English Historical Review articles

Volume 130 (543)

Toleration in Conflict: Past and Present, by Rainer Forst
Nederman, C. J., vol. 130 (543): 515-518
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vol. 130 (543): 519-526
The English Historical Review
vol. 130 (543): 527-530

Volume 130 (542)

Friendly Foreigners: International Warfare, Resident Aliens and the Early History of Denization in England, c.1250-c.1400
Lambert, B., Ormrod, W. M., vol. 130 (542): 1-24
Henry VIII's First Invasion of France: The Gascon Expedition of 1512
Murphy, N., vol. 130 (542): 25-56
The Indignant Nation: Australian Responses to the Attempted Assassination of the Duke of Edinburgh in 1868
Pentland, G., vol. 130 (542): 57-88
Britain's Money Supply Experiment, 1971-73
Needham, D., vol. 130 (542): 89-122
The British Army in the Napoleonic Wars: Approaches Old and New
Esdaile, C. J., vol. 130 (542): 123-137
The Modern Origins of the Early Middle Ages, by Ian Wood
Moore, R. I., vol. 130 (542): 138-140
The Devil Within: Possession and Exorcism in the Christian West, by Brian P. Levack
French, A., vol. 130 (542): 140-142
The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad, ed. Jonathan E. Brockopp
Gorke, A., vol. 130 (542): 142-144
Wilfrid: Abbot, Bishop, Saint. Papers from the 1300th Anniversary Conferences, ed. N.J. Higham
Rollason, D., vol. 130 (542): 145-146
Charlemagne's Early Campaigns (768-777): A Diplomatic and Military Analysis, by Bernard S. Bachrach
Collins, R., vol. 130 (542): 146-148
Documentary Culture and the Laity in the Early Middle Ages, ed. Warren C. Brown, Marios Costambeys, Matthew Innes and Adam J. Kosto
Whittow, M., vol. 130 (542): 148-150
An Empire of Memory: The Legend of Charlemagne, the Franks, and Jerusalem before the First Crusade, by Matthew Gabriele * Charlemagne's Survey of the Holy Land: Wealth, Personnel, and Buildings of a Mediterranean Church between Antiquity and the Middle Ag
Rollason, D., vol. 130 (542): 150-153
The Conversion of Scandinavia: Vikings, Merchants and Missionaries in the Remaking of Northern Europe, by Anders Winroth
Grove, J., vol. 130 (542): 153-155
Authority in Byzantium, ed. Pamela Armstrong
Howard-Johnston, J., vol. 130 (542): 155-156
The English and Their Legacy, 900-1200: Essays in Honour of Ann Williams, ed. David Roffe
Van Houts, E., vol. 130 (542): 156-158
Pope Alexander III (1159-81): The Art of Survival, ed. Peter D. Clarke and Anne J. Duggan
Perry, G., vol. 130 (542): 158-159
La Seigneurie collective: Pairs, pariers, paratge; les coseigneurs du XIe au XIIIe siecle, by Helene Debax
Dunbabin, J., vol. 130 (542): 159-161
English Episcopal Acta. 42: Ely, 1198-1256, ed. Nicholas Karn
Barrow, J., vol. 130 (542): 161-162
Nobility and Kingship in Medieval England: The Earls and Edward I, by Andrew M. Spencer
Maddicott, J. R., vol. 130 (542): 163-164
High-Ranking Widows in Medieval Iceland and Yorkshire: Property, Power, Marriage and Identity in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, by Philadelphia Ricketts
Cavell, E., vol. 130 (542): 164-166
Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages, by Stephen A. Mitchell
Antonsson, H., vol. 130 (542): 166-168
Crisis and Survival in Late Medieval Ireland: The English of Louth and their Neighbours, 1330-1450, by Brendan Smith
Frame, R., vol. 130 (542): 168-170
The Soldier in Later Medieval England, by Adrian R. Bell, Anne Curry, Andy King and David Simpson
Sumption, J., vol. 130 (542): 171-172
Emotions and Health, 1200-1700, ed. Elena Carrera
Skoda, H., vol. 130 (542): 173-174
Regesta Imperii XI: Regesten Kaiser Sigismunds (1410-1437). Nach Archiven und Bibliotheken geordnet. Die Urkunden und Briefe aus den Archiven und Bibliotheken Mahrens und Tschechisch-Schlesiens, ed. Peter Elbel
Scales, L., vol. 130 (542): 174-176
The Channel Islands, 1370-1640: Between England and Normandy, by Tim Thornton
Ellis, S. G., vol. 130 (542): 176-177
Cities of Commerce: The Institutional Foundations of International Trade in the Low Countries, 1250-1650, by Oscar Gelderblom
Wubs-Mrozewicz, J., vol. 130 (542): 177-179
John Bale and Religious Conversion in Reformation England, by Oliver Wort
Royal, S., vol. 130 (542): 179-181
Conflict and Conversion in Sixteenth Century Central Mexico: The Augustinian War On and Beyond the Chichimeca Frontier, by Robert H. Jackson
Gutierrez, V. A., vol. 130 (542): 181-183
L'honneur et la foi: Le droit de resistance chez les reformes francais (1536-1581), by Jules Racine St-Jacques
Greengrass, M., vol. 130 (542): 183-184
Anglo-German Relations and the Protestant Cause: Elizabethan Foreign Policy and Pan-Protestantism, by David Scott Gehring
Alford, S., vol. 130 (542): 184-185
The Cooke Sisters: Education, Piety and Politics in Early Modern England, by Gemma Allen
Davies, C. S. L., vol. 130 (542): 186-187
The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation, ed. AlexandraBamji, Geert H. Janssen and Mary Laven
Gould, K., vol. 130 (542): 187-188
The Roman Inquisition: A Papal Bureaucracy in the Age of Galileo, by Thomas F. Mayer
Mazur, P. A., vol. 130 (542): 189-190
Ritual and Conflict: The Social Relations of Childbirth in Early Modern England, by Adrian Wilson
Evans, J., vol. 130 (542): 190-192
New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Toleration, by Evan Haefeli
Middleton, S., vol. 130 (542): 192-194
The Laudians and the Elizabethan Church: Conformity and Religious Identity in Post-Reformation England, by Calvin Lane
Foster, A., vol. 130 (542): 194-196