English Historical Review articles

Volume 128 (530)

Beyond the Military Revolution: War in the Seventeenth-Century World, by Jeremy Black
Graham, A., vol. 128 (530): 149-151
The Dying and the Doctors: The Medical Revolution in Seventeenth-Century England, by Ian Mortimer
Tomkins, A., vol. 128 (530): 151-153
Literatures of Exile in the English Revolution and its Aftermath, 1640-1690, ed. Philip Major
Smith, G., vol. 128 (530): 153-155
Revelation Restored: The Apocalypse in later Seventeenth-Century England, by Warren Johnston
Hessayon, A., vol. 128 (530): 155-157
Vaincre Louis XIV: Angleterre-Hollande-France: Histoire d'une relation triangulaire, 1665-1688, by Charles-Edouard Levillain
Parrott, D., vol. 128 (530): 157-159
Old Believers in a Changing World, by Robert O. Crummey
Marsden, T., vol. 128 (530): 159-161
Force or Fraud: British Seduction Stories and the Problem of Resistance, 1660-1760, by Toni Bowers
Dabhoiwala, F., vol. 128 (530): 161-162
The Stuarts in Italy, 1719-1766: A Royal Court in Permanent Exile, by Edward Corp
Jenkinson, M., vol. 128 (530): 162-165
La Rome des Francais au Temps des Lumieres: Capitale de L'Antique et Carrefour de l'Europe, 1769-1791, by Gilles Montegre * Roma Britannica: Art Patronage and Cultural Exchange in Eighteenth-century Rome, ed. David R. Marshall, Susan Russell, and Karin W
Storrs, C., vol. 128 (530): 165-169
The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Regime, ed. William Doyle
Blanning, T., vol. 128 (530): 169-171
The Inner Life of Empires: An Eighteenth-Century History, by Emma Rothschild
Harper, M., vol. 128 (530): 171-173
The Irish Country House: Its Past, Present and Future, ed. Terence Dooley and Christopher Ridgway
Barnard, T., vol. 128 (530): 173-175
The Early English Censuses, by E.A. Wrigley
Griffin, E., vol. 128 (530): 175-176
The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe, 1780-1920: The Churches, ed. Joris van Eijnatten and Paula Yates
McLeod, H., vol. 128 (530): 176-178
The British Empire and the Natural World: Environmental Encounters in South Asia, ed. Deepak Kumar, Vinita Damodaran and Rohan D'Souza
Ross, C., vol. 128 (530): 178-179
The Science of Religion in Britain, 1860-1915, by Marjorie Wheeler-Barclay
Jones, H. S., vol. 128 (530): 179-181
The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain: Democracy, Association and Revolution, 1854-1875, by Guy Thomson
Storm, E., vol. 128 (530): 181-182
Europa in den Augen Bismarcks: Bismarcks Vorstellungen von der Politik der europaischen Machte und vom europaischen Staatensystem, by Dominik Haffer
Mulligan, W., vol. 128 (530): 183-184
All Souls and the Wider World: Statesmen, Scholars, and Adventurers, c.1850-1950, ed. S.J.D. Green and Peregrine Horden
Whyte, W., vol. 128 (530): 184-186
Gladstone: Ireland and Beyond, ed. Mary E. Daly and K. Theodore Hoppen
Cawood, I., vol. 128 (530): 186-188
The Making of British Socialism, by Mark Bevir
Claeys, G., vol. 128 (530): 188-190
After Ruskin: The Social and Political Legacies of a Victorian Prophet, 1870-1920, by Stuart Eagles
Martin, D. E., vol. 128 (530): 190-191
Sport and the Military: The British Armed Forces, 1880-1960, by Tony Mason
Johnes, M., vol. 128 (530): 192-193
The Rising: Ireland, Easter 1916, by Fearghal McGarry
Reid, C., vol. 128 (530): 193-195
European Empires and the People: Popular Responses to Imperialism in France, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy, ed. John MacKenzie
Thompson, A. S., vol. 128 (530): 195-197
The Making of Modern Turkey: Nation and State in Eastern Anatolia 1913-1950, by Ugur Umit Ungor
Stone, N., vol. 128 (530): 198-199
A History of the Baltic States, by Andres Kasekamp
Lumans, V. O., vol. 128 (530): 199-202
Slovakia in History, ed. Mikulas Teich, Dusan Kovac, and Martin D. Brown
Ward, J. M., vol. 128 (530): 202-204
Spartak Moscow: A History of the People's Team in the Workers' State, by Robert Edelman
Waterlow, J., vol. 128 (530): 204-205
The Victorious Counterrevolution: The Nationalist Effort in the Spanish Civil War, by Michael Seidman
Ruiz, J., vol. 128 (530): 205-207
Waldeck im Dritten Reich: Voraussetzungen und Wirken des Nationalsozialismus im hessischen Norden, by Gerhard Menk
Hope, N., vol. 128 (530): 207-209
El precio de la exclusion: La politica durante la Segunda Republica, by Manuel Alvarez Tardio * Palabras como punos: La intransigencia politica en la Segunda Republica espanola, ed. Fernando del Rey
Stradling, R., vol. 128 (530): 209-212
The Routledge History of the Holocaust, ed. Jonathan C. Friedman
Broch, L., vol. 128 (530): 212-214
Roosevelt's Lost Alliances: How Personal Politics Helped Start the Cold War, by Frank Costigliola
Nehring, H., vol. 128 (530): 214-216
At Freedom's Door, by Malcolm Lyall Darling
Gould, W., vol. 128 (530): 217-218
Ireland, Design and Visual Culture: Negotiating Modernity, 1922-1992, ed. Linda King and Elaine Sisson
Tuathaigh, G. O., vol. 128 (530): 218-220
Conflicts in the North of Ireland, 1900-2000: Flashpoints and Fracture Zones, ed. Alan F. Parkinson and Eamon Phoenix
Ollerenshaw, P., vol. 128 (530): 220-222
Turning Points in Twentieth-Century Irish History, ed. Thomas E. Hachey
Girvin, B., vol. 128 (530): 222-224
Packaging Pleasure: Holiday Camps in Twentieth Century Britain, by Sandra Dawson
Beaven, B., vol. 128 (530): 224-225
An Immigration History of Britain: Multicultural Racism since 1800, by Panikos Panayi
Brown, L., vol. 128 (530): 225-227