing Africa: Landscape, Exploration and Empire in Southern Africa, 1780-1870, by John McAleer
Driver, F., vol. CXXVI (523): 1556-1560
Democracy and the Vote in British Politics, 1848-1867: The Making of the Second Reform Act, by Robert Saunders
Hawkins, A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1560-1562
Creating the Russian Peril: Education, the Public Sphere, and National Identity in Imperial Germany, 1890-1914, by Troy R.E. Paddock
Albisetti, J. C., vol. CXXVI (523): 1562-1563
Irish Terrorism in the Atlantic Community, 1865-1922, by Jonathan Gantt
Kelly, M., vol. CXXVI (523): 1563-1565
Wealth and Welfare: An Economic and Social History of Britain, 1851-1951, by Martin Daunton
Booth, A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1565-1567
Geschichte Grossbritanniens im 20. Jahrhundert, by Franz-Josef Bruggemeier
Robbins, K., vol. CXXVI (523): 1567-1569
Der Grosse Krieg: Deutschland und Frankreich im Ersten Weltkrieg, 1914-1918, by Jean-Jacques Becker and Gerd Krumeich
Watson, A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1569-1571
The Submarine: A Cultural History from the Great War to Nuclear Combat, by Duncan Redford
Till, G., vol. CXXVI (523): 1571-1573
Shadows of War: A Social History of Silence in the Twentieth Century, ed. Efrat Ben-Ze'ev, Ruth Ginio and Jay Winter
Horne, J., vol. CXXVI (523): 1573-1574
Death in War and Peace: A History of Loss and Grief in England, 1914-1970, by Pat Jalland
Bingham, A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1575-1576
Il manuale di storia in Italia: Dal fascismo alla Repubblica, by Piergiovanni Genovesi
Levis Sullam, S., vol. CXXVI (523): 1577-1578
Stalin's Genocides, by Norman M. Naimark
Brandenberger, D., vol. CXXVI (523): 1578-1580
War and Welfare: British Prisoner of War Families, 1939-45, by Barbara Hately-Broad
Jones, H., vol. CXXVI (523): 1580-1582
Crater's Edge, by Michal Giedroyc
Evans, R. J. W., vol. CXXVI (523): 1582-1583
The Germans in Their Century, 1890-1990, by Christian Graf von Krockow
Fischer, L., vol. CXXVI (523): 1583-1584
Wehrmachtsoffiziere in der Bundeswehr: Das kriegsgediente Offizierskorps in der Bundeswehr und die Innere Fuhrung, 1955-1970, by Frank Pauli
Weinhauer, K., vol. CXXVI (523): 1585-1587
From Ruins to Reconstruction: Urban Identity in Soviet Sevastopol after World War II, by Karl D. Qualls
Smith, M. B., vol. CXXVI (523): 1587-1588
Imperial Endgame: Britain's Dirty Wars and the End of Empire, by Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon
Jackson, A., vol. CXXVI (523): 1588-1590
Transnational Networks in Regional Integration: Governing Europe, 1945-83, ed. Wolfram Kaiser, Brigitte Leucht, Michael Gehler
Nisonen, V., vol. CXXVI (523): 1590-1592
Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern Imagination, ed. David Clark and Nicholas Perkins
James, E., vol. CXXVI (523): 1592-1593
Ireland's Polemical Past: Views of Irish History in Honour of R.V. Comerford, ed. Terence Dooley
Reid, C., vol. CXXVI (523): 1593-1596
Finding a Role? The United Kingdom 1970-1990, by Brian Harrison
Jackson, B., vol. CXXVI (523): 1596-1599
History at the End of the World? History, Climate Change and the Possibility of Closure, ed. Mark Levene, Rob Johnson and Penny Roberts
Corfield, P. J., vol. CXXVI (523): 1599-1601

Volume CXXVI (522)

Archbishop Langton and Magna Carta: His Contribution, His Doubts and His Hypocrisy
Carpenter, D. A., vol. CXXVI (522): 1041-1065
Cathedrals and Charity: Almsgiving at English Secular Cathedrals in the Later Middle Ages
Lepine, D., vol. CXXVI (522): 1066-1096
The Enlightenment, Towns and Urban Society in Scotland, c.1760-1820
Harris, B., vol. CXXVI (522): 1097-1136
Fighting for Another Fatherland: The Polish Minority in the German Army, 1914-1918
Watson, A., vol. CXXVI (522): 1137-1166
Re-defining Medieval Spain
Bianchini, J., vol. CXXVI (522): 1167-1179
A Global History of History, by Daniel Woolf
Voelkel, M., vol. CXXVI (522): 1180-1182
Derbyshire: A History, by David Hey
Riden, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1182-1183
Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World, by Valerie L. Garver
Ashley, S., vol. CXXVI (522): 1183-1185
The Abbey of Cluny: A Collection of Essays to Mark the Eleven-Hundredth Anniversary of its Foundation, by Giles Constable
Bruce, S. G., vol. CXXVI (522): 1185-1186
The Byzantine World, ed. Paul Stephenson
Magdalino, P., vol. CXXVI (522): 1186-1188