English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVII (526)

The Women's Suffrage Movement in Wales, 1866-1928, by Ryland Wallace
Smith, H. L., vol. CXXVII (526): 758-760
'Einer nur ist Herr im Reiche': Kaiser Wilhelm II als politischer Redner, by Michael A. Obst
Sperber, J., vol. CXXVII (526): 760-762
Germany's Western Front: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War. Volume II: 1915, ed. Mark Osborne Humphries and John Maker
Sheffield, G., vol. CXXVII (526): 762-763
The Listener Historical Archive, 1929-1991
Ortolano, G., vol. CXXVII (526): 763-765
Sex Before the Sexual Revolution: Intimate Life in England, 1918-1963, by Simon Szreter and Kate Fisher
Bingham, A., vol. CXXVII (526): 765-767
Deutschnational in Weimar: Die politische Biographie des Reichstagsabgeordneten Otto Schmidt(-Hannover), 1888-1971, by Maximilian Terhalle
Chickering, R., vol. CXXVII (526): 767-769
Histories of the Aftermath: The Legacies of the Second World War in Europe, ed. Frank Biess, and Robert G. Moeller
Heineman, E. D., vol. CXXVII (526): 769-770
Attlee: a Life in Politics, by Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds
Swift, J., vol. CXXVII (526): 770-772
After Hitler, Before Stalin: Catholics, Communists and Democrats in Slovakia, 1945-1948, by James Ramon Felak
Heimann, M., vol. CXXVII (526): 772-774
Progaganda nach Hitler: Eine Kulturgeschichte des Wahlkampfs in der Bundesrepublik, 1949-1990, by Thomas Mergel
Eckert, A. M., vol. CXXVII (526): 774-776
Atlantis Lost: The American Experience with De Gaulle, 1958-1969, by Sebastian Reyn
Casey, S., vol. CXXVII (526): 776-777
Heath, Nixon and the Rebirth of the Special Relationship: Britain, the US and the EC, 1969-74, by Niklas H. Rossbach
Shaffer, R., vol. CXXVII (526): 778-779
St John's College Cambridge: A History, ed. Peter Linehan
Darwall-Smith, R., vol. CXXVII (526): 779-781
vol. CXXVII (526): 782-782

Volume CXXVII (525)

Crises of Cenobitism: Abbatial Leadership and Monastic Competition in Late Eleventh-Century Flanders
Vanderputten, S., vol. CXXVII (525): 259-284
Who Was Walter Brut?
Jurkowski, M., vol. CXXVII (525): 285-302
'The Trash Who are Obstacles in Our Way': the Italian Fascist Party at the Point of Totalitarian Lift Off, 1930-31
Morgan, P., vol. CXXVII (525): 303-344
'The Unholy Mrs Knight' and the BBC: Secular Humanism and the Threat to the 'Christian Nation', c.1945-60
Brown, C. G., vol. CXXVII (525): 345-376
'Cause is not quite what it used to Be': The return of secularisation
Erdozain, D., vol. CXXVII (525): 377-400
Christians and Pagans: The Conversion of Britain from Alban to Bede, by Malcolm Lambert
Flechner, R., vol. CXXVII (525): 401-403
Witnesses to a World Crisis: Historians and Histories of the Middle East in the Seventh Century, by James Howard-Johnston
Croke, B., vol. CXXVII (525): 403-405
Puissants et miserables : Systeme social et monde paysan dans l'Europe des Francs (VIe-IXe siecles), by J.-P. Devroey
Davies, W., vol. CXXVII (525): 406-408
Courts, Elites and Gendered Power in the Early Middle Ages: Charlemagne and Others, by Janet L. Nelson
Costambeys, M., vol. CXXVII (525): 408-409
Sunday Observance and the Sunday Letter in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. and tr. Dorothy Haines
Pickles, T., vol. CXXVII (525): 409-411
England and the Continent in the Tenth Century: Studies in Honour of Wilhelm Levison (1876-1947), ed. David Rollason, Conrad Leyser, and Hannah Williams
Gretsch, M., vol. CXXVII (525): 411-413
Clerical Celibacy in the West: c.1100-1700, by Helen Parish
Gordon, B., vol. CXXVII (525): 414-415
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France, Queen of England, by Ralph V. Turner
Diggelmann, L., vol. CXXVII (525): 415-417
The Lombard League, 1167-1225, by Giancarlo Raccagni
Andrews, F., vol. CXXVII (525): 417-419
Rationalities in History: A Weberian Essay in Comparison, by D.L. D'Avray, Medieval Religious Rationalities: A Weberian Analysis, by D.L. D'Avray
Rigby, S. H., vol. CXXVII (525): 419-422
The Letters of Adam Marsh: Vol. II, ed. and tr. C.H. Lawrence, The Letters of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, tr. with introduction and annotation by F.A.C. Mantello and Joseph Goering
Maddicott, J. R., vol. CXXVII (525): 422-425
The Civil Pleas of the Suffolk Eyre of 1240, ed. Eric James Gallagher
Maddicott, J. R., vol. CXXVII (525): 425-426
English Episcopal Acta, XXXII: Norwich 1244-1266, ed. Christopher Harper-Bill
Barrow, J., vol. CXXVII (525): 426-427
'Images' Ludwigs des Heiligen im Kontext dynastischer Konflikte des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts, by Anja Rathmann-Lutz
Scales, L., vol. CXXVII (525): 427-429
The Embodied Word: Female Spiritualities, Contested Orthodoxies, and English Religious Cultures, 1350-1700, by Nancy Bradley Warren
Peters, C., vol. CXXVII (525): 429-431
Exploring Cultural History: Essays in Honour of Peter Burke, ed. Melissa Calaresu, Filippo de Vivo, and Joan-Pau Rubies
Amelang, J. S., vol. CXXVII (525): 431-433
Dressing Up: Cultural Identity in Renaissance Europe, by Ulinka Rublack
Morrall, A., vol. CXXVII (525): 433-435
The Martin Marprelate Tracts: A Modernized and Annotated Edition, ed. Joseph Black
Bayman, A., vol. CXXVII (525): 435-437
Autobiography in Early Modern England, by Adam Smyth
Hodgkin, K., vol. CXXVII (525): 437-439
In Defiance of Time: Antiquarian Writing in Early Modern England, by Angus Vine
Parry, G., vol. CXXVII (525): 439-441
English-Transylvanian Contacts in the 17th Century: The Early Stuarts and Transylvania During the Thirty Years' War, by Katalin Eperjesi
Andersson, D., vol. CXXVII (525): 441-442