English Historical Review articles

Volume 127 (528)

The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland, by Alexandra Walsham * The Trials of Margaret Clitherow: Persecution, Martyrdom and the Politics of Sanctity in Elizabethan England, by Peter Lake and M
Willis, J., vol. 127 (528): 1211-1215
Bible: The Story of the King James Version, 1611-2011, by Gordon Campbell
Southcombe, G., vol. 127 (528): 1216-1217
Shaping the Day: A History of Timekeeping in England and Wales, 1300-1800, by Paul Glennie and Nigel Thrift
Turner, A., vol. 127 (528): 1217-1219
Mission to China: Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit Encounter with the East, by Mary Laven
Hsia, R. P.-C., vol. 127 (528): 1219-1221
Wallenstein: The Enigma of the Thirty Years War, by Geoff Mortimer
Lederer, D., vol. 127 (528): 1221-1223
Christian Identity, Jews, and Israel in Seventeenth-Century England, by Achsah Guibbory
Loewenstein, D., vol. 127 (528): 1223-1225
Radical Religion in Cromwell's England: A Concise History from the English Civil War to the End of the Commonwealth, by Andrew Bradstock
Capp, B., vol. 127 (528): 1225-1227
The Gwent County History. Volume 3: The Making of Monmouthshire, 1536-1780, ed. Madeleine Gray and Prys Morgan
Gauci, P., vol. 127 (528): 1227-1228
The Making of the Irish Protestant Ascendancy: The Life of William Conolly, 1662-1729, by Patrick Walsh * The Conolly Archive, ed. Patrick Walsh and A.P.W. Malcomson
McNally, P., vol. 127 (528): 1228-1230
Settler Society in the English Leeward Islands, 1670-1776, by Natalie A. Zacek
Petley, C., vol. 127 (528): 1231-1232
Artistic and Cultural Exchanges Between Europe and Asia, 1400-1900: Rethinking Markets, Workshops and Collections, ed. Michael North
Gerritsen, A., vol. 127 (528): 1232-1234
The Emergence of Britain's Global Naval Supremacy: The War of 1739-1748, by Richard Harding
Duffy, M., vol. 127 (528): 1234-1236
The Foundations of British Maritime Ascendancy: Resources, Logistics and the State, 1755-1815, by Roger Morriss
Rodger, N. A. M., vol. 127 (528): 1236-1238
Barbarism and Religion. Volume 5: Religion: The First Triumph, by J.G.A. Pocock
Young, B. W., vol. 127 (528): 1238-1240
'Ueber die Eide': Zucht und Kritik im Preussen der Aufklarung, by Marcus Twellmann
Sorkin, D., vol. 127 (528): 1240-1242
Revolutionary Commerce: Globalization and the French Monarchy, by Paul Cheney
Schui, F., vol. 127 (528): 1242-1244
The East India Company's London Workers: Management of the Warehouse Labourers, 1800-1858, by Margaret Makepeace
Marriott, J., vol. 127 (528): 1244-1246
God's Empire: Religion and Colonialism in the British World, c.1801-1908, by Hilary M. Carey
Brown, J. M., vol. 127 (528): 1246-1248
Health in the Marketplace: Professionalism, Therapeutic Desires, and Medical Commodification in Late-Victorian London, by Takahiro Ueyama
Bartrip, P. W. J., vol. 127 (528): 1248-1250
Bourgeois Consumption: Food, Space and Identity in London and Paris, 1850-1914, by Rachel Rich
Assael, B., vol. 127 (528): 1250-1251
The Political Life of Josiah C. Wedgwood: Land, Liberty and Empire, 1872-1943, by Paul Mulvey
Griffiths, C. V. J., vol. 127 (528): 1252-1253
Russia in 1913, by Wayne Dowler * The Death of Tolstoy: Russia on the Eve, Astapovo Station, 1910, by William Nickell
Waldron, P., vol. 127 (528): 1253-1256
Priester im Krieg: Elsassische und franzosisch-lothringische Geistliche im Ersten Weltkrieg, by Annette Jantzen
Klein, D., vol. 127 (528): 1256-1258
Britain and the Weimar Republic: The History of a Cultural Relationship, by Colin Storer
Jelavich, P., vol. 127 (528): 1258-1259
The Great War and German Memory: Society, Politics and Psychological Trauma, 1914-1945, by Jason Crouthamel
Schumann, D., vol. 127 (528): 1260-1261
Alternatives to Appeasement: Neville Chamberlain and Hitler's Germany, by Andrew David Stedman
Neilson, K., vol. 127 (528): 1261-1263
Histories of the Holocaust, by Dan Stone
Jones, L. E., vol. 127 (528): 1263-1265
Years of Persecution, Years of Extermination: Saul Friedlander and the Future of Holocaust Studies, ed. Christian Wiese and Paul Betts
Epstein, C., vol. 127 (528): 1266-1269
Verdrangter Terror: Geschichte und Wahrnehmung sowjetischer Speziallager in Deutschland, by Bettina Greiner
Palmowski, J., vol. 127 (528): 1269-1270
The International Order of Asia in the 1930s and 1950s, ed. Shigeru Akita and Nicholas J. White
Clayton, D., vol. 127 (528): 1270-1272
New Perspectives on Yugoslavia: Key Issues and Controversies, ed. Dejan Djokia and James Ker-Lindsay
Drapac, V., vol. 127 (528): 1272-1274
The Routledge Guide to European Political Archives: Sources since 1945, by Chris Cook
Patel, K. K., vol. 127 (528): 1274-1275
The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History, ed. Jose C. Moya
Earle, R., vol. 127 (528): 1275-1277
Notices of Periodicals and Occasional Publications mainly of 2011
vol. 127 (528): 1278-1340
Erratum in the August Number
vol. 127 (528): 1341-1341
Corrigendum to the August Number
vol. 127 (528): 1341-1341

Volume 127 (527)

Bede, Willibrord and the Letters of * Pope Honorius I on the Genesis of the Archbishopric of York
Story, J., vol. 127 (527): 783-818
Puritans and the 'Monarchical Republic': Conformity and Conflict in the * Elizabethan Church
Oates, R., vol. 127 (527): 819-843
'Tremble, Britannia!': Fear, Providence and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1758-1807
Coffey, J., vol. 127 (527): 844-881
Popular Petitioning and the Corn Laws, 1833-46
Miller, H., vol. 127 (527): 882-919