English Historical Review articles

Volume 129 (538)

New Zealand in the League of Nations: The Beginnings of an Independent Foreign Policy, 1919-1939, by Gerald Chaudron
Yearwood, P. J., vol. 129 (538): 760-761
Reluctant Warriors: Republican Popular Army and Nationalist Army Conscripts in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, by James Matthews
Baxell, R., vol. 129 (538): 761-763
From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965, by John Connelly
Spicer, K. P., vol. 129 (538): 763-765
The Wobbling Pivot: China since 1800--An Interpretive History, by Pamela Kyle Crossley
Altehenger, J. E., vol. 129 (538): 765-767
English as a Vocation: The Scrutiny Movement, by Christopher Hilliard
Ortolano, G., vol. 129 (538): 767-769
Love in the Time of Communism: Intimacy and Sexuality in the GDR, by Josie McLellan
Timm, A. F., vol. 129 (538): 769-772
I Documenti diplomatici italiani. Undicesima Serie: 1948-1953. Vol. IV: 27 gennaio-31 ottobre 1950, ed. Pietro Pastorelli
Bosworth, R. J. B., vol. 129 (538): 772-774
Documents Diplomatiques Suisses. Vol. 23: 1.1.1964-31.12.1966, ed. Sacha Zala et al.
Wyss, M., vol. 129 (538): 774-775
The Conservatives since 1945: The Drivers of Party Change, by Tim Bale
Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, F., vol. 129 (538): 776-778
The Rise and Fall of Great Companies: Courtaulds and the Reshaping of the Man-Made Fibres Industry, by Geoffrey Owen
Greenlees, J., vol. 129 (538): 778-779
Entrustet Euch!' Nuklearkrise, NATO-Doppelbeschluss und Friedensbewegung, ed. Christoph Becker-Schaum, Philipp Gassert, Martin Klimke, Wilfried Mausbach and Marianne Zepp
Grunbacher, A., vol. 129 (538): 779-781
The Hour of Europe: Western Powers and the Breakup of Yugoslavia, by Josip Glaurdić
Newman, J. P., vol. 129 (538): 781-782
Serbian Dreambook: National Imaginary in the Time of Milošević, by Marko Živković
Drace-Francis, A., vol. 129 (538): 782-784
Science in the Twentieth Century and Beyond, by Jon Agar
Bud, R., vol. 129 (538): 784-786

Volume 129 (537)

Penry Williams (1925-2013)
Bernard, G., Evans, R., vol. 129 (537): 267-269
Heresy, Law and the State: Forfeiture in Late Medieval and Early Modern England
Cavill, P. R., vol. 129 (537): 270-295
'A Memorial and a Pledge of Faith': Portraiture and Early Modern Diplomatic Culture
Sowerby, T. A., vol. 129 (537): 296-331
'An Experiment in Constructive Unionism': Isaac Butt, Home Rule and Federalist Political Thought during the 1870s
Reid, C. W., vol. 129 (537): 332-361
Family Welfare and Social Work in Post-War England, c.1948-c.1970
Todd, S., vol. 129 (537): 362-387
Caricatures Travel Better than Portraits: On Maximilien Robespierre
Jacobson, G., vol. 129 (537): 388-402
How Fighting Ends: A History of Surrender, ed. Holger Afflerbach and Hew Strachan
French, D., vol. 129 (537): 403-405
The Oxford History of Historical Writing. Volume III: 1400-1800, ed. Jose Rabasa, Masayuki Sato, Edoardo Tortarolo and Daniel Woolf
Kontler, L., vol. 129 (537): 405-409
Debating the Saints' Cult in the Age of Gregory the Great, by Matthew Dal Santo
Krausmuller, D., vol. 129 (537): 409-410
Begegnungen zwischen dem ostfrankisch-deutschen Reich und England (850-1100): Kontakte - Konstellationen - Funktionalisierung - Wirkungen, by Andreas Bihrer
Rembold, I., vol. 129 (537): 410-412
Hostages in the Middle Ages, by Adam J. Kosto
Geltner, G., vol. 129 (537): 412-414
Comtes, Vicomtes et noblesse au nord de l'Aquitaine aux Xe-XIe siecles: Etudes prosopographiques, historiques et constitutionnelles sur le Poitou, l'Aunis et la Saintonge, by Jan Hendrick Prell
Beech, G. T., vol. 129 (537): 414-416
Popes and Antipopes: The Politics of Eleventh Century Church Reform, by Mary Stroll
Healy, P., vol. 129 (537): 416-417
The Letter Collections of Anselm of Canterbury, by Samu Niskanen
Gowers, B., vol. 129 (537): 417-419
The First Crusade: The Call from the East, by Peter Frankopan
Harris, J., vol. 129 (537): 419-421
Nouvelle histoire des Capetiens, 987-1214, by Dominique Barthelemy
Dunbabin, J., vol. 129 (537): 421-423
Jewish Women in Europe in the Middle Ages: A Quiet Revolution, by Simha Goldin
Abulafia, A. S., vol. 129 (537): 423-425
A Brief History of Britain, 1066-1485: The Birth of a Nation, by Nicholas Vincent * Magna Carta: A Very Short Introduction, by Nicholas Vincent
Garnett, G., vol. 129 (537): 425-427
The First English Revolution: Simon de Montfort, Henry III and the Barons' War, by Adrian Jobson
Ambler, S., vol. 129 (537): 427-429
The True Chronicles of Jean Le Bel, 1290-1360, tr. Nigel Bryant
Taylor, C., vol. 129 (537): 429-429
The Chronicle of Geoffrey le Baker, tr. David Preest, with introduction and notes by Richard Barber
Given-Wilson, C., vol. 129 (537): 430-431
Crime et justice en Gascogne a la fin du Moyen Age, by Pierre Pretou
Pepin, G., vol. 129 (537): 431-432
'The beste and fayrest of al Lincolnshire': The Church of St Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire, and its Medieval Monuments, ed. Sally Badham and Paul Cockerham
Saul, N., vol. 129 (537): 433-433
Middle-Class Writing in Late Medieval London, by Malcolm Richardson
Moss, R. E., vol. 129 (537): 434-435
From England to Bohemia: Heresy and Communication in the Later Middle Ages, by Michael van Dussen
Thomas, A., vol. 129 (537): 435-438
Sin in Medieval and Early Modern Culture: The Tradition of the Seven Deadly Sins, ed. Richard G. Newhauser and Susan J. Ridyard
Carlson, E. J., vol. 129 (537): 438-439