English Historical Review articles

Volume 131 (551)

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vol. 131 (551): 973-981

Volume 131 (549)

Gibbon on Islam
Fowden, G., vol. 131 (549): 261-292
Revisiting the 'Violence We Have Lost: Homicide in Seventeenth-Century Cheshire
Sharpe, J. A., Dickinson, J. R., vol. 131 (549): 293-323
Kissing for Virtuosi: William Stukeleys Philosophy of Pleasure (1757)
Klein, L., vol. 131 (549): 324-352
'To Vote or not to Vote: Charity Voting and the Other Side of Subscriber Democracy in Victorian England
Kanazawa, S., vol. 131 (549): 353-383
Back in Old Rus and the USSR: Archaeology, History and Politics
Shepard, J., vol. 131 (549): 384-405
Pagans and Philosophers: The Problem of Paganism from Augustine to Leibniz, by John Marenbon
Goldhill, S., vol. 131 (549): 406-407
The Ruin of Roman Britain: An Archaeological Perspective, by James Gerrard
White, R., vol. 131 (549): 407-409
The Collectio Burdegalensis: A Study and Register of an Eleventh-Century Canon Law Collection, by Kriston R. Rennie
Trumbore Jones, A., vol. 131 (549): 409-411
The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe, 1090-1500, by Emilia Jamroziak
Sykes, K., vol. 131 (549): 411-412
The Normans and Empire, by David Bates * Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest, ed. Tom Licence
Green, J. A., vol. 131 (549): 412-415
Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers in the Middle East: Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in the Period of the Crusades, by Michael A. Köhler, tr. Peter M. Holt (revised and edited by Konrad Hirschler)
Lewis, K., vol. 131 (549): 415-417
John of Brienne: King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople, c.1175-1237, by Guy Perry
Harris, J., vol. 131 (549): 417-419
The Emergence of Leon-Castile, c.1065-1500: Essays presented to J.F. OCallaghan, ed. James J. Todesca
Linehan, P., vol. 131 (549): 419-420
Der Rang der Pfalzgrafen bei Rhein: Die Gestaltung der politisch-sozialen Ordnung des Reichs im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert, by Jörg Peltzer
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (549): 420-422
Grenzerfahrung und monarchische Ordnung: Europa 1200-1500, by Bernd Schneidmüller
Scales, L., vol. 131 (549): 422-423
Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England, by Michael Johnston
Cooper, H., vol. 131 (549): 424-425
Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France, by Tracy Adams
Rigby, S. H., vol. 131 (549): 425-427
Venice and the Veneto during the Renaissance: The Legacy of Benjamin Kohl, ed. Michael Knapton, John E. Law and Alison Smith
Maglaque, E., vol. 131 (549): 427-429
The Prelate in England and Europe, 1300-1560, ed. Martin Heale
Swanson, R. N., vol. 131 (549): 429-430
Antemurale Christianitatis: Zur Genese der Bollwerksrhetorik im östlichen Mitteleuropa an der Schwelle vom Mittelalter zur Frühen Neuzeit, by Paul Srodecki
Whelan, M., vol. 131 (549): 431-432
Ephemeral City: Cheap Print and Urban Culture in Renaissance Venice, by Rosa Salzberg
Bowd, S., vol. 131 (549): 432-434
Juan de Valdes and the Italian Reformation, by Massimo Firpo, tr. Richard Bates
Black, C. F., vol. 131 (549): 434-436
Womens Voices in Tudor Wills, 1485-1603: Authority, Influence and Material Culture, by Susan E. James
French, K. L., vol. 131 (549): 436-438
The Penguin History of Europe. Volume V: Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648, by Mark Greengrass
Kümin, B., vol. 131 (549): 438-440
Jan Moretus and the Continuation of the Plantin Press, by Dirk Imhof
Machielsen, J., vol. 131 (549): 440-442
Mediatrix: Women, Politics, and Literary Production in Early Modern England, by Julie Crawford
Ross, S. C. E., vol. 131 (549): 442-444
La politique par les armes: Conflits internationaux et politisation (XVe-XIXe siecle), ed. Laurent Bourquin, Philippe Hamon, Alain Hugon and Yann Lagadec
Dhondt, F., vol. 131 (549): 444-447
The Ashgate Research Companion to The Thirty Years War, ed. Olaf Asbach and Peter Schröder
Marks, A., vol. 131 (549): 447-448
Charles I and the People of England, by David Cressy
Holmes, C., vol. 131 (549): 449-450
Social Relations and Urban Space: Norwich 1600-1700, by Fiona Williamson
Reinke-Williams, T., vol. 131 (549): 450-452
Perspectives on English Revolutionary Republicanism, ed. Dirk Wiemann and Gaby Mahlberg
Capp, B., vol. 131 (549): 452-454
Between Two Worlds: How the English Became Americans, by Malcolm Gaskill
Pullin, N., vol. 131 (549): 454-455
Status Interaction During the Reign of Louis XIV, by Giora Sternberg
McCluskey, P., vol. 131 (549): 456-458
Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Science and Politics, by Lisa Walters
Hunter, M., vol. 131 (549): 456-456
Brief Lives, by John Aubrey, ed. Kate Bennett * John Aubrey: My Own Life, by Ruth Scurr
Davidson, P., vol. 131 (549): 458-461
The Last Cavalier: Richard Talbot (1631-91), by Padraig Lenihan
Hannrachain, T. O., vol. 131 (549): 461-463
The South Sea Bubble and Ireland: Money, Banking and Investment, 1690-1721, by Patrick Walsh
Barnard, T. C., vol. 131 (549): 463-465
The Gentlemans House in the British Atlantic World, 1680-1780, by Stephen Hague
Whyte, W., vol. 131 (549): 465-466
Bonn im 18. Jahrhundert: Die Bevölkerung einer geistlichen Residenzstadt, by Christian Schlöder
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (549): 467-468