English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVII (525)

The Life and Thought of Herbert Butterfield: History, Science and God, by Michael Bentley
Stack, D., vol. CXXVII (525): 496-498
Europeanization in the Twentieth Century, ed. Martin Conway and Kiran Klaus Patel
Woolf, H., vol. CXXVII (525): 499-501
Stalin's Last Generation: Soviet Post-War Youth and the Emergence of Mature Socialism, by Juliane Furst
Brandenberger, D., vol. CXXVII (525): 502-503
Khrushchev's Cold Summer: Gulag Returnees, Crime and the Fate of Reform after Stalin, by Miriam Dobson * Property of Communists: The Urban Housing Program from Stalin to Khrushchev, by Mark B. Smith
Loewenstein, K. E., vol. CXXVII (525): 503-506
Documents Diplomatiques Suisses. Vol. 22: 1.VII.1961-31.XII.1963, ed. Antoine Fleury and Mauro Cerutti
Wyss, M., vol. CXXVII (525): 506-508
The 60s Unplugged: A Kaleidoscopic History of a Disorderly Decade, by Gerard De Groot
Fowler, D., vol. CXXVII (525): 508-509
Das Alternative Milieu: Antiburgerlicher Lebensstil und Linke Politik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Europa, ed. Sven Reichardt and Detlef Siegfried
Clarkson, A., vol. CXXVII (525): 510-511
The Price of German Unity: Reunification and the Crisis of the Welfare State, by Gerhard A. Ritter (tr. Richard Deveson)
Nicholls, A. J., vol. CXXVII (525): 512-513
Civil Resistance and Power Politics: The Experience of Non-Violent Action from Gandhi to the Present, ed. Adam Roberts and Timothy Garton Ash
Kenney, P., vol. CXXVII (525): 513-515
Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference, by Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper
Darwin, J., vol. CXXVII (525): 515-518
The Oxford Handbook of World History, ed. Jerry H. Bentley
Belich, J., vol. CXXVII (525): 518-521

Volume CXXVII (524)

Christmas Day 800: Charles the Younger, Alcuin and the Frankish Royal Succession
Hammer, C. I., vol. CXXVII (524): 1-23
'Contrary to the ryght and to the order of the lawe': New Evidence of Edmund Dudley's Activities on Behalf of Henry VII in 1504
Ross, J., vol. CXXVII (524): 24-45
Samuel Pepys and 'Discourses touching Religion' under James II
Loveman, K., vol. CXXVII (524): 46-82
Women and Children First? The Administration of Titanic Relief in Southampton, 1912-59
Gregson, S., vol. CXXVII (524): 83-109
Machiavelli: Some Recent Biographies and Studies
Black, R., vol. CXXVII (524): 110-125
Britain after Rome: The Fall and Rise, 400-1070, by Robin Fleming
Whittow, M., vol. CXXVII (524): 126-128
The Visigoths in History and Legend, by J.N. Hillgarth
Collins, R., vol. CXXVII (524): 128-129
The Languages of Gift in the Early Middle Ages, ed. Wendy Davies and Paul Fouracre
Rollason, D., vol. CXXVII (524): 130-131
From the Viking Word-Hoard: A Dictionary of Scandinavian Words in the Languages of Britain and Ireland, by Diarmaid O Muirithe
Pons-Sanz, S. M., vol. CXXVII (524): 131-133
Medieval Ireland: Territorial, Political and Economic Divisions, by Paul MacCotter
Woolf, A., vol. CXXVII (524): 133-134
Sex, Gender, and Episcopal Authority in an Age of Reform, 1000-1122, by Megan McLaughlin
Gowers, B., vol. CXXVII (524): 134-136
The Clerical Dilemma: Peter of Blois and Literate Culture in the Twelfth Century, by John Cotts
Jaeger, C. S., vol. CXXVII (524): 137-139
Templars and Hospitallers as Professed Religious in the Holy Land, by Jonathan Riley-Smith
Nicholson, H. J., vol. CXXVII (524): 139-141
Manors and Markets: Economy and Society in the Low Countries, 500-1600, by Bas van Bavel
Dumolyn, J., vol. CXXVII (524): 141-143
Law and Kinship in Thirteenth-Century England, by Sam Worby
Helmholz, R. H., vol. CXXVII (524): 144-145
Calendar of the Fine Rolls of the Reign of Henry III Preserved in the National Archives. Vol. III: 1234-1242, ed. Paul Dryburgh and Beth Hartland
Church, S. D., vol. CXXVII (524): 145-146
Land and Family: Trends and Local Variations in the Peasant Land Market on the Winchester Bishopric Estates, 1263-1415, by John Mullan and Richard Britnell
Muller, M., vol. CXXVII (524): 146-148
The Foundations of Gentry Life: The Multons of Frampton and their World, 1270-1370, by Peter Coss
Morgan, P., vol. CXXVII (524): 148-150
The Claims of Poverty: Literature, Culture, and Ideology in Late Medieval England, by Kate Crassons
Scase, W., vol. CXXVII (524): 150-151
Syon Abbey and its Books: Reading, Writing and Religion c.1400-1700, ed. E.A. Jones and A. Walsham
Crankshaw, D. J., vol. CXXVII (524): 151-154
Bartolomeo Sanvito: The Life and Work of a Renaissance Scribe, by A.C. de la Mare and Laura Nuvoloni, ed. Anthony Hobson and Christopher de Hamel
Black, R., vol. CXXVII (524): 154-156
The Reformation and Robert Barnes: History, Theology and Polemic in Early Modern England, by Korey D. Maas
DAVIES, C. S. L., vol. CXXVII (524): 156-157
Henry VIII and His Afterlives: Literature, Politics, and Art, ed. Mark Rankin, Christopher Highley and John N. King
Richardson, G., vol. CXXVII (524): 157-159
John Hooper: Tudor Bishop and Martyr, by D.G. Newcombe
Andersson, D., vol. CXXVII (524): 159-161
The Rituals and Rhetoric of Queenship: Medieval to Early Modern, ed. Liz Oakley-Brown and Louise J. Wilkinson
Doran, S., vol. CXXVII (524): 161-162
The Italian Inquisition, by Christopher F. Black
Watt, J. R., vol. CXXVII (524): 162-164
Cultures of Plague: Medical Thinking at the End of the Renaissance, by Samuel K. Cohn, Jr
Shaw, J. E., vol. CXXVII (524): 164-166
Contested Territory: Mapping Peru in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, by Heidi V. Scott
Andrien, K. J., vol. CXXVII (524): 166-167
Catholic Identity and the Revolt of the Netherlands, 1520-1635, by Judith Pollmann
Machielsen, J., vol. CXXVII (524): 168-169