English Historical Review articles

Volume 129 (537)

Socialising the Child in Late Medieval England, c.1400-1600, by Merridee L. Bailey
French, K. L., vol. 129 (537): 439-441
Der Anfang der Reformation: Studien zur Kontextualitat der Theologie, Publizistik und Inszenierung Luthers und der reformatorischen Bewegung, by Thomas Kaufmann
Dixon, C. S., vol. 129 (537): 441-443
Henry VIII and History, ed. Thomas Betteridge and Thomas S. Freeman
Ryrie, A., vol. 129 (537): 443-444
The Perth Kirk Session Books, 1577-1590, ed. Margo Todd
Graham, M. F., vol. 129 (537): 444-446
The Oxford Handbook of Holinshed's Chronicles, ed. Paulina Kewes, Ian W. Archer and Felicity Heal
Davies, C. S. L., vol. 129 (537): 446-448
Angels and Belief in England, 1480-1700, by Laura Sangha
Gillespie, R., vol. 129 (537): 448-449
Early Modern Women's Writing and the Rhetoric of Modesty, by Patricia Pender
McLean-Fiander, K., vol. 129 (537): 449-451
Thomas Middleton in Context, ed. Suzanne Gossett
Butler, M., vol. 129 (537): 451-453
The Trial of Galileo, 1612-1633, ed. Thomas F. Mayer
Black, C. F., vol. 129 (537): 453-455
Charles I and the Aristocracy, 1625-1642, by Richard Cust
Holmes, C., vol. 129 (537): 455-457
Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720, by Andrew Cambers
Southcombe, G., vol. 129 (537): 457-459
Luxury and Power: The Material World of the Stuart Diplomat, 1660-1714, by Helen Jacobsen
Peck, L. L., vol. 129 (537): 459-460
The Acadian Diaspora: An Eighteenth-Century History, by Christopher Hodson
Marsh, B., vol. 129 (537): 461-462
Revolution and the Republic: A History of Political Thought in France since the Eighteenth Century, by Jeremy Jennings
Jones, H. S., vol. 129 (537): 462-464
Macaulay and Son: Architects of Imperial Britain, by Catherine Hall
Auerbach, J., vol. 129 (537): 465-467
The Rural War: Captain Swing and the Politics of Protest, by Carl J. Griffin
Dunbabin, J. P. D., vol. 129 (537): 467-470
Ulster Liberalism, 1778-1876: The Middle Path, by Gerald R. Hall
Beiner, G., vol. 129 (537): 470-472
The Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Political Thought, ed. Gareth Stedman Jones and Gregory Claeys
Young, B. W., vol. 129 (537): 472-474
Picturing Reform in Victorian Britain, by Janice Carlisle
Mitchell, R., vol. 129 (537): 474-476
Form and Faith in Victorian Poetry and Religion, by Kirstie Blair
Atkins, G., vol. 129 (537): 476-478
Freedom Burning: Anti-Slavery and Empire in Victorian Britain, by Richard Huzzey
Turley, D., vol. 129 (537): 478-480
The Making of New Zealanders, by Ron Palenski
Laidlaw, Z., vol. 129 (537): 480-481
Before the Nation: Muslim-Christian Coexistence and its Destruction in Late-Ottoman Anatolia, by Nicholas Doumanis
Livanios, D., vol. 129 (537): 482-483
The Young Turk Legacy and Nation Building From the Ottoman Empire to Ataturk's Turkey, by Erik Jan Zurcher
Oktem, K., vol. 129 (537): 483-485
'The Army Isn't All Work': Physical Culture and the Evolution of the British Army, 1860-1920, by James D. Campbell
Meyer, J., vol. 129 (537): 485-487
Russian Jews Between the Reds and the Whites, 1917-1920, by Oleg Budnitskii, tr. Timothy J. Portice
Johnson, S., vol. 129 (537): 487-488
Winning and Losing on the Western Front: The British Third Army and the Defeat of Germany in 1918, by Jonathan Boff
Gregory, A., vol. 129 (537): 489-491
On the Battlefield of Memory: The First World War and American Remembrance, 1919-1941, by Steven Trout
Cook, R., vol. 129 (537): 491-492
The Edwardian Army: Recruiting, Training, and Deploying the British Army, 1902-1914, by Timothy Bowman and Mark Connelly
Johnson, M., vol. 129 (537): 492-494
The Financial History of Cambridge University, by Robert Neild
Darwall-Smith, R., vol. 129 (537): 494-496
Soldner fur den Anschluss: die osterreichische Legion, 1933-1938, by Hans Schafranek
Knight, R., vol. 129 (537): 496-498
The Fascist Party and Popular Opinion in Mussolini's Italy, by Paul Corner
Morgan, P., vol. 129 (537): 498-499
The Working Class in Mid-Twentieth-Century England: Community, Identity and Social Memory, by Ben Jones * Working-Class Suburb: Social Change on an English Council Estate, 1930-2010. by Mark Clapson
Fowler, D., vol. 129 (537): 500-503
Sinners? Scroungers? Saints? Unmarried Motherhood in Twentieth-Century England, by Pat Thane and Tanya Evans
Gallwey, A., vol. 129 (537): 503-505
A Historical Guide to NGOs in Britain: Charities, Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector since 1945, by Matthew Hilton, Nick Crowson, Jean-Francois Mouhot and James McKay
McCarthy, H., vol. 129 (537): 505-506
Making Thatcher's Britain, ed. Ben Jackson and Robert Saunders
Clarke, P., vol. 129 (537): 506-508
The Shadow of War: Russia and the USSR, 1941 to the Present, by Stephen Lovell
Edele, M., vol. 129 (537): 508-510
A Concise History of the Caribbean, by B.W. Higman
Bryan, P., vol. 129 (537): 510-511
The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Imperial Histories, ed. Philippa Levine and John Marriott
Darwin, J., vol. 129 (537): 512-514

Volume 129 (536)

The Rebel Barons of 1264 and the Commune of London: An Oath of Mutual Aid
Stone, I., vol. 129 (536): 1-18