English Historical Review articles

Volume CXXVI (520)

Edward II, by Seymour Phillips
Hamilton, J. S., vol. CXXVI (520): 655-657
Survival and Discord in Medieval Society: Essays in Honour of Christopher Dyer, ed. Richard Goddard, John Langdon and Miriam Muller
Woolgar, C. M., vol. CXXVI (520): 657-659
The Hollow Crown: A History of Britain in the Late Middle Ages, by Miri Rubin
Griffiths, R. A., vol. CXXVI (520): 659-660
Monasticism in Late Medieval England, c.1300-1535, ed. and tr. Martin Heale
Stober, K., vol. CXXVI (520): 660-662
What is a Lollard? Dissent and Belief in Late Medieval England, by J. Patrick Hornbeck II
Forrest, I., vol. CXXVI (520): 662-664
The Search for Salvation: Lay Faith in Scotland, 1480-1560, by Audrey-Beth Fitch, ed. Elizabeth Ewan
Macdonald, A. R., vol. CXXVI (520): 664-665
Women and Writing, c.1340-c.1650: The Domestication of Print Culture, ed. Anne Lawrence-Mathers and Phillipa Hardman
Mclean-Fiander, K., vol. CXXVI (520): 666-668
The Feminine Dynamic in English Art, 1485-1603: Women as Consumers, Patrons and Painters, by Susan E. James
Archer, J. E., vol. CXXVI (520): 668-669
The Historical Study of Women: England, 1500-1700, by Amanda Capern
Walker, C., vol. CXXVI (520): 669-671
Puritanism: A Very Short Introduction , by Francis J. Bremer * The Reformation: A Very Short Introduction, by Peter Marshall
Ryrie, A., vol. CXXVI (520): 672-673
Mary Tudor, by Judith Richards * Mary Tudor: England's First Queen, by Anna Whitelock
Samson, A., vol. CXXVI (520): 673-675
Swedish Naval Administration, 1521-1721: Resource Flows and Organisational Capabilities, by Jan Glete
Rodger, N. A. M., vol. CXXVI (520): 675-677
Jacques de Savoie-Nemours: L'apanage du Genevois au coeur de la puissance dynastique savoyarde au XVIe siecle, by Matthew A. Vester
Hanlon, G., vol. CXXVI (520): 677-679
Politics and Religion in Early Bourbon France, ed. Alison Forrestal and Eric Nelson
Gibbons, K., vol. CXXVI (520): 679-681
The Frontiers of the Ottoman World, ed. A.C.S. Peacock
Woodhead, C., vol. CXXVI (520): 681-683
Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures: A History of Tobacco and Chocolate in the Atlantic World, by Marcy Norton
Deans-Smith, S., vol. CXXVI (520): 683-685
Lord Henry Howard, 1540-1614: An Elizabethan Life, by D.C. Andersson
Gajda, A., vol. CXXVI (520): 685-688
Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England, by Andrew McRae
Slack, P., vol. CXXVI (520): 689-690
Ben Jonson and the Politics of Genre, ed. A.D. Cousins and Alison V. Scott
Bevington, D., vol. CXXVI (520): 690-691
The Church of England and Christian Antiquity: The Construction of a Confessional Identity in the 17th Century, by Jean-Louis Quantin
Coffey, J., vol. CXXVI (520): 691-693
The English Civil War: Conflict and Contexts, 1640-49, ed. John Adamson
Smith, G., vol. CXXVI (520): 694-695
The Warrior Generals: Winning the British Civil Wars, by Malcolm Wanklyn
Bennett, M., vol. CXXVI (520): 695-697
Thomas Hobbes: Behemoth, ed. Paul Seaward
Baumgold, D., vol. CXXVI (520): 697-698
Household Servants in Early Modern England, by R.C. Richardson
Capp, B., vol. CXXVI (520): 698-700
James II and the Trial of the Seven Bishops, by William Gibson
Harris, T., vol. CXXVI (520): 700-701
People, Politics and Power: Essays on Irish History 1660-1850 in Honour of James I. McGuire, ed. James Kelly, John McCafferty and Charles Ivar McGrath
Barnard, T., vol. CXXVI (520): 702-703
I vascelli della Serenissima: Guerra, politica e costruzioni navali a Venezia in eta moderna, 1650-1720, by Guido Candiani
de Lariviere, C. J., vol. CXXVI (520): 703-704
Il Piemonte come eccezione? Riflessioni sulla 'Piedmontese exception', ed. Paola Bianchi
Osborne, T., vol. CXXVI (520): 704-706
Les Cantemir: L'aventure europeenne d'une famille princiere au XVIIIe siecle, by Stefan Lemny
Pavlowitch, S. K., vol. CXXVI (520): 706-707
The Fiscal-Military State in Eighteenth-Century Europe: Essays in Honour of P.G.M. Dickson, ed. Christopher Storrs
Sked, A., vol. CXXVI (520): 707-708
Tra moglie e marito: Matrimoni e separazioni a Livorno nel Settecento by Chiara La Rocca
Storrs, C., vol. CXXVI (520): 709-711
Liberal Beginnings: Making a Republic for the Moderns, ed. Andreas Kalyvas and Ira Katznelson
Weeber, U., vol. CXXVI (520): 711-713
The Scottish People and the French Revolution, by Bob Harris
Pentland, G., vol. CXXVI (520): 713-714
The Making of British Unionism, 1740-1848: Politics, Government and the Anglo-Irish Constitutional Relationship, by Douglas Kanter
Powell, M., vol. CXXVI (520): 714-716
From Artisan to Worker: Guilds, the French State, and the Organization of Labor, 1776-1821, by Michael P. Fitzsimmons
Sonenscher, M., vol. CXXVI (520): 716-718
How to be French: Nationality in the Making since 1789, by Pattrick Weil, tr. Catherine Porter
Andress, D., vol. CXXVI (520): 718-720
The Cognitive Challenge of War: Prussia 1806, by Peter Paret
Blanning, T., vol. CXXVI (520): 720-721
Freres de sang: La guerre civile en France au XIXe siecle, by Jean-Claude Caron
Guyver, C., vol. CXXVI (520): 721-722
Victorian Reformation: The Fight over Idolatry in the Church of England, 1840-1860 by Dominic Janes
Wolffe, J., vol. CXXVI (520): 722-724
The Origins of Christian Zionism: Lord Shaftesbury and Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland, by Donald M. Lewis
Green, A., vol. CXXVI (520): 724-725